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I enjoy acting out my nasty Personal Assistant fantasy, it gets me feeling so banging wet and I just enjoy to be used and abused by a powerfull man. I just like being taken control of and getting my tight cunt simply punished. This hunk took full control of me and told me what to do and when to do it, when the dude said Personal Assistant to me, I think the dude mean’t to say Personal Fuck Toy, eitherway I has exactly what I needed… a big cock burried deep within my mouth!

He didn’t waste anytime getting me semi completely naked and bent over in front of him. My hairless cunt felt so exposed and as the dude pushed himself within me I felt all my body tense up with excitement and my cunt just dripped. All I wanted for the hunk to do was fuck me harder and harder, but I let the hunk maintain the control the dude had over me. The guy hit all the right spots though and made my tight cunt squirt cum all over his dick. 

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Carly Cum Slut

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