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My Family Pies - Extreme Urges - S1:E1

My Family PiesExtreme Urges – S1:E1

featuring Bella Rose.

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Dec 9, 2017


Bella Rose doesn’t understand why her hips keep bucking involuntarily. This girls stepbrother Alex D. finds her in the middle of one of her episodes and offers to help her out. Bella permits the hunk to lick her cunt to view if it helps. This guys tongue feels nice but Bella doesn’t think the girl can cum just like that. Alex offers to give her the D, and the girl agrees.

Getting on her hands and knees, Bella slides backwards onto her stepbrother’s fuck stick. This girl enjoys the way the dude feels within her as the girl jabs back and forth with long pumps on Alex’s stiffie. When Alex leans forward and spins her over so she’s on top, Bella takes the hint and goes for a full-on ride. They fall to their sides as Bella groans her delight, and then Bella gets on her back with her knees up to her shoulders to give her stepbrother full access to her completely completely naked pussy until the dude gives her a creampie of cum.

Alex’s cunt banging ultimately stops Bella’s bucking hips, although they are caught in the act. Later, the girl learns the relief is temporary when her miniskirt grinds up to let her bald pussy rub on the couch. Alex coaxes her into giving the hunk a blowjob since the dude ate her out earlier. This girls gobbling and jerking distracts her from her bucking hips, particularly once Alex blows the guys load all over her puffy lip face.

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My Family Pies - Christmas Family Sex - S1:E2

My Family PiesChristmas Family Sex – S1:E2

featuring Angel Smalls and Kenzie Reeves.

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Dec 19, 2017


Logan Long can’t stay away from the presents under the tree, and neither can the guys stepsister Angel Smalls and their adopted sister Kenzie Reeves. They find a gift to their mom from Santa, and discover it’s a vibrator before their parents shoo them away. Later, Kenzie sneaks back into the living room and pulls out the vibrator. Lifting her sweater, the girl slides her g string aside and starts banging her completely completely naked cunt as Angel watches and masturbates.

Now that the concept has been planted in Angel’s head, the girl understands the girl requires to attempt the vibrator. This girl sneaks it out from under the tree and settles behind the couch to press it into her fleshy twat as Kenzie keeps their parents busy. Logan finds Angel banging herself, and slides the guys hard cock into her twat from behind. When Kenzie spots them, the girl excuses herself from the conversation to join in for a sibling threesome. Soon Angel finds herself with her stepbrother’s cock within her and her face planted in her adopted sister’s cooch.

The trio switches it up so that Kenzie can have a turn getting her cunt banged as the girl feasts on Angel’s delectable snatch. This girls big nipples are hard as rocks as Logan spoons behind her and rubs her clitoris to bring her off. The girls switch off one last time so Angel can once again enjoy herself in the middle of the action, and then put Kenzie on her hands and knees as Logan continues to play stud. When the dude gets Kenzie off, Logan can’t hold back from filling her with a creampie of cum.

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The Superheroine’s Daughter – part 2

The Superheroine's Daughter part 2 adult gallery Giantess Club
Tommy accidentally sees Sharon transforming into Captain Colossus, and is forced to witness her heroics from her breasts

Two months once the end of the first chapter, Sharon meets Tommy for a coffee, and offers to help Tommy buy any treats or gifts the dude wishes for Kelly, admitting that the girl has not forever been around for Kelly, and that the girl wishes to do any single thing the girl can for their relationship. Before Tommy can ask any further questions, Sharon gets called away once again, and quickly hands over some cash for Tommy to buy another coffee, intending to distract the hunk as the girl transforms into Captain Colossus once again.

The second chapter of the toon story starts by delving deeper into the relationship in between Kelly and her mother, revealing that despite the two being occasionally distant, Sharon sincerely does care for her daughter, and is determined to do whatever it takes to help her relationship with Tommy work.

Bimbo Story Club

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