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NF Busty - Busty Blonde Creampie - S3:E11

NF BustyBusty Blonde Creampie – S3:E11

featuring Jennifer Amton and Marco.

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Jan 12, 2018


A simple dress and a pair of heels make Jennifer Amton look just like a million bucks to Marco. The second the girl lays eyes on him, the girl cups her hands over her big all naturals. Pulling her dress down in a slow striptease, the girl gradually unveils the large globes and then ultimately draws her hands away from her hard nipples. Jiggling her titties and playing with her nips, the girl loses the dress before sliding her hand into the front of her sheer thong.

Thoroughly warmed up, Jennifer struts into the room to join Marco. This girls boyfriend is already hard as a rock when the dude ultimately gets the guys hands and mouth on her body, but the dude takes the time to ensure Jennifer’s pleasure with hot caresses and blazing kisses that fall everywhere. When her lips come to rest on Marco’s hardon, the girl starts gobbling as caressing and squeezing her own breast.

Adjusting her position on the couch, Jennifer rubs the head of Marco’s cock along the softness of her boobs. Then the girl presses them together to create a channel for the hunk to slide between. The titty fuck is slow and sensual, and an utter turn on for both of them.

Urging Jennifer back, Marco pulls her g string aside so the dude can lean forward to sample the sweetness of her juices. Long laps of the guys tongue and soft nips get Jennifer’s hips bucking. When the dude relieves her of her underwear and slides a finger into her completely completely naked pussy to touch her intimately as continuing to lick her clit, the girl can’t hold back from playing with her tits as moaning.

Needing to be within the guys girlfriend’s hot twat, Marco urges Jennifer onto her knees so the dude can slip into her from behind. This girl cranes her head around to watch the guys long slow strokes, and eventually the dude relents so the girl can flip onto her back and spread her thighs wide. This guys hips move in an ever-faster rhythm as the dude pistons in and out of her for both of their pleasure.

Taking Jennifer’s place on the couch, March pulls the guys lover onto the guys lap so the girl can slide down onto the guys fuck stick. After getting a moment to enjoy the feeling of fullness, Jennifer starts bouncing her hips fast enough to get her boobies jiggling. This girls hand creeps forward to rub her clitoris until the girl explodes in delight. Moments later, Marco follows her over the edge to give her a creampie of hot cum that leaves her sated and satisfied.

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Perfect Match – S26:E9 added to NubileFilms

Tera Link and Ricky Rascal has their morning workout by playing tennis together. Once their game was concluded, they shook hands and rushed to the bedroom to play a more sensual game. Within moments Ricky had lifted Tera onto the bed and started peeling off her clothes as their lips met at each and every opportunity. Arching her back into Ricky’s touch, Tera did her best to help Ricky undress as the dude did the same to her.

The second they were both naked, Tera watched as Ricky kissed the guys way down her lean body. This girls thighs were spread wide to accommodate the hunk as the dude found the slippery silk of her wet teen twat with the guys mouth. Following the guys tongue and lips with the guys fingers, the dude pressed the guys fingers into her teen twat to caress her from the within out.

Gently disengaging from Ricky’s cunt feast, Tera took the guys hard erection in her hand and started stroking. Leaning forward, the girl opened her mouth wide to lick the head of the guys big dick. This girl kept bobbing her head lower and lower until the girl had achieved her goal of deep-throating her boyfriend’s fuck stick.

When Ricky was rock hard, Tera scooted forward to position her hips over the head of the guys hard erection and slid down slowly. This girls moan of joy as the girl took Ricky all the way within was music to both of their ears. As the girl rocked her hips to create delicious friction for both of them to enjoy, the girl maintained her mien of sensual excitement.

The wild ride Tera took the hunk on was a tough act to follow, particularly with the force of her orgasm, but Ricky was game to try. The guy helped Tera onto her hands and knees so the dude could enter her lubricious sheath from behind. Anchoring the guys hands on her hips, the dude set a deep rhythm that left them both panting.

Laying back in the bed, Tera lifted one leg high in the air for a deep angle of penetration. This girls second leg eventually accompanied the first, which left Ricky to grab her calves as the dude thrust into her creamy center. This girls climax tore through her, leaving her gasping. Moments later, Ricky pulled out and let Tera stroke the hunk off as the girl aimed the guys cum shot to hit her belly for a sweet finish to their lovemaking.

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Doctor V’s Bimbos – part 4

Doctor V’s Bimbos part 4 adult gallery Bimbo Story Club
The two elite agents, Minah and Nina find themselves captured and subject to all three of Dr. V’s bimbo serums. Out today!

Seeing what their friends ended up like, and with the threat of becoming slaves, Minah and Nina withstand what they could – Minah quickly sells out Nina to be the first to be tested. This girl results in getting an even curvier butt, big boobs and is twice as passionate as the other team. This girl permits herself to be double penetrated as her friend looks on in horror. That is when Dr. V sneaks in and injects her with the same dosage. As much as the girl attempts to fight it, her growth and her lust could not be contained. More soldiers enter the room and give Minah the gangbang of a lifetime, proving the effectiveness all 3 serums have in combination with each other. Lastly, we view Aya running towards the base, prepared to rescue her comrades.

