Agents of B.I.M. – part 2

Agents of B.I.M. part 2 adult gallery Bimbo Story Club
Agent Carrie has a mission, unfortunately it is not just to fuck each and every person in sight.

Agents of B.I.M are some of the top trained agents in the world. None can stand against them, but that is mainly because the agents rarely leave anyone standing once the blowjobs they give! Carrie is sent in undercover to the year’s biggest gala – politicians, military men, and socialites alike. All of them are about to be in for a very big surprise when Carrie and her team inject a healthy dose of bimbo-toxin into the party. Soon all manner of guests find themselves in the throws of passion and an orgy ensues as the women find themselves hungry for sex. It is the flawless opportunity for Carrie, if only the girl can remember to stay focused and stop banging all in sight.

Part two of the ongoing toon series Agents of B.I.M. finds Carrie unleashing her talents on a varied group of partners and enemies. They all enjoy themselves equally, it is confusing to tell the difference at an orgy sometimes. This toon story contains breast expansion, bimbofication, and leg growth. It is an ongoing toon story that is sure to escalate into more crazed orgies and bimbo fun wrapping up in part three.

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Nubiles - Emily Brix

NubilesEmily Brix

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Jul 3, 2018


You’ll wish to get two hands full of the Emily Brix’s bubble butt, and maybe repeat the pleasure with her soft natural titties. This girls do me smile stays in place as the girl peels off her clothes to expose a slender toned body that pleads to be banged.


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