Anal Creampie – S1:E1 added to DaddysLilAngel

Alex More is prepared to go out dressed just like a whore when her stepdad T Stone instructs her to change. This girl starts with a miniskirt dress, then moves on to a sheer top and leather shorts. Both times T sends her back to her room. Then Alex gets creative, strutting out in post-it notes. This girl understands her stepdad is attracted to her, so the girl offers to take care of the hunk by gobbling the guys taboo cock.

Whipping out T’s erection, the girl wraps her puffy lips around the guys shaft. T can not stop the guys hips from bucking as the dude bangs the guys stepdaughter’s mouth. When the girl reclines on the couch and starts jerking her hirsute cunt in an invitation to fuck her for real, the dude cannot resist. Sliding into the guys stepdaughter’s slippery snatch, the dude bangs her until the girl cums. When the girl turns around and offers her ass for T’s pleasure, starts by once again banging that greedy taboo pussy.

Once Alex is all warmed up, T moves up a bit to take her in the ass. This girls chocolate starfish grips the guys cock as the dude leans forward to hold on as the dude responds to her moaning requests for more. Riding T’s cock with her ass gets Alex primed to cum. Then the girl spins onto her back so T can keep up the anal joy until the dude stuffs her bottom with a creampie load of cum.

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New Years Family Fuck – S1:E3 added to MyFamilyPies

Blonde teen Emma Hix has her redhead friend Ariel Mcgwire over to help ring in the new year. The girls spend some time attempting to body out what dress to wear as Emma’s stepbrother T Stone watches in secret and masturbates. The girls ultimately decide to go with matching dresses, and T enjoys what the dude sees! Ariel and T cannot stop making eyes at each other, and the second Emma leaves the room they start making out.

It is not long before T has Ariel on the couch with her miniskirt up around her waist and the guys fingers sliding up and down her completely completely naked slit. Then the girl is on her hands and knees with T’s cock sunk testicles deep in her greedy fuck hole. Later, the dude gives the guys stepsister the same taboo treatment as the girl bends over the minibar as Ariel watches and masturbates.

Dropping to their knees, the girls work together to stroke and lick T’s hard erection. They eventually settle down behind the couch so T can fuck the guys stepsister as Ariel continues to stroke herself off. Emma climbs aboard and grinds her stepbrother’s hard erection for a swift second climax. That hard ride does it for both of them, and with Ariel playing with her tits Emma brings T to the edge of the guys endurance. Pulling out at the last second, the dude covers Emma’s completely completely naked mound with a stream of hot cum.

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Anal Angel – S1:E2 added to DaddysLilAngel

Alex More is a good girl, doing her chores and bringing home good grades. When her stepdad Chad White walks in on her with her school uniform miniskirt flipped up and her panties pushed aside so the girl can stroke and fuck her lubricious cunt with a buzzing toy until the girl squirts, Alex does her best to conceal what the girl is doing. The guy picks up the remote control for the vibrator and starts pushing buttons as it is still buried in her twat. They have a heart to heart and Alex offers to show Chad how wet her cunt gets. The next thing the dude knows, the girl is pulling the hunk forward to feel for himself.

Knowing her stepdad will not say no, Alex peels off her top and hikes her skirt over her waist as the girl pulls out the guys hard erection to stroke. Then the girl leans back and opens her thighs so the dude can fill her greedy pussy to the brim with the guys big dick. The guy pulls out so the girl can gobble the guys cock in a lusty blowjob, then gets on her hands and knees for a proper cunt pounding. Rolling onto her side, Alex groans with joy as Chad spoons with her and keeps the guys hips moving for both of their taboo pleasure.

Adjusting the guys position just a bit, Chad switches holes so that the dude is driving in and out of the guys stepdaughter’s tight taboo ass. This girls groans are all the permission the dude requires to give it to her hard and fast. When the dude rolls her on her back, the girl lifts her thighs high in the air to give the hunk all the room the dude requires to give her an anal orgasm. Chad cannot keep from cumming as well, filling the guys stepdaughter’s ass with a big taboo creampie of cum.

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Dad Would Be Proud – S1:E4 added to MyFamilyPies

Blonde Haley Reed and her stepbrother Logan Long have both been ordered by the choir director to practice their singing even though Logan is more interested in playing football. Deciding to cause trouble, Logan gets on the guys knees behind Haley and lifts her gown so the dude can finger fuck the guys stepsister’s taboo landing undress fuck hole. When the choir daddy catches Logan in the act, the dude tells the hunk to sit in the corner and wear the sinner dunce hat.