Issue 4 of Dr. V’s Bimbos absolutely turns it down a notch once how great the last issue was. Again, since there was so little effort to capture the “elites”, I honestly question this organization. The series already has been setup, this issue takes very little time to get the ball rolling. We return back to the growing followed by toon sex setup though here, SupremeD shoves the envelope. Taking all three injections causes the women to be three times as passionate and therefore require more cock to please them. This is a fantastic revelation to the plot and it makes the toon sex scenes an even better pleasure to read. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the Asian spy, Minah, engaged in more sex than her teammate. Here is something kind of hot about that. You can already tell what the setup for the next comic will be, and that has me excited!

Bimbo Story Club

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Bad Teens Punished - Tara Ashley

Bad Teens PunishedTara Ashley

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Jan 9, 2018


Sweet and spunky Tara Ashley is an athletic coed whose number one priority is staying in shape. Fucking is exercise to this bed bunny, so don’t be shocked when the girl peels off her clothes and plunges her fingers deep into her slippery wet twat.

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Cheer Practice – Jill Kassidy & Dick Chibbles

Cheer Practice – Sexual Predator Tempted by Eighteen-Year-Old Cheerleader

Scene opens in a tiny office at the end of a therapy appointment. In a series of tightly cropped shots, a middle-aged man named Tom sits on a couch, nervously tapping the guys foot, as the guys therapist wraps up the session. The therapist reminds the man of the main goal at this stage in the guys treatment. It is all about behavior management and how Tom must work on identifying the guys specific risk factors to develop a plan for preventing harm in the future. Tom nods and agrees, stating that the guys compulsions towards “certain women” have been much more under control since the dude moved. Here is one new neighborhood girl who causes the hunk some concern but, if the dude just keeps away from her, the dude understands the dude can focus on decreasing the guys compulsions. The dialogue in between therapist and patient, as somewhat vague, creates the impression that the man has been in trouble and is required to attend therapy. After wrapping up, the therapist signs a log book tracking Tom’s session and hands it back to him. They shake hands and Tom exits, revealing the guys face for the first time. Scene cuts to show the hunk driving silently down the street and into a driveway. The guy gets out of the guys car, grabbing the guys book, and starts to walk past the other houses in the guys complex. In the distance, the dude spots Kim, the neighbor girl the dude mentioned earlier. Dressed in her cheer leading uniform, the girl is practicing cheers on the front lawn. The guy swallows hard and looks down at the guys feet. As soon as the girl sees him, the girl stops and runs up to the fence to walk alongside him. This girl attempts to chat the hunk up but the dude avoids eye contact and walks faster. This girl is persistent, being coy and even a little flirty, but the dude scrambles to get to the guys door and slams the door.

Tom starts to get an erection and covers it, pinching himself and attempting to keep control. Kim notices this and smiles, as it becomes clear that the girl is purposely attempting to get the guys attention. This girls cheers start to gravitate closer to where the dude is sitting and becoming more suggestive. This makes Tom incredibly nervous but also extremely turned on. The guy looks over at Kim, who has now bent over and is sticking her ass in the guys lap. This girl requests the hunk how long the dude thinks the girl can hold that pose. Gulping, the dude slowly undoes the guys pants and pulls out the guys hard cock. The guy pumps it over her ass, as the girl shimmies and pretends to not notice. This girl edges back against him, until the guys cock is resting on her ass. This girl starts to dry hump the hunk for a moment, before turning around and coming face to face with the guys cock. Barely able to breath. “I know who you are,” the girl says smiling, her tongue reaching out and licking the tip of the guys cock. “You are a pervert. My daddy told me to stay away from you.” Tom covers the guys head with the guys hand and nods, “You honestly should not be alone with me,” the dude warns. “I have trouble controlling myself. I have a problem.” Gingerly, Kim starts to stroke the guys cock. Soon enough, This girl is already sucking. Tom peaks at the girl before clasping the guys hand over the guys face again. “I am not supposed to be in contact with girls,” the dude chokes out. “I am eighteen Tom, but we can pretend I am one of those girls you are not supposed to be in contact with if you would like.” This girl starts gobbling the hunk slowly.

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Adorable Trans Girl Gets Pounded By Felix

Stunning she-male Amanda is as luscious as trannies get! Rocking some eye-catching, hot thongs with pink four inch heels, how could you not wish to drill out this captivating diva? Felix tongue-bangs in between the sweet valleys of her ass crack, then jams the guys fingers in her cheerio for good measure. Amanda gives the hunk a hearty blow job, then bends over to get her deep dicking. This girls asshole is so tiny and mini that it takes Felix a couple pumps to find the guys rhythm, but when the dude does, the dude pounds her ass relentlessly! See this wild hunk glaze our bodacious slut with testicles with hot ejaculate!

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Hot Teen Joins A Couple For Some Great Group Sex

Lacie James brought a hot teen to join her for some fun. Lacie showed off her big tits and bald cunt, Holly Hendrix showed her tiny tits and played with her hot cunt. Lacie has her hot cunt banged by a nice big hard cock and loved each and every inch of it as Holly watched. Holly sucked Lacie’s hot cunt juice off of the guys dick, Lacie accompanied in as they both sucked the guys big cock. The guy has the guys testicles licked and the guys cock sucked and loved it. Holly bent over and took the guys big cock from behind in her tight teen hole. They took turns bouncing on the guys cock making the hunk wish to cum. The guy pulled out of Lacie and came in Holly’s mouth.

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Natural Beauty added to Nubiles

Small tits and a big attitude are what you will get when you romance Nyla Puller. This girls sheer bra teases at a hint of nip on her tiny breasts. This tiny tease will not leave you hanging. See her get completely naked and put her talented fingers to work opening her cunt juices and making herself cum.


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