Secret Desire – S26:E21 added to NubileFilms

Lady D. and Larry Steel enjoyed some quality couples time together as Larry helped Lady paint her toenails. This gave Lady the opportunity to show off how good the girl was with her feet. Since they were already close to Larry’s cock, Lady used them to tease her boyfriend until the dude was nice and erect before jerking the hunk with her hands.

Relocating to the living room, Lady hopped on the couch so that Larry could relieve her of her thong. The guy was quick to bury the guys face in between Lady’s cheeks, momentarily ignoring her gleaming cunt so the dude could lap at her ass and prod it with a hard tongue. Rearing back on the guys knees, the dude took the guys hard erection and positioned it at Lady’s opening so the dude could slide testicles deep into her creamy teen pussy and start pounding.

As they took a break to regroup, Lady climbed to a seated position and reached out for Larry’s hard erection. Drawing the hunk close, the girl opened her sweet mouth and engulfed the guys cock in between her puffy lips. Stroking and gobbling as looking up at her boyfriend to create intimate eye contact, Lady kept Larry nice and hard for the fun to come.

In return, Larry dropped to the guys knees and pressed the flat of the guys tongue to Lady’s silky slit to exert just the right level of pressure on her. The guy brought the guys hand up to press first one and then two fingers deep inside, making sure to hit her g-spot as Lady’s groans guided the hunk to where the dude needed to be. Once the guys fingers were in place, Larry leaned forward to lap at Lady’s clitoris until her whole body hummed with carnal need.

Switching spots with Lady so that the dude was sitting on the couch, Larry pulled Lady into the guys lap until her hairless cunt was positioned above the head of the guys cock. This girl pressed down as Larry’s hands held her steady, impaling herself on her personal steed so the girl could go for a hard erection ride. This girls tiny tits shook and quivered as the girl sped up her thrusts, not once stopping until the girl was shaking from the power of her climax.

On her back once again, Lady watched with sated eyes as Larry lifted her ankle to the guys shoulder and entered her once again. This guys powerful pumps were just what Lady needed to enjoy one last tiny earthquake of pleasure. The guy pulled out just as the guys climax became an inevitability and drenched Lady with the guys cum in a shower of pure passion.

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Nurse Adara James 69s With Her Patient

Nurse Adara James 69s With This girls Patient

There is a hot new ebony hunk in the ward, and sexy brunette nurse Adara James is desperate to get a piece of the action! This girl walks into the room of hunk Tyler Knight, giving the hunk a friendly smile as the girl orders the hunk to undress for the guys inspection. As soon as the dude takes off the guys shirt and reveals the guys well-muscled chest, Adara starts to get wet in between her legs! The poor youthful man is still too sick to fuck, but that is not going to stop this tarty nurse from getting some fun. This girl undresses down to her lingerie, sitting on the stud’s lap, gratified as the girl feels the hardening of the guys big prick. Some incredible sixty-nine oral action ensues – the girl enjoys that cock!

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TheRealWorkout – Working Out With Ella Knox

Ella Knox adult gallery Working Out With Ella Knox Therealworkout TeamSkeet
Ella Knox has taken a day away from lavish video blasts to show us how to honestly get in shape. First the girl hops on the treadmill and is sure to remove her bra for ultimate calorie burning. Then the girl will hop on the trampoline for a little to honestly get those titties jiggling and workout those legs. From there the girl will remove her panties revealing her perfectly kept twat. This girl will then start to stretch and prepare to get fucked. Ella forever makes sure to use each and every bit of equipment in the gym to maximize and diversify her gym time carnal experience. Once that cunt was feeling sore, the girl was hit with a warm load of semen to the face to cool her down. We enjoy you Ella!

