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Nubile Films – Group Fuck Fest featuring Scarlet Red, Natasha Starr

Added on: 04/25/2015

Natasha Starr and Scarlet Red are hanging out on the bed seeing a sex tape that they made, which makes them understandably horny. Soon the tape is a forgotten bonus as the girls start to make out with orgasmic intentions.

Peeling Natasha’s panties off with her teeth, Scarlet reveals her lover’s nicely trimmed pussy. Natasha soon follows suit so that the girls can indulge in some mutual masturbation. While they are fondling each other’s juicy clits, they are accompanied by Aaron Wilcoxxx who is happy to play hunk to two beautiful fillies.

Settling in for a cunt feast in Natasha’s creamy snatch, Aaron goes to work with the guys magic tongue. Scarlet gets a twat licking, too, when the girl climbs onto Natasha’s face and positions her fuck hole right above Natasha’s mouth.

The two girls aren’t about to let Aaron do all the work with the guys mouth. Switching things up, they lay the hunk down on the bed and take turns using their lush lips to wrap around the guys rock hard rod in a double blowjob that gets the hunk harder than ever! Soon he’s hard as a rock and prepared to be Natasha’s personal fuck toy as the girl slides down onto the guys stiffie for a bouncing cowgirl ride.

Not to feel left out, Scarlet climbs onto Aaron’s mouth to get her pussy laved by the guys talented tongue. When it’s ultimately her turn with her man’s cock the girl gets down on her hands and knees and lifts her ass into the air to open herself up for a doggy style cunt banging that leaves her moaning her ecstasy.

Soon the girls are alternating places on the bed, each of them lifting their perky asses in a quiet request to be banged as hard and fast as Aaron wants. When they have each had the climax they need, they change things up again so that Scarlet is on her back with Natasha’s sopping twat in her mouth. Holding herself up atop of her lover, Natasha alternates betwixt helping Aaron fuck her friend’s cunt and giving the hunk a blowjob to keep the hunk rock hard.

When Aaron has brought Scarlet off to a screaming climax, the dude sets out to give each of the girls one more throbbing good time. Pressing the guys fingers deep into the tight warmth of Natasha’s snatch, the dude finger bangs her as banging away at Scarlet’s pussy. As the girls moan their approval, Aaron reaches the pinnacle of the guys pleasure so that the dude spurts all over Scarlet’s belly, leaving a sticky mess that Natasha eagerly laps up to share and snowball with Scarlet.

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Debi Diamond, Heather Lee

It’s amazing the amount of fun a pair of grown women can have in the backyard! It’s a gloriously hot and sunny day, and blonde babes Debi and Heather are sunbathing in their bikinis on the grass. Of course, when it’s that hot outside you have to cool down somehow, so Debi grabs the hose and sprays Heather in a playful fashion. The girls wrestle in a delightful tug-of-war for the hose, getting each other drenched in the process. You’ve has to enjoy the way that their bikini tops cling to their breasts, displaying the hard nipples! The girls end up lying spreadeagled on the grass, using the hose to drive each other to multiple orgasms.

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