Office MILF Boss Plays Dress Up with Sexy Rachel Richey

Office MILF Boss Plays Dress Up with Hot Rachel Richey adult gallery
Office MILF Boss Plays Dress Up with Hot Rachel Richey

Office MILF, Sara Vandella is getting her youthful co-worker, Rachel Richey to an office party, but they do not even get a chance to make it there! Once they are all alone, Sara pounces on Rachel’s voluptuous body just like the decadent cougar the girl is and licks Rachel’s HUGE tits. They fall back on the bed in a passionate kiss with Sara’s hand lifting up Rachel’s skirt and finding her wet, sopping pussy. Then, the girl spreads Rachel’s thighs and treats her to the craziest pussy-licking ever! This girl even cleans Rachel’s bunghole too! After giving Rachel all the girl can handle, Rachel cannot wait to pleasure Sara with her own bag of tricks and licks!

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The Psychiatrist – Tommy Pistol & Jill Kassidy

THE PSYCHIATRIST – Troubled Teen Mom Confronts Daddy Issues with Sadistic Shrink

SCENE opens on an close up of Sheila’s face, as the girl staggers down the road. The nineteen year old girl looks dazed. This girls face is sweaty. This girls clothes are wet and loose, hanging off her tiny frame, and the girl is clutching a bundle tightly against her chest. This girl comes upon a shed and, looking over her shoulder to make sure no one is around, carefully places the bundle in between some rocks at the back of the structure. A WORM’S EYE angle shows her staring down at it. This girl slowly starts to cry. Wiping her tears, the girl composes herself and walks off. As the girl crosses the front of the shed, a man steps out and catches her. Surprised, the dude requests if the girl is OK. Not wanting to get caught, the girl runs off without saying a word, wiping the frame and leaving the man to wonder what the girl was doing behind the guys shed. The guy walks around the back to take look and, once a moment, lets out a scream.

Close up of Sheila sitting stone-faced. This girl is handcuffed to a chair as a police officer stands silently behind her. A well-dressed man enters the room and approaches her. Putting the guys hand on her shoulder, the dude tells the officer to remove the cuffs and wait outside. When the officer exits, the man slowly removes the guys grip and sits down on a chair opposite Sheila. They survey each other for a moment before the man requests if the girl understands who the dude is. This girl has no reaction. The man introduces himself as Dr. Powell. The guy explains that the dude is a psychiatrist who has been appointed by the court in her case. This girl says nothing. Taking a deep breath, the dude requests if the girl understands why the girl is here. When the girl continues to be silent, the dude picks up the guys notebook and reads that the girl is here because of the incident involving her baby. Sheila looks away, to conceal her reaction, and mutters something incoherent. Dr. Powell pulls the guys chair a little closer. The guy tells her that the girl has been charged with attempted homicide and, since the girl is nineteen, the girl is going to be tried as an adult. This girls attorney, a public defender, is attempting to build a case to prove it was involuntary abandonment. Right now, that defense is greatly dependent on this session. The psychiatrist’s role will be to examine her and provide testimony about her mental state. This guys recommendations will provide the legal evidence that her attorney is hoping for: proof that the girl was not of sound mind when committing the act.

He requests if the girl understands the difference in between voluntary and involuntary? Turning to face the hunk for the first time, the girl says blankly ‘Yes, I know the difference very well.‘ Sensing her resistance, Dr. Powell sits back in the guys chair and smiles. ‘Involuntary is an unintentional act committed by a person who has no spite or anger and no intention to cause harm.‘ The guy speaks condescendingly. ‘It is very difficult to prove, particularly in this kind of case, as I am sure you know. But that is why we are here today. So, why don’t we start by you telling me what happened.‘ Sheila turns away. Dr. Powell licks the guys lips. ‘How exactly did you get pregnant?‘ The guy asks. This girl says nothing. The guy stands up, adjusting himself subtly. ‘Was it one of the boys from your school?‘ The guy asks, glancing at the guys notes. ‘Oh wait. You do not go to school. You have not gone to school since…‘ Sheila cuts the hunk off and tells the hunk that the girl is home-schooled. Walking around her, Dr. Powell requests her to elaborate: what was it just like to be taught by your parents rather than a regular teacher? Did it make you feel isolated to be away from other kids? Sheila stares down at her feet and tells the hunk the girl was not taught by her parents. This girl was taught by her poppa. Dr. Powell stops walking. The guy licks the guys lips again, attempting to contain the smirk forming on the guys face. ‘Was your father a strict teacher?‘ The guy asks. Sheila looks up at him. ‘My poppa is everything.‘ This girl replies and starts to cry.

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Huge cock probes young gal

This tiny girl with tiny boobs and hairless cunt has not once expected that such a big cock could bring so much pleasure to her body! This girl willingly takes it within oozing cunt and it perfectly suits it! Feeling the first climax approaching this girl increases the temp and getting wild ride they both cum!
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Up Skirts added to Nubiles

See short hair cutie Grace Cute flirt with the camera as the girl shows her camel toe panties to display how wet her hairless cunt is. Now that you know the girl is horny, the girl will not stop peeling off her clothes and using her magic fingers until the girl is completely naked and prepared to work herself to a big climax.


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Shane Barely Pulls Out in Time to Cum in Raine’s Mouth!

Knowing that her boyfriend Shane is about to come over, Raine puts on her tiniest denim skirt and lays face down on her bed, her ass pointing towards the door. As soon as Shane walks in, the first thing the dude sees is Raine’s pantie clad ass peeking at him! The guy wordlessly perches on the bed behind her, pulling down her panties and tonguing her hairless snatch, which is already sopping wet. The oral goes both ways, and then Shane enters Raine from behind, starting off slow but soon building to a steady pumping. Raine finishes her man on top, almost getting the hunk to spurt in her cunt – but the dude grabs the guys cock so the dude does not creampie her!

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Two Hot Black Lesbians Take Turns Fucking Each Other

Two Hot Black Lesbians Take Turns Fucking Each Other

Hot lesbian ebony girl Strokahontas starts by gobbling on Nadi Phuket tits and playing with her pussy. This girl clearly relishes in it and is getting a lot of fun doing it. This girl undresses her down and plays with her ass and starts licking her pussy. Nadi Phuket takes over and starts doing the same to Strokahontas. After a tiny bit they go into the sixty-nine position and eat each other out. Then they jerk out the buzzing rod and begin to fuck each other in various positions. First as the girl is laying down, then from behind as grabbing the ass hard. They both enjoy each and every minute of it.

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