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Moms Teach Sex - Love Potion - S8:E6

Moms Teach SexLove Potion – S8:E6

featuring Hannah Hays and Makayla Cox.

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Jun 20, 2018


Makayla Cox is enjoying a lazy lie about in bed as the girl wears just a sheer robe and an equally sheer demi-bra and g string lingerie set. Little does the girl know that her stepson Logan Pierce is spying on her and jerking the sausage as the girl ultimately gets dressed in a button down shirt and a miniskirt. Logan moves on to creeping on the guys stepsister Hannah Hays as the girl dries off from her shower. Determined to have one of the hot girls living with him, Logan looks up a recipe for a enjoy potion and sets out on a mission to have Hannah drink it. The blonde refuses, and Logan goes once her.

Believing she’s pouring herself a glass of wine, Makayla is the first to sip Logan’s enjoy potion. Practically before Logan understands what’s happening, the guys stepmom is on her knees petting the guys cock to bring it to hardness before wrapping her puffy lips around the big girth. Leading her stepson by the dick, Makayla relocates to the living room so the girl can keep gobbling the hunk off. Then the girl gets to her feet, moves her panties to the side, and slides down to ride Logan’s fuck stick in her landing undress pussy.

That’s how Hannah finds her stepbrother and mom when the girl walks in holding a glass of the enjoy potion. This girl accompanies in, enjoying a double blowjob with her mom that gets Logan hard as a rock and then attempting her hand at a cock ride of her own. Since Logan’s daddy has taken a seat at the table in the next room, the girls do their best to hold the moan as they enjoy their hardcore threesome fuck. Hannah has her stepbrother’s cock buried in her fuck hole and her face buried in her mom’s pussy when Logan can’t keep it in another moment. The guy has just finished giving Makayla a facial when her husband gets suspicious and walks in on them and grounds Logan.

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Nubiles - Sarah Delgado

NubilesSarah Delgado

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Jun 19, 2018


Brand new to the adult scene, Sarah Delgado will rock your world! This Venezuelan is hot hot hot with long ebony hair, perky all naturals, and a flat belly. This girls hairless cunt is a national treasure that should be worshiped accordingly.


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Nubile Films - Art Of Seduction - S28:E4

Nubile FilmsArt Of Seduction – S28:E4

featuring Lucas Frost and Tara Ashley.

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Jun 19, 2018


Lucas Frost is shocked by the guys lover Tara Ashley, who beckons the hunk back to bed with a guileless smile. This girls slender body is framed by an open shirt, displaying how beautiful Tara is in a lingerie bra and thong. When Lucas captures her lips and then throws her down onto the couch, Tara is warm and willing and excited to be seduced.

Wasting no time, Lucas kisses the guys way down the guys girlfriend’s body, trailing the guys lips down her tanned thigh and down to lick briefly on her toes. Tugging Tara’s g string to the side, Lucas loses himself in her fleshy completely completely naked twat. This guys lips are gentle but taut as the dude laps away. When the dude slides the guys fingers deep, they’re warm and hard and just what Tara craves.

Rolling onto her hands and knees, Tara groans in joy as Lucas comes in from behind and laves her ass and twat with the guys tongue before penetrating her once again with the guys fingers. Anchoring the guys hands on Tara’s hips, Lucas enters her in one long thrust. The guy works the guys hips, pumping Tara full of cock as her groans echo off the walls.

Bending at the waist until her back pounds Lucas’s chest as the dude keeps pounding, Tara reaches one arm behind her to jerk her boyfriend as close as possible. The guy obliges, leaning in for a kiss as they continue to fuck just like rabbits. Then the dude presses Tara forward once again until her belly pounds the couch to create an angle of penetration that is not a thing short of orgasmic.

Turning around, Tara fastens her puffy lips around Lucas’s erection and starts sucking. Lucas enjoys the way the guys girlfriend licks the hunk off, but when the dude reaches out to caress her pussy the dude finds her still sopping with excitement. The guy lets her keep gobbling for a few more minutes, then arranges Tara on her back with one ankle over the guys shoulder so the dude can resume dominating her creamy fuck hole.

Taking things down a notch, Lucas lays down on the couch and pulls the guys tanned lover down atop of him. Tara leans forward to press her forehead against Lucas’s as her hips undulate for both of their enjoyment. The intimate moment continues as they enjoy some spooning sex, a position that leaves Tara completely satisfied and boneless. When Lucas pulls out one last time, Tara reaches down to stroke the hunk off until the dude covers her flat stomach in a hot shot of the guys love.

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