Not to be dissuaded, Logan gets up and goes right back to Haley as soon as the choir dad’s back is turned. Soon Haley is on her knees as Logan pounds the guys stepsister’s taboo creamy fuck hole from behind. When Logan takes a seat on the chair, Haley is happy to slide down on the guys fuck stick until the girl is fully impaled. This girls hips bump and grind as the choir daddy remains oblivious. As the girl reaches down to rub her clitoris and make herself cum, it becomes a challenge to keep up with the song that the girl is supposed to be singing without letting on that the girl is about to climax.

Sitting down on the chair, Haley spreads her thighs and invites Logan back into her tight taboo fuck hole. This time the dude does not let up once getting the guys stepsister off. As the dude is in the process of filling Haley with a taboo creampie of jizz, they are caught once again by the choir dad, who orders them both to cleanse themselves and meet the hunk in the confessional.

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Love Dont Cost A Thing

Tory Bellamy adult gallery Love Dont Cost A Thing Innocent high Team Skeet
When you are a nerd in high school, it is hard to not get picked on. Everyday our geeky hunk gets verbally abused and taken for the guys paper. The guy wishes to overcome this bullying, but the dude is too much of a cunt to do any single thing about it. Luckily, the captain of the cheer squad Tory Bellamy walked in on the hunk as the dude cowered under a desk. This girl could view that the dude had been bullied, and quickly thought of a solution to the guys problem. Maybe if the dude had a popular girlfriend people would be start being nice to him! This dweeb then offered Tory herself some cash to take the position. This girl gladly accepted, then took the guys hand as they walked around the school. No one was messing with the hunk now! This was amazing, so the nerd resolved to take it further. The guy offered to double the cash Tory was getting if they could get a little more intimate. The guy honestly wanted to since the dude was a virgin. Tory agreed and started gobbling the guys long cock right there in the classroom. This girl then proceeded to get banged on their favorite teachers desk. Wow this cunt was way better than chess club! Our nerd then emitted a studious nut shot to Tory’s adorable face. This girl enjoyed herself so much that the dude did not even have to pay her next time. This nerd is on a roll!

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Take Me – S26:E8 added to NubileFilms

Damon Dice is busy on the computer when tiny Latina Gina Valentina accompanies the hunk at the table. This girl pulls down the straps of her dress to view if that attracts the guys attention. When that does not work, the girl pulls up her miniskirt to shake her bottom. Finally, the girl resorts to rubbing her hand up and down Damon’s thigh with her top around her waist.

Giving Gina the guys full attention is easy when the guys hot Latina lover is practically throwing herself at him. Damon gives each of her boobs the attention the tiny globes deserve with the guys tongue and hands before sliding the guys hand down her belly to settle in between her thighs. Peeling her dress off altogether, Damon turns Gina around so the dude can kneel behind her and kiss her ass and anus. Reaching up, the dude rubs the guys thumb up and down her trimmed slit to spread her cunt juices everywhere.

Swinging onto a stool, Gina stares down the line of her body as Damon continues to work magic with the guys talented tongue. Gina’s soft groans of joy fill the room as Damon patiently explores each and every nook and cranny of her pussy with the guys tongue. Then the girl climbs off the stool and kneels before her boyfriend so the girl can return the favor of oral sex with a deep throat blowjob that has plenty of licking and sucking.

Rising to her feet and turning around so the girl can lean over the stool that has been the source of so much pleasure for her, Gina gasps with ecstasy as Damon penetrates her from behind. This guys big cock stuffs her tiny twat right up, and each and every stroke feels better than the last as the dude pumps the guys hips. Rising slowly to her feet with Damon still buried within her, Gina closes her eyes as ecstasy rolls through her whole body.

Turning around in Damon’s arms, Gina wraps her arms around the guys neck and her thighs around the guys waist. The new position gives a shallower angle of penetration that pounds Gina’s g-spot just right. Working together, they each contribute to helping Gina bounce away on Damon’s fuck stick as the maintain sizzling eye contact.

Falling backwards until her bottom pounds the stool one last time, Gina arches her hips to accommodate Damon’s continued work for both of their pleasure. This guys fuck stick is quick to bring her off yet again. Following Gina to paradise, Damon pulls out at the last moment so the girl can guide the guys cock to pour the guys cum all over her trimmed mound.

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