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featuring Riley Reid and Riley Star.

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Sep 2, 2017


Xander Corvus and Riley Star are in the middle of a good time as Xander pounds away at Star’s greedy landing undress fuck hole. As Star is leaning forward to honestly ride Xander’s fuck stick, Riley Reid walks in. They argue over Xander, and Riley sends Star away. This girl picks up where Star left off, gobbling Xander’s fuck stick and testicles with absolute enthusiasm.

Peeling off her bra, Riley climbs onto Xander and starts bouncing on the guys dick. She’s getting prepared to cum when Star returns. This girl gets naked, and then tells Riley that the girl can make Xander cum better. The girls kick off a hardcore competition where they both do whatever it takes to bring Xander off.

Riley gets down on her knees for Xander to fuck her from behind as Star licks her ass. Then, Star lays on her back and spreads her thighs as Xander delivers a proper cunt pounding. As Xander gets closer to cumming, Star wraps her thighs around the guys hips and keeps the hunk within so the dude gives her a big creampie much to Riley’s dismay.

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CZECH CASTING adult gallery ADELA 8321
Get prepared for a unspoiled story from the white Czech Casting sofa! Adela is a lovely photo model who came to shoot her first light erotic photo galleries. Fucking on camera? Are you kidding me? I am no whore! This girl had no concept how the finger banging started and how the cock appeared in her mouth. Within no time, the girl was already banging on camera! Do you get it? A Czech amateur with moral code taut as a rock. You will adore her. Especially her pussy.

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Sep 1, 2017


Sydney Cole is an All-American sweetheart with looks that could kill! Your mouth will water when you view the large suck-able areolas on her perky tits. This girls model just like body will send shivers down your spine as you watch this passionate coed make herself cum!

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featuring Lauren Phillips and Noelle Easton.

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Sep 1, 2017


Noelle Easton is rocking some hot lingerie as the girl struts into the room dressed in a lacy g string and a bra that can barely constrain her boobs. Lauren Phillips watches Noelle’s progress from the bed, and when Noelle turns around her redhead girlfriend’s soft caresses make it clear that they are both overdressed for the occasion. Rising from the bed, Lauren stalks over to where Noelle stands and starts helping her out of her clothes.

Lauren wastes no time in springing Noelle’s generous boobs free of their constraints and in dropping to her knees to squeeze her girlfriend’s large jugs. Flicking out her tongue, the girl teases Noelle’s areolas and nipples into pebbled hardness. When Noelle mirrors her redhead lover’s movements, the girl does so with a smile of anticipation that says the girl understands something much more satisfying is coming for both of them.

Leading Noelle to the bed, Lauren gently urges her backwards and then settles in between her thighs. This girl samples the heat of Noelle’s twat underneath her thong, and then pulls the material aside to dive in fully. Using both of her fingers to fill Noelle’s fuck hole, Lauren focuses the rest of her attention on driving the raven-haired coed wild with her talented tongue before ultimately sliding the underwear from Noelle’s body.

Turning the tables on Lauren, Noelle rearranges herself behind the redhead, who remains on her hands and knees. This girl is quick to remove Lauren’s thong, getting it out of the way so that the girl can bury her face in the fleshy softness of Lauren’s slippery twat. This girl works magic with her mouth, and it’s not long before Lauren’s whole body is quivering with the pleasure that Noelle is generating. When Noelle slides a finger deep into Lauren’s lubricious slit and starts bucking as pressing her big tits into Lauren’s back, Lauren can barely contain her cries of pure bliss.

As Lauren calms down from her orgasmic explosion, Noelle tempts her into another round of fun with licks and caresses to her bouncing titties. Lauren is happy to help Noelle continue to please her urges, so the girl lays on her back and pulls Noelle forward until her bald twat is positioned in flawless licking position. While Lauren is enjoying her cunt feast, Noelle doubles down on her pleasure by rubbing down her boobies and enjoying the spikes of lust that shoot through her with each touch.

It takes some time, but Lauren is a persistent girl who can’t imagine leaving her lover without total satisfaction. Once Noelle cries out her second climax, though, the girl smiles radiantly up with the satisfaction of a job artfully done. The girls cuddle together, each of them luxuriating in the afterglow of an afternoon full of hot passionate joy.

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Katerina Kay, Chris Strokes

Katerina Kay teases Chris Strokes by strutting in the guys home dressed in a slinky outfit that just barely covers up her nasty bits. This girl sits on Chris’ lap and feels the guys hefty dickhead and the girl just can’t take it anymore and shoves Chris’ head up her backside and groans as the dude tickles her slit with the guys tongue. Then, the girl just sits her lovely backside on the guys face and relishes in the ride. After getting her fill of oral pleasure, the girl pays back Chris by mouthing the guys impossibly long dickhead and gulping up penis-spittle! This blonde starlet completely loses her shit when Chris starts pumping her madly, plunging the guys jumbo cock in testicles deep!

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