Young Natalia Rossi Wants to Swallow Cum

Young Natalia Rossi Wants to Swallow Cum

On a hot day Natalia was looking for a fountain to cool off with a drink, when the girl could not find something to drink the girl approached Chris and asked for a sip of the guys juice, the dude invited her back to the guys place to cool off. Innocent and naive, the girl has into the strangers car and ended up alone at the guys place. The guy gave her a cock to drink from and the girl worked towards the warm gooey goodness in the center. The guy has the guys hands all over her taut youthful body, spread her thighs wide apart and plunged the guys cock into her tight twat.

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Until You Cum – S26:E16 added to NubileFilms

Petite teen Anie Darling is prepared to rinse off once a long day. Climbing into the shower, the girl points the warm spray at her tits and ass until the girl is clean. When she’s done, the girl wraps herself in her towel and struts out dressed in not a thing else to where Ricky Rascal is waiting in the living room.

As soon as Anie accompanies the hunk on the couch, Ricky urges her to drop the towel so the dude can fill the guys mouth with her tiny tits and hard nipples. The guy takes the guys time feasting on those delightful assets as Anie practically melts in the guys arms. Then the dude eases the guys super petite lover back onto the couch so the dude can continue making magic with the guys hands and mouth as the dude focuses the guys attention on her slippery bald slit.

Always happy to give as good as the girl gets, Anie gently shoves Michael back on the couch and relieves the hunk of the guys jeans. This guys big cock is just the treat the girl craves as the girl wraps her soft lips around the head. Bobbing her head in time to the rhythm Michael creates when the dude reaches around her body to continue finger banging her cunt, Anie takes her time stoking her enjoy to a sensual peak.

Still on her hands and knees from her blowjob, Anie turns around so Michael can press into her doggy style. Fucking Anie from behind leaves Michael free to anchor the guys hands on her hips to hold her in place despite the force of the guys thrusts. Anie’s gasps of excitement are the flawless musical accompaniment to Michael’s lusty pounding.

After her slender body is rocked by a climax, Anie rolls onto her back to let Michael take care of doing the work as the girl relishes in the results. One ankle rests on Michael’s shoulder to open her twat up for the guys ministrations as the dude swiftly brings her back to the point of no return. Massaging her own breasts, Anie gives in to the sensual explosion coursing through her body before rolling onto her side so Michael can spoon with her as the dude keeps banging her completely completely naked twat.

When Michael takes a seat on the couch and pulls Anie toward him, the girl is happy to impale herself on the guys fuck stick. This girls hard erection ride is helped along by Michael’s guiding hands as the dude assists her in setting the pace. The position leaves her free to reach forward and rub her clit, an action that gets her off moments before Michael gluts her with a cum creampie that slowly drips out of her snatch.

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Fall Down Dad – Piper Perri & Derrick Pierce

FALL DOWN DAD – Desperate Teen Takes Step-Dad’s Creampie to End Years of Harassment

SCENE opens on eggs cracking in a pan of bacon. As the eggs sizzle, the camera leans out to expose Andi, a tiny 18-year-old girl, making breakfast in the kitchen. Frail and timid, the girl nervously spins the eggs and butters some toast as keeping an eye on the door. The room feels heavy and silent, until a kitchen timer goes off and makes her jump. At the same time, a door bursts open and Fred, her scruffy slob of a step-father, staggers into the kitchen demanding the guys meal. Andi snaps into submission and starts preparing the guys plate. You can feel the tension in between them. Fred looks the guys daughter up and down before settling on the guys chair and waiting for the guys food. The guy grabs himself and leers: “Do you know how hard I am right now? After you are done in the kitchen, you should come over here and find out. I bet you fuck way better than your ma ever did! How old are you now, eighteen? That is the flawless age: tight little eighteen-year-old pussy.” The guy coughs and wheezes as the dude talks, catching the guys breath in between cat-calls. The more the dude taunts her, the more the girl attempts to ignore him, which sets the hunk off. This guys comments become accusations: “What the hell do you think you are wearing? I told you I wanted to view some more skin around this house. HEY, are you even listening to me? You better start treating me the way a father deserves to be treated!” Under her breath, Andi mutters that the dude is not her real father. When Fred hears this, the dude slams the guys fist down. “What did you say?” Andi nervously stutters that Fred is her step-father. This guys eyes go wide in rage: “Listen here, you little cunt. Your daddy skipped out on you when you were a baby and when your mamma died, the girl left me in charge. So, do you know what that means? That means, if you wish your inheritance, you are going to have to play nice with me. And that starts with respect. I am your daddy now, and daddy enjoys the guys girl to do what the girl is told.” The two stare at each other in cold silence before Andi timidly says “yes, daddy.” Fred sneers and starts forking the guys food. The guy takes one bite and drools it out. “Disgusting! These eggs are runny and barely cooked. And this whole plate is drenched in grease. What are you attempting to do, give me a heart attack?” The guy staggers out of the room, winded, leaving Andi staring down at the plate before looking off in the distance. Something has to change.

That afternoon, Andi is folding her father’s clothes when the dude summons her into the bathroom. It is time for the guys shave, something the dude forever makes Andi do for him. As the dude barks at her to hurry up, the man settles into an armchair, the guys belly out and shaving cream over the guys face. This girl picks up the razor. This guys neck is fully exposed, and the girl stares down at it, as the man continues to make lewd comments about her. This girl swallows hard and starts shaving. The more offensive her step-father is, the tighter the girl grips the razor. Finally, the dude brushes her off, wipes the guys face, and leaves, telling her to finish her chores. This girl stands there, holding the razor in her hands and staring at him.

That evening, Andi takes out the trash. A neighbor from down the street notices her and runs over to say hi. They used to hang out all the time but, ever since Andi’s mom passed, they not once view each other anymore. The neighbor requests how the girl is doing and attempts to get Andi to stop, sitting down on the curb for a minute and beckoning her over. Through their tiny talk, Andi confides what hs been happening with her step-father. The guy keeps her home from school, makes lewd comments, treats her just like the guys property. But, her mom left the hunk in charge and as long as the dude is alive the dude has control over the family’s money. So, the girl is stuck with him. The neighbor laughs and reminds her that Fred is a lazy pig, the dude smokes too much, drinks too much, eats too much. Maybe, if the girl is lucky, the dude will not be around all that much longer! As Andi laughs meekly, the door opens and Fred hollers for her to come inside. The neighbor requests if the girl wishes to spend the evening at her home but Andi brushes her off, saying it will be OK. This girl darts inside. When Andi enters, Fred stops her. The guy requests who the girl was talking to and demands that the girl tell the hunk when the girl plans to leave the home again. Submissively, the girl agrees so the dude will back off. Fred starts leering at her again, following her through the home as the girl attempts to get away from him. Finally, out of breath, the dude pins her in a corner and orders her to go turn down the guys bed, and to do it in the nightie the dude bought her. Andi closes her eyes and nods.

The tiny teen enters her father’s bedroom in a scanty nightie and walks to the guys bedside. A adult magazine, some tissues, lube, a wet sock, and a bottle of Viagra lay scattered across the bed. Andi stares at them, picking each item up in disgust. Every evening the dude does this, jerking himself off so loudly that the girl can hear each and every stroke. This girl thinks of all the lewd comments her father made. This girl stares down at herself, nearly-naked in the outfit the dude makes her wear. This girl can hear the hunk coughing in the next room and listens to each and every wheeze. This girls neighbor is right, the dude is a lazy pig. Maybe there is something the girl can do to stop him. With a sneaky smile crossing her face, Andi calls out to Fred to come in the room.

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