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SisLovesMe – Sis Loves Me on Valentine’s Day

Monica Sage was super bummed out that her boyfriend broke up with her over the phone just days before valentines day. This girls step-bro saw how sad the girl was so the dude resolved to go console her. Not only was the girl vulnerable, but also super needing some warm manly cock to cheer her up. This girl ended up giving step-bro a blowjob for the guys kind words and even sucked the guys cum down smoothly. It is just like the girl was still in a relationship! The next day, although feeling better, Monica still needed to find a way to get back at her boyfriend. This girl enlisted her step-bro to help her make a revenge sex tape to send it to him. It involved her gobbling the guys cock then letting the hunk fuck her pussy. The guy even came within her as icing on the cake. Monica’s boyfriend is going to be so jealous! The next day was the most important day of all. Valentines day. Since Monica and her step-bro did not have dates they resolved to spend it not just together, but within of each other. Monica fucked, sucked, and swallowed showing us what the real meaning of valentine’s day honestly is.

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The Meadebower Incident – part 1

The Meadebower Incident adult gallery Giantess Club
In 1936, an ordinary girl, lost on an island for 12 years, returns as a 20 ft tall giantess! Do not miss this new series.

In 1924, the Meadebower Expedition set out to explore an uncharted island somewhere in the western Atlantic. Every member was tragically lost to mysterious circumstances. The only surviving account of the events surrounding their disappearance is in the late Dr. Meadebower’s journal, which speaks of extraordinary things on the island. A new team, led by the daring explorer Mr. Bridger has set out to pick up where the Meadebower team left off. They are accompanied by a well-armed team of mercenaries, and backed by the US Government, but the island has something (and someone!) big in store for them.

This toon story is King Kong meets Attack of the 50 ft Woman, with a dash of Indiana Jones! The Meadebower Incident opens with a mysterious flashback detailing a lost expedition to a jungle island. xCuervos’ first entry into giantess fiction sets the stage for an unexpected rescue operation that goes predictably awry, but leads to our first encounter with Abbie. This girl was an ordinary girl who disappeared with the first explorers, but once surviving alone in the jungle for 12 years, the girl has grown up…and up…and up… This explosive first issue contains a mystery, two monstrous avians, and one big heroine.

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Bible Study – S4:E5 added to BrattySis

Blonde teen Chloe Scott teased her stepbrother T Stone as the dude changed clothes once choir practice. This girl flashed her tits when the dude told her to stop impinging on her life of purity. When the girl tackled the hunk onto the bed, Chloe found that T’s cock was hard. This girl resolved to seduce the hunk so they could be freaks together. The next thing T knew, Chloe was peeling off her shorts and jerking the hunk off as the girl resolved to steer the hunk away from the guys pure life.

Leaning forward, Chloe slid her pierced tongue over T’s taboo erection before going ahead with a full enthusiastic blowjob. Then the girl rolled onto her back and encouraged her stepbrother to slide it into her completely completely naked taboo twat. This girl reached down to rub her clitoris as the dude banged her, then guided the guys hand to her tits so the dude could enjoy every single thing about their taboo fuck fest.

Pushing T down, Chloe straddled the hunk and slid down to take control for a full fledged titty bouncing hard erection ride. That has her off, but the girl still urged T to take her from behind so the dude could enjoy a variety of positions. As soon as the girl came again from her stepbrother’s cunt pounding, Chloe pinned the hunk down and sucked the hunk off until the dude permeated her mouth with a blast of semen.

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Sexy Young Hottie Georgia Fucked and Jizzed On

When beautiful brunette Georgia turns up at her boyfriend Mathew’s house, the girl attempts to play hard to get, coyly crossing her thighs and not letting her man touch her juicy triangle. However, Matthew understands all the tricks and the dude soon has the youthful cutie bent over on all fours, her panties down around her knees as the dude fingers her cunt and ass. The pig-tailed honey gives her man a sparing blowjob, teasing the hunk by just suckling on the head, knowing full artfully that it is just going to drive the hunk insane with lust and result in a superb cunt fucking! Mathew holds Georgia’s ankles wide apart as the dude spears her tight slit with long, deep strokes.

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