Hit the Books With These Sexy Librarians

Do you think librarians fuck?

That is the aggressive, on-the-nose question posed on the back cover of VCA‘s Midnight Librarians. Such a rhetorical query does not honestly need an answer, but in case there was any doubt, you need not look any further than any of the librarian-themed adult flicks we sell at AE. It is National Library Week – and today is specifically National Library Workers Day – so we thought we would take a look at the five all-time bestselling hot librarian movies in the Adult Empire archives. It is a wonder they have time to collect any overdue fees or reshelve any books. Here, the Dewey Decimal System starts and ends with 69.XXX.

Midnight Librarians (VCA)

Midnight Librarians adult video

Prolific director Jim Holliday helms this noir-ish detective mystery that does not seem to fully justify the title Midnight Librarians, since its connection to that theme is tangential at best. Holly Hollywood plays an L.A. private investigator tasked with finding a wayward librarian. Plenty of rimming, toe sucking, and lesbian action ensues! Numerous detours take us away from the main plot, but it does return to a library-themed adult gallery in the movies second half. Evan Stone is masturbating on a library couch and is interrupted by Kristina Black, who decides helping the hunk out is a better option than scolding him. Though probably a little too plot-heavy for modern adult audiences, it is a fun throwback for fans of vintage VCA features.

Cover to Cover (Wicked Pictures)

In Cover to Cover, Jenna Jameson plays a shy, withdrawn librarian, but do not let that make you think the girl dresses the part! As Adult Empire’s in-house reviewer Special K noted at the time, her hot attire is not an outfit I have ever seen on a librarian, but who would be stupid enough to cover up Jenna Jameson for even a second in frumpy gear? This is a adult for goodness sake! Well said! Jameson’s character lives out her dreams through books, which permits varied sex scenes such as a Civil War-era hookup, a 1950s hot car sex adventure, and more. This is presumably the only adult video where a copy of James M. McPherson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Civil War book Battle Cry of Freedom plays a significant role. If Ken Burns had mentioned that in the guys famous Civil War documentary, we might have paid more attention in class.

Fuck The Librarians (Bluebird Films)

Fuck the Librarians adult video

Sexy specs and fun British accents? Be still my beating heart! Fuck The Librarians sets up sex scenes in exactly the entertainingly corny manner you would expect from a video with a library theme. The opener finds Demetri XXX returning a book that is a whopping six years overdue. Paige Ashley informs the hunk that the library has scuttled fines in favor of simply paddling people who bring back overdue books. The guy takes the spanking just like a champ, but once the guys pants are off, things move in a predictably hot direction. Other scenes find yet another illicit library masturbater getting busted plus all sorts of hardcore banging in among the stacks.

Lesbian Librarians (Zero Tolerance Ent)

According to data from the U.S. Census, a full 83% of librarians are female. We are not sure whether that breakdown leads to an increased interest in lesbian experimentation, but that is absolutely where Lesbian Librarians puts its focus. Val Dodds is leafing through a copy of The Book of Mormon in the opening scene, but that soon gets tossed aside when Kimberly Kane sits down beside her. The highlight is absolutely the closing scene, starring Cherie DeVille and Dillion Harper. Cherie’s lascivious gaze, combined with the longing way the girl chews on the end of her pen, creates an atmosphere of lustful anticipation as prepares to pounce on adorable – but not so sweet – coed Dillion. DeVille’s oral sex game is absolutely on point here, but we are not so sure the girl would last very long as a librarian, given how prone the girl is to seducing nubile patrons!

Bibliophile (Filly Films)

Bibliophile adult video

It is another round of book-oriented lesbian fun, but this time with a kinkier twist! The term bibliophile is taken to its literal outrageous here. The introductory adult gallery finds Elizabeth Thorn and Missy Minks roaming the Sexuality section of the stacks, thumbing through numerous volumes and finding carnal satisfaction in their smell and touch. Later, they unleash all their Sapphic desires in a bed drenched in books – as bemoaning the fact that they could not get busy in the bookstore itself. Books remain close by all the remaining scenes, which include action as varied as light BDSM, sex toy play, and more. For the true bibliophiles of the world, this is a must-watch!

