FTVMILFs Mona – Slender Stunner

Mona on FTVMilfs.com Released Jan  9, 2018!
Age: 31 | Height: 5’9″ | Figure: 32B-24-32

Mona was a startlingly beautiful blonde and FTV MILFs first met her as the girl walked outdoors in a white top and bluejeans with high heels. This girl was not dressed in a bra so when the girl unbuttoned her top FTV MILFs saw her perky breasts, and FTV MILFs noted how erect and pert her nipples were! This girl also slipped her jeans down to expose a very shapely ass with no panties on so FTV MILFs has a look at that flawless form of hers. FTV MILFs saw how turned on the girl was as the girl has into the car, as the girl slipped her hand into her pants and touched herself!

Back in the privacy of the home FTV MILFs had her undress completely and hop up on the kitchen counter, as the girl spread her thighs to touch herself with her fingertips. FTV MILFs noted how wet the girl became and soon the girl had her first climax of the day, and then a second with a mini-squirt! After a short break the girl found a textured glass toy, penetrated herself and again FTV MILFs noted how wet the girl sounded down there as the girl came again with more squirting.

Next FTV MILFs shad her in a sheer bra and panty set that showed off her tall leggy slender body as the girl found the vintage Vibraking toy, and marveled at its power. This girl used it first through the fabric of her panties, the girl was soon dressed in just her high heel shoes as the girl buzzed her sensitive clitoris to climax yet again, then held it in between her thighs for a ‘hands free’ technique! Afterward, her pussy was so warmed up the girl was able to easily insert four fingers, then was able to full fist herself!

Next the girl payed some close attention to her extremely pert nipples, pinching and teasing them to rock hardness and then snapped her elastic strap against them for a little light kink. Afterward, it was time to head back outside and FTV MILFs had her in a skirt and burgundy top with no panties on, as the girl spread her thighs to flash and tease. After finding a nearby stairwell in an office building the girl lifted up her skirt and FTV MILFs had her quickly finger herself to another squirting climax right out in public, and as the girl climaxed we heard her moaning loud enough to echo throughout the parking garage!

To finish up the day FTV MILFs had her back indoors using a colorful tub bomb which turned the water in the tub bright blue, where the girl relaxed in the cerulean water before the girl hopped into the shower to rinse off the glitter on her skin. And FTV MILFs had her using a waterproof magic wand vibrator for a few more orgasms! This girl was an extremely sexual, beautiful, mature blonde and FTV MILFs has to spend the whole day with Mona as the girl shared her sexuality with us right here on FTV MILFs.

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FTVGirls Archive Update: Victoria – The Australian Visitor

Victoria on FTVGirls.com Released Nov  9, 2016!
Age: 24 | Height: 5’9″ | Figure: 32B-25-34

She was a tall ex-fashion model visiting from Australia, and the girl had not once done any adult work before, let alone nudes! FTVGirls had her at a popular tourist destination, where the girl wore a short white dress and heels, and no panties. FTVGirls talked to her a little, then watched her give us upskirt teases where the girl showed off her bald private parts and peeks in between her legs. This girl found a bench in this public place, and proceeded to masturbate right there! Notice how wet the girl was, her fingers were literally loaded with juices.

She then went home to masturbate to orgasm, using her fingers, and had a tiny one, and then was introduced to the Eroscillator Toy, and ended up with a very strong orgasm! This girl had not once used a vibrator before in her life.

FTVGirls then has outrageous closeups of her private parts, as artfully as a nice breast massage and nipple play. Outside by the pool, the girl did a dance in her bikini, undressing down. What a sexy, slim, modelesque figure! This girl masturbated again with the Eroscillator to another orgasm, and finger banged herself again, notice how lubricious the girl was each and every time. This girl attempted to stuff four fingers within her.

After an interview in her hot ebony dress, the girl masturbated one last time, and has wet enough for a ride on the Big Ten Toy. This girl finished off the day with more breast and ass teasers and a little tinkle session outdoors. Total first timer, tall, leggy and slender, this blonde is for you guys who just like the Australian beach bunny type!

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Gals enjoy lingerie party

I bet you would wish to appear on this unbelievably hot lingerie party as soon as click here and view the turned on bimbos in beautiful and erotic bras and panties of all possible colors. They drink and dance and record each other on camera to share those lusty images with all f us, guys!
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