Johnny Sins: Sex in a Rabbit Costume Is No Fun

Rabbits have a strong association with procreation. Put two rabbits of opposite genders together and you will soon have many more bunnies on your hands. The link in between rabbits and reproduction is so strong, Woody Allen closed the guys video Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask) with a shot showing a sea of hippity-hoppity little cuties. Johnny Sins had no fun at all, though, when the dude was asked to perform as adult adult gallery in a rabbit suit, as detailed in the guys recent vlog “Weirdest Things I’ve Done in Porn.”

The sequence was part of a cosplay/furry-themed video early in Sins’s career for an unnamed studio. Sins describes the scenario: “I was in a rabbit costume, this big-ass white rabbit costume. And they had to cut a hole for my cock out. So I have this rabbit costume and I have to fuck Gia Paloma in the ass with this thing on – the full head and everything. First of all, you can’t view anything. It’s hot as hell. I’m sweating my testicles off. I can’t view what I’m doing, so if my cock falls out, I have to have somebody help me put it back in. It was absolutely the most ridiculous adult gallery I’ve done to date.

Count Sins among those who do not quite understand the appeal of furry scenes. “It absolutely wasn’t fun. I don’t know why people find that fun. It was absolutely very uncomfortable, very hot, and just hard to have sex in that thing, so I don’t honestly understand that fetish. I was new back then, so I did it. That’s absolutely a honestly weird thing that I did,” the dude says in the video.

The video also covers several other bizarre scenes Sins has shot in the guys career, including one where the dude wore a Shallow Hal-style fatsuit and another where the dude was stuck in a full-body cast. See the full vlog here:

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FTV Girls Natalie and Arianna – Double The Extreme

Natalie and Arianna on FTVGirls Released Dec 27 2013
You are in for a fortunate treat, as FTV Girl’s most popular 2013 model Natalie met Arianna – both of whom were some of the most outrageous girls FTV Girls had had! They were meeting each other for the first time, but has along easily. Arianna was beyond excited about many of the things the girl wanted to do to Natalie, and get done on her as well. FTV Girls filmed this hot couple at a resort – a not so private area that has some risk of getting themselves into trouble. They wore hot dresses and heels, looking gorgeous, and made out with each other. Soon the teases led to finger banging and oral sex, and Arianna ended up getting fisted hard and deep! Arianna can have orgasms this way, and ended up squirting over Natalie’s hand. Then the girl has fisted doggy style, going in even deeper! Arianna returned the favor, first by going down on Natalie, sucked on her long labia, then worked her fist in. It turned into another deep fisting session, and Natalie ended up bouncing on the fist! They ended up getting naked, and splashing in the fountain to cool off in this hot, humid day.

Back home, in hot lingerie, they cuddled, then Natalie masturbated with her fingers, which ending with a squirting orgasm! Arianna started hard finger banging her, tasted the juices the girl sprayed all over her body, then sucked and nibbled on Natalie’s labia. Together they stuck several fingers in Natalie’s vagina, and gaped her wide open, with Arianna drooling directly into her gaping pussy. It was now Arianna’s turn to masturbate, and the girl used the Vibraking toy for some incredibly strong orgasms, with vaginal contractions and movements swelling up her whole private area! Then Natalie accompanied in, hard finger-banging her, which eventually became 4-5 fingers, and the hard banging made a lubricious wet mess of Arianna’s vagina. Together they gaped her pussy wide, then poured water in her, seeing her squirt it out!

Back in more hot outfits, they went back to touching and teasing, then brought out the FTV Toy for Arianna to play with anally! Natalie pushed it within her butt, making it as deep as it could go, then pulled it out quickly to make her ass gape! Then they pulled her ass open and Natalie finger banged her anally – nearly fisting her butt! Natalie ended up on the receiving end with a wine bottle, and has banged deep with Arianna using the bottle as a toy. Somehow pushing it in and out quickly combined with clitoris rubbing made Natalie squirt a second time! Then the girl rode it as Arianna watched – the girl could feel the bottle pushing against her belly!