Cuckold Fantasies

Will is making a supper for Lisa and her boss Prince Yahshua. Lisa comes into the kitchen and notices that Will forgot the one thing that the girl asked for. Lisa gets honestly pissed at Will and then offers herself to Prince for dessert.

Scene Number: 3

When Dana’s husband brags about the guys golf game, Dana shows the hunk that the Caddy honestly gets the prize. Chad makes Natasha her favorite breakfast. But when the dude brings it up to her there is a big ebony man in bed with her. Chad freaks out and Natasha starts to fuck just like a rock star. India’s husband has no concept about ANYTHING and is completely useless! Good thing Jon Jon is there. Once Jon Jon is done fixing the sink, India figures that the girl can get her pipes cleaned as well.

Cuckold Fantasies adult gallery

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FBI Agent Carmen Bella Will Arrest You

Agent Carmen Bella could probably solve all of Donald Trump’s FBI issues.  With all of the transitions – aka firing anyone who gets in the guys way – in the White House, we thought some old school Carmen would do all some good.  Over at CamWithCarmen, you can find all of Carmen’s hottest photos, videos, member chat archives, behind-the-scenes content and a great deal more. You can also find even more of her at SweetAssAngels and within CamWithHer Plus as well.

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Anya Zenkova – Blue Tee 1 – Trailer

Anya Zenkova adult gallery Blue Tee 1 Trailer
PinupFiles has another super special treat for you to start the week: 32J Anya Zenkova is back at the pages of PinupFiles with a beautiful new video! Anya’s great big natural tits are the stuff of dreams and we thought the girl would look great in a tight t-shirt and a pair of cutoff shorts, and all we can say is WOW, we were right!

Pinup Files - Classically Inspired Busty Pinup Girls

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Ravage Me – S26:E22 added to NubileFilms

Alex More cannot wait to get her boyfriend Kyle Mason into bed! This girl meets the hunk at the door decked out in a lingerie bra and crotch-less panties. By the time Kyle understands what’s happening, Alex has pressed her lips to the guys so the dude can lead her backwards into the bedroom. Happy to play along, Kyle lets the guys hands explore all over Alex’s tight body before they settle to cup her trimmed twat.

Pressing the heel of the guys palm to Alex’s clit, Kyle rubs her as the girl shimmies her hips. Then the dude eases her back onto the bed and smiles as the stiletto from her high heel makes contact with the guys back as the dude leans forward and peels off her underwear. Soon the dude is lapping away at Alex’s creamy cunt as Alex relieves herself of her bra.

Climbing onto her knees, Alex helps Kyle out of the guys pants and wraps her warm hand around the guys hard erection. This girls tongue flicks out to sample the musk of Kyle’s dick. Liking what the girl tastes, the girl settles in for a languorous hard erection sucking. Laying on her belly with her thighs kicking behind her, Alex licks her boyfriend’s hard erection just like it is her favorite lollipop.

Turning around so the girl is on her hands and knees, Alex groans in joy as Kyle enters her from behind. This girl is so turned on that the girl cannot help but rock back into each of Kyle’s jabs as the dude pounds away at her creamy twat. When the dude winds the guys hand in her hair, Alex lets the hunk jerk her head back so that her body bends to the guys will.

Rolling onto her back, Alex spreads her thighs so that Kyle can pound away at her greedy muffin. This girl curls up on her side with the hunk behind her, then leans into the hunk as the dude presses the guys strong body to hers. This angle of penetration is every single thing Alex requires to explode with orgasmic delight.

When Kyle lays down on the bed, Alex is happy to get up atop of the hunk and ride the hunk just like a horse. This girls personal hunk is hard and willing for her, and as her hips move in a primal rhythm the girl stuffs the room with the music of her moans. Leaning forward so that her tiny tits are in Kyle’s face, Alex grinds her way to another climax.

Climbing off her boyfriend’s fuck stick, Alex kneels before the hunk and starts stroking. Opening her mouth wide, the girl aims Kyle’s hard erection at her waiting tongue. He’s happy to oblige her by filling her mouth with spurt once spurt of hot cum to finish their lovemaking.

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