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Lexie on FTVGirls Released Apr 4, 2018
Lexie is a cute, tiny teen with big beautiful blue eyes and a hot figure, but what honestly makes her stand out is her enjoy of big penetration! This is her very first adult shoot, a total first time video. Early in the morning, FTV Girls filmed her in a tight white nightie, as the girl shyly teased us, displaying those perky nipples, full taut breasts, and exposed her privates. This girl started getting more vocal once warming up, expressing her need to masturbate – and the girl masturbates a lot each and every day in her personal life. This girl enjoys vibrators, and was excited to attempt the Vibraking – it brought her to multiple strong orgasms and strong vaginal contractions! This girl was wet inside, and started spreading, showed off her prominent clit, pulled on her labia, then finger banged herself. Three, then four, and the girl was challenged to fist herself, which the girl ended up working in until the girl was fisting herself deep! This 19 year old actually enjoyed the fist, and in combination with the vibrator ended up getting an climax as fisting! This girl then spread and gaped for us, and wanted more. So, the girl was introduced to the Pink Monster Toy, and the girl has atop and rode the big thing, and has off again as rubbing her clit!

FTV Girls then filmed Lexie in a super-cute schoolgirl outfit, as the girl showed off her tiny form, then exposed her full boobs and gave them a hard massage. Suddenly, one nipple started lactating! This girl had not once done that before, and it shocked her. Then the girl found herself an extra thick cucumber, and gave it a blowjob, then used it just like a toy and came again with the help of a vibrator! This girl then started playing anally, using a ebony dildo, pushing it deep into her butt, then double penetrated herself with the addition of the cucumber! Add the vibrator on her clit, and the girl had triple stimulation and another strong climax – even then the contractions were visible! Lastly, the girl challenged herself anally by pushing that big cucumber into her butt! It pushed her limits, but the girl has it in her, and used the vibrator again for another orgasm! This girl then gaped her ass wide.

Out at a popular tourist destination, Lexie modeled for FTV Girls in a dress and hot heels, expressing that adorable personality of hers, then went home to masturbate with the Vibraking once again. Back on the comfy bed, the girl was introduced to the FTV Monster toy, and once again, used the vibrator for another climax as the toy was deep in her! To end the day, the girl finished herself off with one more fisting session, going hard, fast, and deep.

So enjoy this super-cute teen, and her surprisingly outrageous and kinky needs. Lexie absolutely makes for an ideal FTV Girl, and it is her first time appearing on the net!

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Sexy Wife Niki Is Hungry For Tranny Dick

Experience a Tranny threesome just like none other! Niki and Andrey wish to expand their horizons so they invite Grazielle to join them. This hot transsexual diva enjoys playing with couples and shes had an eye on this pair for a while. Both Andrey and Niki get their time with Grazielle’s best bits and even end up in a mind-blowing fuck chain!

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More Than Love – S26:E28 added to NubileFilms

When Nancy A. blindfolds her husband Martin, he’s happy to play her game because the dude understands that only delightful results can come of it. The guy relishes in using the guys hands to check out Nancy’s full ass and slender waist as the girl gradually leads the hunk to the living room. Urging Martin to have a seat, Nancy makes sure the dude is comfortable and then goes to her knees in front of the hunk as the girl peppers the guys neck and chest with kisses.

Once the girl reaches the goal of Martin’s hard erection, Nancy is quick to start sucking. This girls mouth opens wide as the girl deep throats her husband’s hard erection as jerking the guys rod to make sure each and every inch of the guys big cock is enjoying her attention. When Martin pulls the blindfold up, the dude finds big baby blues looking back at the hunk as the guys wife lick the hunk just like a Hoover.

Peeling Nancy’s shirt off, Martin draws the guys enjoy in for a kiss as the guys hands sneak up to play with her heavy breasts. The guy understands just how to pinch and lick her nipples into diamond hardness before sliding the guys hands down to cup her ass. As soon as the dude can turn the tables on Nancy to get her on the ottoman, the dude does.

Pulling Nancy’s g string to the side, Martin goes wild licking and nibbling her lovely pink pussy. She’s nice and wet as the dude slides two fingers deep into her twat to double down on her pleasure. When Martin spreads Nancy’s cheeks to honestly open her completely completely naked twat up, Nancy is quick to hook an ankle around the guys neck so that the dude can continue making magic just for her. The guy eventually brings her to the point where her whole body stiffens and convulses with the power of her climax.

Still on her back, Nancy groans in joy as Martin teases her with the head of the guys cock before sliding the head inside. The guy takes the guys time with long pumps that heighten Nancy’s passion again before lifting both of her thighs for deeper penetration. It is not long before Martin has set a ball-slapping pace that gradually brings Nancy to another great finish.

Turning around on her hands and knees, Nancy gasps with joy as Martin leans in to lick her from twat to anus. The guy spreads her ass cheeks wide to honestly get in there with her chocolate starfish, making sure the girl relishes in each and every touch with the guys hard tongue. Loving each and every moment of Martin’s second round of oral delight, Nancy brings her feet together around her husband’s cock and lets the hunk fuck that sheath as the dude leaves her wet and prepared to cum again.

Rising to the guys feet, Martin comes into Nancy from behind and gives her the cunt banging the girl craves. The guy keeps it up as Nancy meets the hunk stroke for stroke until the girl urges the hunk to take her place on the ottoman. Climbing atop of Martin and straddling the hunk for a reverse cowgirl ride, Nancy works her inner muscles to give her husband just the right amount of stimulation to earn the cum creampie with which the dude stuffs her.

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