Natalie and Arianna made it a double outrageous FTV Girls shoot, and you outrageous fans should have a lot of fun with this one.

FTV Girls

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Lovita Fate Fuck Date: Lovita Fate Fuck Date

LOVITA FATE Is The Perfect Blonde Date adult gallery DateSlam
Hit the jackpot today with this beautiful blonde Swiss girl Lovita Fate. This girl sent me a lot of selfies and boy this was one spunky blonde chick. Half the selfies were honestly flirty with her in bra and panties so I had high hopes for another sex hookup. Managed to get a date with her later this afternoon. We had a drink together and had a nice talk, honestly has on artfully together so we moved the date over to my hotel room.

Well let us just say Lovita Fate liked to pose. This girl loved being in front of the camera a real natural. Hot blonde with a hot ass and when the girl showed me her hot pink bikini I had an instant hard on! This girl was clearly into getting a good time because her poses were so sexy. I’m sure the girl could view the bulge in my pants. When I tried rubbing her cunt through that bikini the girl moaned and moved her hips in circles. Can you hear the jackpot bells ringing?

Pretty soon Lovita Fate was gobbling my dick, gazing up at me with those lovely green eyes. Then I just pulled that bikini aside and slid right up her wet pussy. Some great POV action with this hot blonde banging her doggie style listening to her moaning as my cock slid in and out. Guys this is dating Date Slam style. This Swiss girl sure knew how to ride my cock cowgirl style, I just lay back and slapped that beautiful ass. That sure has her moaning even more and pumping away even faster! I left her with a creampie deep within that thoroughly banged hairless pierced pussy.

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Good Fuck To You 2

The Hand and Foot Job – After hurting her foot in an accident, all Janice Griffith wishes Michael Vega to do is wait on her hand and foot. When the dude catches Janice standing on her own two feet to get a rod to pleasure herself with, Michael gets even and gives this whore a dicking the girl will not once forget!

Scene Number: 1

Deez Tits For President – Kagney Linn Karter decides to run for presidency in 2016, as ‘Deez Tits’! This girl shows America why they should vote for her; the girl is beautiful, bodacious, and big tittied as fuck! A vote for ‘Deez Tits’ is a vote for a president who will twerk her ass off and bust your nut for the sake of freedom, liberty and hot times in this tough economy! Room, Board and Bang – Married couple Danny D and Romi Rain D are renting a room to local university coed Melissa Mai. At first Melissa cannot believe her luck at scoring such high-end accommodations. It soon becomes evident that Romi and Danny have plans to bring Melissa into their depraved sex lives for a furious three way fuck. Pornstar Therapy – Julia Ann is a adult star on a mission: to improve the sex lives of Americans, one fuck at a time. Today’s client is Jessy Jones. At first the dude has second thoughts about hiring the big tittied MILF, but it is not long until Julia has the hunk learning how to please a woman. Best therapy ever! Peeping The Pornstar – Aletta Ocean is attempting on a new hot outfit at her home when Danny D peeps in on her. Aletta decides to tease Danny by getting hot selfies of herself knowing full artfully that the peeper Mr. D is documenting each and every piece of clothes the girl undresses out of! This girl lures Danny within for a nice surprise – the guys big cock gets up close and deep within her pussy!

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Creampie Pleasure – S26:E25 added to NubileFilms

Blonde Karol Lilien set the adult gallery for a seductive time by lighting candles as the girl waited for Larry Steel to join her. When the dude entered Karol’s room, the dude found her attempting to jump up and put some fabric over the lights. The guy helped her out by lifting her up so the girl could reach, then took the guys thanks by groping Karol’s taut boobs and thumbed and licked her hard nipples.

