The Three Wish War – part 2

The Three Wish War part 2 The Breast Expansion Story Club
Mike’s in a whole new world! A new fantastic horde of creatures attempting to kill him!

Mike finds himself in the world of genies and a combatant in a war with the forces of Grand Vizier Bey. The weapons are different, but war is war, right? Wrong. As forever magic complicates things. So do mysterious and beautiful strangers out for revenge. And so does Bey, thoroughly enjoying this fantastic new world of technology and freedom the dude has found. The guy complicates things quite a bit, and the dude is getting closer to tracking down the lamp.

The Three Wish War has been a labor of enjoy for Bill Pratt and it shows. The toon story requests the question of why do genies do what they do and why stop at three wishes? Three wishes or whatever number it takes? Bill wishes to know if they are willing to destroy two worlds to make up their minds? Picking up where Three Wishes for Three Women left off, the reader is treated to more magic and mayhem and oh my god! Plot development! Bill lets us in on what Dr. Bey honestly wishes and it is not what you would expect. Then the dude sets about bringing the fire and the heat.

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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FTV Girls Aria – Deviant Innocence

Aria on FTV Girls Released Jul 6, 2018
Aria is an all-natural cutie who looks amazing without makeup, has no tattoos, and honestly is that ultimate girl-next door we all fantasize about, and what flawless breasts! This girl has some of the firmest, roundest D-cups we have ever seen! Only eighteen, the girl has just recently lost her virginity, but the girl is all about new carnal experiences. It is her first adult shoot ever. We first meet her at the airport, and interview her, enjoying her in that adorable blue dress. Then the girl undresses for us, displaying her full figure, giving her boobs a nice hard massage, and opening for us. Playing and pulling on her long labia, the girl also gives us clitoris closeups and talks about her sex life. Once introduced to toys, the girl picks a pink buzzing dildo, and starts banging herself with it, enjoying the penetration. Never before using such toys, the girl then experiments with another vibrator, before going with the Eroscillator. In combination of getting penetrated with a glass toy, it triggers her to a strong climax with visible vaginal contractions! For her, it was a long time since the girl has had a good orgasm. This girl is also very flexible, and spreads her thighs wide, and even does some foot fetish, kissing her very lovely feet. This girl continues to warm herself up in front of the camera in part 2.

FTV Girls

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Bratty Sis - My Sister And This girls Friend - S6:E1

Bratty SisMy Sister And This girls Friend – S6:E1

featuring Lexi Lore and Pepper Hart.

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Jul 6, 2018


Justin Hunt has forever had the hots for the guys stepsister Pepper Hart. Who could blame the hunk when the super petite redhead is sizzling hot? When Justin gets the chance to watch and record Pepper slip her bra and g string aside to masturbate until the girl cums, the dude takes it. Pepper chases the hunk off, but Justin understands he’ll have to spy on her again.

He gets the guys chance when Pepper’s friend Lexi Lore comes over for a sleepover. The perky blonde is into Justin’s advances, so when the dude wheedles the guys way into seeing the video with the girls Justin gets a hands-on exploration of Lexi’s tight ass. The guy whips out the guys cock and climbs atop of Lexi to start banging her. They get away with it for a while, but eventually Pepper notices.

Lexi calms her friend down with a long kiss that gradually seduces Pepper into joining in. Getting Pepper to lay down, Lexi buries her face in her girlfriend’s landing undress twat as Justin bangs Lexi’s hairless pussy until she’s trembling. When Justin ultimately gets the chance to fuck the guys stespsister as Pepper’s mouth is busy fondling Lexi’s twat, the dude can’t believe the guys luck! It gets even better when the girls work together to stroke the hunk off into an climax that gives both girls a facial they can share.

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NF Busty - Better Than Ever - S5:E12

NF BustyBetter Than Ever – S5:E12

featuring Jessa Rhodes and Tony.

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Jul 6, 2018


Tanned toned beauty Jessa Rhodes is in the shower soaping up her great enhanced boobs and her big hard nipples. Turning her attention to her shapely big ass, Jessa makes sure to cover each and every inch of her body with the sudsy water and to follow it up with her palms. When the girl has had a chance to dry off, her boyfriend Tony makes the guys presence known where the dude has been seeing her the whole time. Turning around so the miniskirt formed by the towel grinds up, Jessa flirts with her boyfriend before dropping the pretense and presenting her taut ass to be squeezed and shaped by masculine palms.

After her tits get the same big hand treatment from Tony, Jessa lifts one thigh so the dude can slide those magic fingers down towards her landing undress fuck hole. This guys fingers slide in easily, plumbing her greedy cunt as she’s all smiles. Licking her own slippery musk from Tony’s fingers gives Jessa all kinds of nasty thoughts when it comes to using her puffy lip mouth, so the girl drops to her knees and starts gobbling with long pulls that leave Tony hard as a rock and prepared to fuck.

Jessa is down to bang, climbing onto Tony’s lap and sliding the hunk home into her cock hungry twat. This girls cunt pulses as the girl rocks her hips, bouncing on cowgirl so Tony can admire the way her jumbo tits jiggle, then turning around so the dude can watch that ass in action as the girl does all the work. Climbing off her favorite toy, Jessica shoves her tits together and leans in for a titty fuck.

Rolling onto her back so her boyfriend can honestly please her, Jessa talks filthy as her cunt is pounded. This girls fuck hole is gaping with joy as Tony bangs her with the guys fuck stick, then switches to using the guys hand to fondle her clitoris and ass at the same time. Rolling onto her hands and knees for a doggy style coupling that leaves her sated, Jessa makes sure the girl gets all the pleasure her hot body craves before going back to work gobbling Tony off until the dude stuffs her mouth with cum that the girl can play with.

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