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FTV MILFs Lexi – Slender Foxy One

Lexi on FTVMilfs Released Jul 10 2018
Leggy slender brunette Lexi Foxy has the sort of smile that just lights up a room and the girl is using it to her advantage in her first FTV MILFs shoot, which is only her fourth shoot in the adult industry! We meet her outdoors in an office park as the girl walks around in her purple skirt and white top, flashing her flawless perky tits before heading back within out of the chilly air. Back in the home the girl gives us a nice look at all of that hot body of hers, displaying her adorable ass and nice pink privates with landing undress pubic hair. On the kitchen floor we watch as the girl penetrates herself with her fingertips, and we note the wet sounds as the girl gets more turned on dressed in just her high heels and her smile! This girls fingers just are not enough though and the girl uses a beaded glass toy to fuck herself, and again we note how sopping wet the girl has become. Wow, this MILF is turned on! This girl attempts out a couple more penetration toys, including one with a vibrator built in, then gets kinky with anal finger banging and a butt-plug. This girl keeps that anal toy inserted as the girl uses a large ebony magic wand vibrator on her clitoris, pleasuring herself until the girl has a nice big climax with her thighs spread wide open to give a great view of her contractions! We view her finish off the day back outdoors flashing her tits again, and we note how erect those nipples are as the girl shows them off out in public. Lexi Foxy is a beautiful and sensual woman with a tight toned body and tons of sex appeal, just the type of woman we enjoy to view here on FTV MILFs!

FTV Milfs

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Nubile Films - This girls Love - S28:E11

Nubile FilmsHer Love – S28:E11

featuring Adria Rae and Sofi Ryan.

Added On:

Jul 10, 2018


Stunning Adria Rae is lounging on the couch with a glass of wine when her girlfriend Sofi Ryan comes in from a long day of work. Pouring Sofi a glass of wine, Adria lets her enjoy know that the girl has an even better way to help her relax. The redhead makes sure the glasses are safe from being knocked over, then trails lingering touches down Sofi’s arms and legs. Leaning in for a kiss that gives her all the permission the girl needs, Adria considers what she’s going to do next with the feminine feast before her.

Pulling Sofi’s shirt up to set her big tits free, Adria leans in to lap at the puffy nipples with her soft tongue until they harden to attention. When the girl is through giving each of Sofi’s boobs the attention they deserve, Adria continues her journey south to settle in between her girlfriend’s thighs. Licking and nipping at each inner thigh, Adria gently spreads Sofi’s thighs until her miniskirt grinds up and her panties are easily visible beneath.

It’s a simple thing for Adria to push Sofi’s underwear aside and run her fingers down her love’s gleaming slit. Moaning as her juices are spread everywhere, Sofi lets one hand creep to her tit as the other winds in Adria’s hair to impulse her face down. Adria is happy to oblige, sliding her tongue into the heart of Sofi’s pleasure before moving up to focus on her clit.

When Sofi gets on her hands and knees, the position offers Adria even better access to her dusky-skinned lover’s body. Peeling Sofi’s underwear off with her teeth is just the beginning as Adria buries her face in between her girlfriend’s ass cheeks and slides her tongue out to tease Sofi’s anus. All the while, Adria’s hands work overtime smoothing over Adria’s ass and thighs and then sliding higher to rub her clit.

Adjusting her position so the girl can kiss her way up Sofi’s back and return to the joy of her bigtit lover’s bosom, Adria keeps one hand planted on Sofi’s snatch. This girls fingers make magic, plumbing Sofi’s fuck hole and stimulating her clit. Adria’s knowing fingers give her girlfriend all the help the girl requires to find a relaxing climax that leaves her ultimately unwound from a hard day of work.

Ready to pursue her own pleasure as the girl helps Sofi build to another orgasm, Adria peels off her clothes. Then the girl settles herself so the girl rests cunt to cunt with Sofi so the girls can press their hips together in a mutually delightful rhythm. That sensation is nice, but what Adria honestly wishes is to resume her feast of Sofi’s snatch. To that end, the girl arranges her own fuck hole over Sofi’s mouth and then leans forward to total a lesbian 69.

Adjusting so that she’s sitting on the arm of the couch, Adria gasps with sheer lust as Sofi takes position in between her parted thighs and started licking. Soft and gentle with her tongue, Sofi explores each and every one of Adria’s folds before honing in on the bundle of nerves that will honestly drive Adria wild.

The girls are both reaching peak satisfaction, but neither of them is willing to give up quite yet. Sofi finds herself wrapped in Adria’s arms as the redhead reaches down with one hand to play her tender titties. The other hand takes a longer journey to tweak Sofi’s clitoris in a move that sends her over the edge almost instantly. Intent on giving as good as the girl has just gotten, Sofi once again goes to work with her magic mouth and talented fingers until Adria spasms with the force of her final climax.

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Double D added to Anilos

At 44, Rebecca Jane Smyth is the type of MILF who is happy to be seduced. See her peel off her lingerie and part her stocking clad thighs until the girl has one hand fondling her big tits as the girl plunges two fingers deep into her landing undress cunt with the other. This girl will not stop until the girl cums!

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