Sexual Anticipation – S4:E3 added to NFBusty

Busty babes Victoria June and Lexi Luna could not keep their eyes or their hands off each other. The girlfriends kicked things off with gentle caresses up and down each other’s bodies, but they could not abstain for long. Victoria relieved Lexi of her top and then bent forward to use her hands and mouth to worship the large mounds of Lexi’s breasts. Eager to match her latte lesbian lover, Lexi watched with joy as Victoria lifted her shirt and then indulged herself in the flavor and feel of her girlfriend’s titties.

It was not long before both girls had discarded their tops. Lexi laid Victoria down on the couch to fill her mouth with her girlfriend’s boobs and diamond hard nipples. This girl gradually worked her way down Victoria’s body, discarding the big tittied beauty’s remaining clothes along the way. When Lexi’s fingers brushed the creamy sweetness of Victoria’s twat, a moan escapes her lesbian lover’s lush lips.

Applying herself to Victoria’s absolute delight, Lexi took her time licking and gobbling Victoria’s cream permeated snatch. Victoria enjoyed each and every moment as working her hands over the mounds of her boobies. When Lexi slid a finger deep within to hit Victoria’s g-spot, the raven-haired coed came apart in her girlfriend’s arms.

Getting on her hands and knees, Lexi waved her enticing ass as Victoria pressed her bust to Lexi’s back. Sliding her hands down, Victoria worked Lexi’s shirt and g string off. Once Lexi’s twat was bared, Victoria was quick to settle on her knees behind her girlfriend so the girl could indulge in a lusty lesbian cunt feast. Lexi’s gasps of joy soon permeated the room, which encouraged Victoria even as Lexi pinched her own nipples in a prelude to her climax.

Wishing to once again warm Victoria up, Lexi settled herself in between her lesbian lover’s thighs and applied her talented tongue and magic fingers to long, slow pumps up and down Victoria’s slippery slit. When Lexi pressed two fingers deep inside, Victoria threw her head back in ecstasy. This girls girlfriend’s undeniable carnal need made it easy for Lexi to arrange them both in a sixty-nine with Victoria on top. From there, they could each lick and finger the other to a final climax that left them both ultimately satisfied.

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Summer – All American Vibe

Summer on Released Feb 7, 2018
FTVGirls met Summer on a day as sunny as her name, although it seemed to be a bit breezy. This girl was brand new to the industry but did not have much shyness about displaying her tight shapely body as the girl dipped her toes into the business here. Back indoors FTVGirls filmed Summer sliding out of her blue jeans and modeling her crimson g string panties that perfectly framed her butt, which FTVGirls has a nice view of as the girl stripped down completely nude! FTVGirls filmed Summer as the girl started to touch her bald privates with her fingertips, then wanted some more vibration so FTVGrils filmed Summer using a magic wand toy for her very first time. It took Summer a minute to get used to the new sensations but once the girl did FTVGirls filmed her enjoying it, rubbing her clitoris with the toy faster and faster – note her milky natural juices flowing – until it brought her to her first climax of the day! Next FTVGirls filmed Summer enjoying a textured glass toy as the girl slid the beads in and out of her hole and again note her milky cream. Then the girl used a larger blue toy and a thicker pink one, attempting them all to view which suited her best. The blue one was her choice and FTVGirls filmed Summer using that one in combination with the magic wand toy and the duo brought her very quickly to another orgasm!

After Summer took a short break FTVGirls filmed her in a white tank top and a pair of tight blue jeans that showed off her hot butt, then pulling up her top to give her perky tiny tits a quick massage and then opening on the couch to view how many fingers the girl could fit within at once. After that it was time for some kinky penetration and FTVGirls filmed her doing some banana stuffing, rubbing her clitoris with her fingertips as the girl banged herself with the toy. And then the girl was handed the ultimate vibration toy, the powerful vintage Vibraking! This girl used the toy on her sensitive clitoris and had multiple more orgasms, and note how wet the girl became from all the incredible play when the girl spread her pink lips afterward.

Back outdoors we saw the wind had died down and the girl walked down the public sidewalk lifting up her top to flash her tits next to a busy street, and note the girl still had some nervousness about public nudity. Summer was a beautiful slender teen newcomer with a winning smile and sultry seductive eyes, and it was a treat to view her stepping into the adult industry here on FTVGirls!

FTV Girls

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Sociopathic Tendencies – part 2

Sociopathic Tendencies part 2 adult gallery Bimbo Story Club
James makes a move to ensure the guys making bimbos will go unnoticed. Will the dude find a place to keep the guys ever growing harem of bimbos? Find out!

The newest comic from Fahzbehn, this dark trip follows James as the dude uses an arcane tome to make potions which convert women into big breasted bimbos. Unconcerned about anyone’s morality, James ventures to a undress club with the goal of getting over. Will the dude be able to convince Mary and Luci to take the guys offer and find a place to keep the guys ever growing harem of bimbos? Like many of Fahzbehn’s stories, there’s plenty of growth, milk, and sluttiness to be found. This tale, though, is part of a slow spiral into insanity where James starts to give in to the guys desires and takes what the dude wants, regardless of who it costs. What, ultimately, will come of James and the guys sociopathic tendencies? Read on and find out.

Bimbo Story Club

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Aeda’s Night Sex Video With Deep Creampie

Aedas NIGHT SEX VIDEO w/ Deep Creampie adult gallery Asian Sex Diary


Dear Diary,
I started to fuck my sleepover whore Aeda, in the middle of the night, for a third time already and resolved to take out my camera and film this middle of the evening sex video for you all. You can view that her cunt was still wet when I started to shoot. Feels so good to fuck this nineteen year old slut, particularly when I can creampie her 4 times in one night. So slippery and fit just for my cock. Bali is great. Wanton teen cunt is even greater!

She left at 11am and gave me her number. We will view if I call her back. Depends on what happens in the coming days. New cunt is on the agenda first.

Asian Sex Diary

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Better Than Dad – S7:E7 added to MomsTeachSex

Redhead MILF Dani Jensen and her stepson Alex D were each getting prepared for a fun time on Valentine’s Day. When Alex’s date canceled, though, Alex went in search of the guys stepmom to talk it through. The guy found Dani in a sheer bra and thong, as the girl caressed her enhanced big tits and her landing undress pussy. That sight gave Alex the concept that the dude would treat the guys mom to the romantic dinner the dude had planned for the guys date.

Eventually, Alex coaxed Dani into getting down her top and putting her tits on display out of pity. Soon Alex had the guys hands on her tits, which enticed Dani to let Alex put those strong hands on her taboo fuck hole, also. Loving what her stepson could do, Dani hiked up her miniskirt and leaned over the table so the dude could fuck her from behind.

Knowing the guys redhead stepmom was putty in the guys hands, Alex enjoyed a taboo blowjob before pulling her into the guys lap. Dani was quick to go for a hard erection ride as her big titties bounced and the girl stared into her stepson’s eyes. When the girl hopped onto the table and spread her thighs so the dude could bring her off as the dude squeezed those giant hooters, Alex was all too happy to play stud. In return, the dude enjoyed each and every moment as Dani sucked and stroked until the dude gave her a mouth full of hot cum to swallow.

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