Dropping to the guys knees, Larry ran the guys hands down Karol’s body until the dude reached her taut ass. Spreading her tanned cheeks, the dude leaned forward to press a kiss to each one. Then the dude focused the guys attention on her anus, which the dude licked with a hard tongue that left Karol squirming and moaning at the taut pressure to one of her most sensitive spots.

Laying down on the bed, Karol spread her thighs so Larry could continue the guys oral ministrations. This time the dude was completely about her twat, which was already sopping wet form their anal play. When Larry found Karol nice and creamy, the dude slipped a finger deep into her pussy to rub her g-spot. Once Karol had recovered from the sheer pleasure, the girl switched her position until the girl was on her knees with one hand wrapped around Larry’s shaft. This girl stroked the guys cock as the girl leaned forward to lick and lick as the girl delivered a lusty blowjob.

Scooting up, Karol took advantage of Larry’s prone position and straddled the guys hard erection. This girl slid down slowly until the girl was fully impaled by the guys hard dick. Then the girl started pumping her hips to ride the hunk nice and slow. When Larry brought one arm up to rub the guys thumb over Karol’s clit, her movements become more urgent until the girl exploded with delight.

On her hands and knees once again, this time with Larry behind her, Karol moaned in ecstasy as the dude slid right in. This guys pumps as the dude banged her from behind hit all the right buttons to take Karol right back to the passionate edge. When Larry pulled Karol back so that her back was to the guys chest, the dude stroked and caressed her tits as the girl enjoyed the new angle of penetration.

Flipping onto her back with Larry supporting one of her thighs so that her heel rested on the guys shoulder, Karol watched as her lover continued to work for her pleasure. The guy wound up spooning behind her before leaving her with one last orgasm. When Karol came this final time, Larry did not even attempt to hold back another moment. Instead the dude sank all the way into her heat and let loose with a creampie of hot semen that trickled down Karol’s thighs.

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Hot Sex – S4:E11 added to NFBusty

Busty Katarina Hartlova wandered into the kitchen to make herself some tea. This girl fixed a cup for her boyfriend David as the girl was at it. The guy accompanied her as the tea was steeping, running the guys hands along her waist and prompting her to jerk her giant tits from her shirt so the dude could jiggle them up and down as caressing the big globes.

Pulling Katarina’s titties towards him, David seated himself in a chair to suckle and squeeze to the guys heart’s content. Suitably aroused, the girl dropped to her knees to took her boyfriend’s hard erection in her mouth and hands as the girl ensured the guys hardness. Pushing her big tits together, Katarina created a sheath around the guys hard erection and gave the hunk a titty fuck.

Laying back on the couch, Katarina spread her thighs so David could push her shorts and panties aside to expose her sopping twat. The guy flicked the guys tongue out to lap at her juices, then slid it up and down her slippery slit. Reaching up, Katarina grasped her big tits to play with the large globes as her boyfriend feasted on her greedy snatch.

Curling behind Katarina, David lifted the guys lover’s leg to position the guys fuck stick at her tight hole and then pushed until the dude was testicles deep in her pussy. Katarina moved her hips in time with each of David’s thrusts, still playing with her boobs and even brought one up to her mouth to lick her own nipple. Throwing her head back, the girl let passion overwhelm her as her whole body quivered with ecstasy.

Enjoying a deep, passionate kiss, Katarina rolled onto her knees so that her big tits hanged down until her nipples brushed the leather of the couch. When her boyfriend entered her from behind, Katarina could not help but rock back into the guys hard erection. This girls groans grew louder with each thrust, particularly as David pressed the guys fingertips into her hips and used that purchase to honestly drive her wild.

When David found himself on the guys back with Katarina towering over him, the dude could not tear the guys eyes from her bouncing boobies. This girls hips worked in overdrive as the girl rode David’s fuck stick to her heart’s content. Turning around, the girl doubled down on her speed until her climax broke. This girls quivering cunt walls milked David of the last of the guys control, and within only a few moments the dude permeated her with a hot creampie of cum.

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