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NF Busty - Hold The Moan - S5:E9

NF BustyHold The Moan – S5:E9

featuring Alex Legend and Karlee Grey.

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Jun 15, 2018


Busty cutie Karlee Grey is a big tittied cutie whose sensual nature cannot be denied. When her mom calls to chat, Karlee is happy to put the phone to her ear and listen to every single thing her mom has to say. This girls boyfriend Alex Legend, however, has other plans.

Sitting down beside Karlee, Alex wraps the guys arm around the guys girlfriend’s trim waist and slides the guys hands up to her big tittied tits. Karlee attempts to tell the hunk to back off, but the dude won’t be denied as the dude pops one of her boobies free. Slipping the other out of Karlee’s top, Alex urges the guys lover down onto her back so the girl can attempt her best to continue her conversation without alerting her mom that she’s getting her nipples sucked.

Sliding a hand underneath Karlee’s miniskirt, Alex ratchets the difficulty up another level as the dude palms her twat underneath her thong. Pulling the underwear aside, Alex leans in to take a lick at Karlee’s fleshy snatch. Then the dude relieves her of her clothes from the waist down. This girl gets a brief reprieve to talk as Alex shucks the guys clothes, but then he’s back with the guys cock buried deep in Karlee’s fuck hole as the girl attempts her best to hold the moan.

Alex holds not a thing back as the dude works the guys hips for both of their pleasure, even gobbling Karlee’s toes to double down on her delight. Karlee has committed now, so it’s no surprise when the girl sinks to her knees in front of her boyfriend and opens her mouth to start sucking. This girl continues to respond as artfully as the girl can to her mom’s chatter, but all the as she’s deep throating a big cock with absolute abandon.

Getting on her hands and knees, Karlee waves her taut ass in the air to entice Alex to take her from behind. The guy is happy to oblige, banging her as her big titties quiver and jiggle. This girls nipples harden as the force of each and every thrust drags them on the couch to create great friction, and all the as the girl has to keep pretending things are completely normal as her mom’s gossip stays steady.

Climbing atop of Alex, Karlee slides down until her trimmed cunt is fully impaled by her boyfriend’s fuck stick. It’s more challenging than ever to keep quiet as Alex brings her to a body shaking climax, but Karlee manages. They shift into a spooning position, which brings Karlee off one last time just before the dude pulls out to shower her mound with cum.

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NF Busty - Raul Costa

NF BustyRaul Costa

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Jun 8, 2018


Raul Costa is the type of guy who not once sleeps alone. The guy has a alternate woman enjoy on the guys arm any time you view him, but the dude and the guys sex partners are all happiest that way. Raul offers a evening of magic to any hot girl or girls who come the guys way, using the guys talented hands and warm mouth to warm the guys sex partners up before satisfying them completely with the guys big dick.

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