Lesbian Sistas Presents: Destiny Day and Evanni Solei

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Lesbian Sistas Presents: Destiny Day and Evanni Solei

Sexy black whore Evanni Solei is relaxing on the couch when her passionate black girlfriend comes in with a couple of vibrators and starts to kiss Evanni on the mouth and on her beautiful chocolate tits. Evanni peels off her pants and lays back so her friend can probe her warm wet pussy hole with her fingers as the girl gently licks her clitoris and kneads her full breasts, eventually bending her over so the girl can get access to her delicious asshole with her tongue. After some hot oral action in the 69 position the filthy black sluts get out their vibrators and go to work on each others cunts, kissing each others mouths as they both reach orgasm.

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Lena Ramone, Dino Bravo

One evening once work, I ultimately started chatting with this attractive businesswoman who recently moved into a neighboring building. I have been wanting to fuck her for a while, so I fed her some lines and led her into my office. I then peeled off her work clothes and started mouthing on her erect eraser heads. This girls old school bushy muff with a gigantic and fleshy clitoris then literally ate my penis! “Literally”? If you don’t know what the banging word means, then don’t banging use it! Geez!

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Kali West, Mario Cassini

If you just like big cannons then you’ll enjoy Kali West. This big tittied blonde has 36DD’s and wishes to shake them. With her large tits hanging out the girl spreads her thighs and opens her cunt lips, shoving a finger or two into her warm hole. Falco is a boob man and earnestly gets the guys hands all over her jugs, gobbling her nipples into the guys mouth and squeezing the guys face in her cleavage. This girl gets on her knees and pulls the guys penis into her warm sopping mouth lubing it up so that it will slip and slide in between her tits. Laying on her back watch as her jugs jiggle when Falco jabs the guys hips, banging her hard and fats.

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Taste Of Summer added to NubileFilms

Alecia Fox and Chelsy Sun meet in the kitchen, and though their original plan was breakfast they find that their reality is very alternate but equally satisfying. They are quick to peel one another’s sheer robes off, and before long Alecia has her mouth and hands all over Chelsy’s full boobs. Climbing onto the table, Chelsy makes it clear that the girl invites her girlfriend’s attention and wishes much more where that came from.

With Chelsy on her hands and knees, Alecia does not wait to lean forward and bury her face in her lover’s completely completely naked twat. Finding it wet with Chelsy’s juices, the girl flicks out her tongue to lap them all up. Playing with the fleshy joy of her lover’s cunt lips, Alecia relishes in each and every last drop of sopping pleasure.

Pulling back a bit, Alecia replaces her tongue with her fingers. This girl slides two digits deep into Chelsy’s sweet warmth and starts flicking her wrist, setting off a delectable rhythm that shoves all of Chelsy’s buttons. It is not long before the brunette’s whole body is quivering with the force of her climax.

Joining her girlfriend on the table, Alecia leans back as Chelsy takes over doing the work. Pressing her nose into the soft curls of Alecia’s trimmed cunt, Chelsy slides her tongue up and down her lover’s slit. Then the girl stiffens her tongue to drive it deep into Alecia’s greedy snatch. Pushing two fingers deep into Alecia’s twat, Chelsy alternates in between using her tongue and her thumb to fondle her girlfriend’s clit. This girl works diligently, refusing to let up until Alecia is moaning in delight.

Relocating to a plush carpet, the girls settle in for another round of delight. Chelsy gets Alecia’s attention first when the blonde drops to her belly and leans in to feast upon her completely completely naked twat. Alecia understands all the right buttons to push as the girl uses her fingers and tongue to their utmost potential. It’s not long before Chelsy has once again glimpsed paradise as her body twitches and bucks in ecstasy.

Alecia understands just how the girl wishes her second round of pleasure to go. This girl gets down on her hands and knees, and then lifts her ass in the air. Chelsy takes Alecia up on the unspoken invitation, sweeping her tongue up and down Alecia’s creamy slit. When the girl slides her hand down to deliver another round of cunt fingering, Alecia can no longer hold back from a big O.

Facing each other as they sit on the carpet, the girls exchange deep kisses of satisfaction. Their happiness stuffs the room as they bask in the afterglow of a good lesbian fuck.

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