The Red Tail Saga – part 1

The Red Tail Saga part 1 adult gallery Giantess Club
When a musician attempts to steal Krella’s silver, the girl makes the hunk pay — all evening long.

Toon writer Vincent Cross decides to take on the fantasy genre, combining the eroticism of the Amazon with traditional sword and sorcery elements. Krella the Red is a definite throwback to characters just like Red Sonya and Conan the Barbarian, and as we view her in plenty of action, there is a lot left to the imagination. Who is the girl really? Where does the girl come from? And what awaits her when the girl next picks up her sword?

Krella the Red is wagering some of the silver the girl earned on her last posting, and looks to have quite a pot in the corner of the tavern. When the dice come up in her favor, one of the losers gets violent. The guy nearly loses a hand for it, and Krella catches a youthful musician attempting to sneak off with some of her money. Rather than cut him, though, the girl takes the hunk up to her room to make the hunk pay off the debt the dude incurred.

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Lee Stone Finds A Stranded Honey And Drills Her With His Wood

Lee is returning from work when the dude notices a adorable skirt dressed in girl broke down on the side of the road. This girl introduces herself to him, but the dude cannot wait to get Hollie Stevens home and have the guys way with her. When Hollie enters the guys home the dude feels her up and down and the girl flashes her tight ass in response, kissing the hunk and gobbling and playing with the guys cock. Hollie then slides Lee’s cock into her fuck hole and grits her teeth as the dude spreads her lips apart with the guys girth, her thighs getting tired from the ride. This girl lays on her back to rest and Lee presses the guys pole into her again and again, lifting her back atop and screwing her over and over, Hollie’s thighs now quivering from the guys cock.

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Silvia Saige Catches Horny Employee in Her Office!

Jake Jace is snooping around in the guys boss, Silvia Saige’s office when the dude discovers her secret stash of adult sex toys and frilly underwear. The guy takes a deep whiff of her used panties and starts pleasuring himself when Silvia suddenly walks in and catches the hunk literally with the guys pants down! Not one to waste a good, hard cock, the girl shoves Jake against the wall and kisses the hunk as jerking the guys big dick. To the guys disbelief, Silvia licks the hunk off greedily and orders the hunk to fuck her tight pussy. After some hardcore spoon-fucking, Jake blasts hot cum down her throat! Think the dude will get a raise?

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