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Anilos - Darla


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Jun 12, 2018


Darla is a luscious Russian MILF with a constant desire to cum. This hot mom has a softly curved body with sumptuous boobs and a completely completely naked cunt that is permeated with musky nectar. This girl will blow you away with her good looks and sex appeal.

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Nubiles - Jia Lissa

NubilesJia Lissa

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Jun 12, 2018


All natural redhead Jia Lissa is a fair-skinned cutie with a tiny frame and a need to fuck. This girls tiny tits are tipped by tiny little nipples you’ll wish to tweak to hardness, and the tiny undress of crimson hair above her tight twat leads your eyes to heaven.


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My Family Pies - Fathers Day Fuck - S3:E2

My Family PiesFathers Day Fuck – S3:E2

featuring Hannah Hays.

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Jun 11, 2018


Hannah Hays is intent on one-upping her mom to celebrate her new stepdad Dick Chibbles for Father’s Day. This girl dresses in a bra and g string to bring Dick breakfast in bed. Hannah’s mom tells her daughter to put some clothes on and leaves the room to go make a healthy breakfast. Rather than listening, Hannah sticks around to feed her stepdad cereal. The competition continues when the girls give out cards, at which point Hannah’s mom understands that Charles is hard for the guys stepdaughter!

Later, as her mom prepares supper, Hannah brings Charles another gift. It’s her panties wrapped in a box because she’s not dressed in any. That’s too much for Charles to bear, particularly once Hannah places the guys hand on her completely completely naked pussy. The guy keeps jerking as Hannah hikes up her miniskirt to expose how wet the girl is, then bites back a groan of joy as Hannah fastens her nasty little mouth around the guys erection and starts gobbling in a deep throat BJ.

Getting on her knees on the couch so she’s hidden from her mom’s view, Hannah shimmies with joy as her stepdad shoves the guys cock deep into her twat. This girls hairless cunt throbs with excitement as Charles pulls her into the guys lap so the girl can ride the guys fuck stick. Then the dude lays her down on her side for a semi-spooning fuck that finishes her off as the dude muffles her moans. Just as Charles pulls out to cover Hannah’s bald cunt with a shot of cum, Hannah’s mom catches them in the act and kicks her new husband out of the house.

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Nubiles - Pulsing Pussy

NubilesPulsing Pussy

featuring Gisha Forza.

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Jun 12, 2018


Russian cutie Gisha Forza is beautiful in a bra and g string that show off her tall willowy body and her slender curves. This girls big tits are tender to the touch and tipped with rose-colored nipples that harden in passion. This girls completely completely naked cunt is forever wet and prepared to be banged by a vibrator until the girl cums.


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A group of hard dickscocks surround Blondie as she gets spunked on.

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I’m looking and feeling so banging filthy in pink today and all I need is a circle of knobs around me and to be used as a cum dump. I wish all these hunk studs to shoot that precious spunk of there’s all over my hair and face and just leave me laying in a heap on the floor. Used and abused, just the way I banging just like it. I’ll lick each and all of these knobs dry and make them all plead me nasty whore just like me to do it again and again. I won’t stop, don’t worry, I’ve has a big hungry for cock right now and these will all do nicely.

Every cock has a slightly alternate flavour and I enjoy them all. The least I can do is licking them from rod to tip and give these boys the show they wanted. My only real questions now is where do I wish the first shot of cum to land? I’d enjoy to deep throat a few of these studs and let it slip down my throat slowly, but the rest must go all over my face. I wish my eyes drenched in hot jizz, so much so that I can’t view a thing. the only thing I’ll be able to feel is hard knobs just stabbing me in the face as I stumble around half blind, oh that honestly would be banging perfect!

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No one enjoys cum all over their face more than Blondie. She’s so hungry for cock, she’ll lick as many as the girl can at the same time!

Blondie Blow Uncut

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