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NF Busty - Come Get It - S5:E8

NF BustyCome Get It – S5:E8

featuring Nathaly Cherie and Raul Costa.

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Jun 8, 2018


Busty cutie Nathaly Cherie is feeling flirty and playful with her boyfriend Raul Costa. This girl gives the hunk a merry chase, but makes sure to let Raul catch her so the dude can tantalize her with kisses and caresses. With each and every move, Nathaly’s tits jiggle in her evening gown. This girl even pulls them out to entice Raul into continuing the chase.

When Nathaly ultimately lets Raul catch her for good, the girl rewards the hunk for the guys persistence with a kiss as the dude reaches underneath her miniskirt to rub her nicely trimmed twat. Maintaining sensual eye contact with Raul, Nathaly pulls her dress down and then off to let the hunk admire each and every inch of her lush slender body. The guy clearly enjoys what the dude sees if the guys erection is any indication once Nathaly gets the hunk out of the guys clothes.

Enticed by Nathaly’s unspoken invitation, Raul pulls the guys big tittied cutie close and buries the guys face in her chest. This guys tongue tantalizes her nipples as the guys hands caress her tits and slide down to cup the heat in between her thighs. As the guys full-body massage concludes, Raul permits Nathaly to coax the hunk to a standing position so the girl can spring the guys erection free of the confines of the guys clothes.

Taking advantage of the position of power the girl finds herself in, Nathaly wraps her warm hand and puffy lips around Raul’s fuck stick. Sucking and stroking, the girl works the guys passion to another level. Then the girl guides the hunk to the couch so the girl can honestly focus on deep throating the guys cock and rearing back to deliver a squishy titty fuck.

Climbing onto her knees on the couch puts Nathaly’s trimmed twat at the flawless height to be banged from behind. Raul anchors himself with one hand on each side of her plentiful ass and dives right in, banging away as Nathaly’s sizzling heat engulfs him. The position is flawless for the fast and furious banging that both of them crave.

Taking a seat on the couch, Raul pulls Nathaly into the guys lap and guides her down on the guys fuck stick. The position is flawless for the blonde’s passion, leaving her free to bounce at her own pace as squeezing and jerking her enhanced tits and pinching her hard nipples. Curling up on her side, Nathaly takes a load off as allowing Raul to do all the world banging her from behind once again.

As the girl relishes in the aftershocks of a climax artfully earned, Nathaly rolls onto her back and grabs Raul’s cock to give the hunk a handjob. This girls jerking hand is just what the dude requires to reach the edge of the guys endurance. Letting go, the dude covers Nathaly’s propped up jugs with a shower of cum that leaves her smiling with satisfaction.

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Bratty Sis - Alexa Grace

Bratty SisAlexa Grace

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Jun 8, 2018


Tall and willowy coed Alexa Grace is proud of her tight ass and perky little tits that are tipped with tight puffy nipples. This girl is forever prepared to jump in the sack, and the girl gets off on dominating her partners to make sure the girl gets the pleasure the girl needs!

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