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Nubiles - Zazi Darling

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Jul 17, 2018


You won’t wish to say no to Zazi Darling, a mouthwatering redhead with a willowy frame and a body that has the sweetest little contours in all the right places. This girls fair skin will catch your eye as you explore her tiny tits and naturally crimson hirsute pussy.


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Plastic Plague – part 2

Plastic Plague part 2 The Breast Expansion Story Club
The seductive spy stand-off escalates when Phi is attacked with a strange vial and Raul jumps to protect her.

The seductive spy stand-off escalates when Phi is attacked with a strange vial. In a rare act of bravery Raul jumps to protect her, filling the guys system with nano-machines made to cripple people with fear. Raul’s porno-addled mind is wracked, but rather than consuming him, the guys enjoy for smut grants the hunk control over reality. Through this the dude turns the tide against the guys captives. Inflating Patch into a sex mad sex whore and Phi tried to put a stop to it, but putting Patch to sleep with a tranquilizer dart. Infuriated, Raul’s lust permeated rage is aimed at Phi, but fortunate for her, the dude is not immune to tranquilizers. The guy wakes up in a daze, and in comfort. Phi does not seek to imprison the hunk for the guys assault, the girl wishes to recruit him. This girl identifies the hunk as patient zero as a way to beat the fear nano-machines. As the dude is not only beat back their fear inducing powers, but put them to work to alter reality – and Patch’s measurements.

Plastic Plague is a toon story written from a rather clever prompt from the loyal connoisseur base at bot-comics, given a space-bear twist by the creator of the series Boob Note, Shamus Baran. In it, you can expect plenty of sex, expansion deviancy and high octane super-secret agent twists, betrayals and, of course: giant tits. The tone is kept deliberately light, but just just like Boob Note and some of Shamus Baran’s other short stories, it will have real consequences and characters with motives and goals outside of Raul’s quest for expansion adult galleries. That said, a focus on story will not take away from the expansion adult goodness. Raul is deliberately written as identifiable and lovingly awkward, with character flaws burying a rather decent fellow when the chips are down. And with the guys luck? The chips are usually in the gutter with the guys mindset. The story will focus on breast expansion, but Raul’s devotion to all things adult will bleed into other fetishes, namely female villains ‘inadvertently’ themed around other connoisseur followings. Like Dark Stocking’s domineering personality, for example. That said, Plastic Plague has a little something for everyone. Buckle on your technicolor jumpsuits and get prepared for a bumpy ride. Bumpy – because, you know – tits and butts.

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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My Family Pies - Family Vacation Sex - S3:E5

My Family PiesFamily Vacation Sex – S3:E5

featuring Abella Danger and Gia Love.

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Jul 18, 2018


Abella Danger her stepbrother Logan Long, and their adopted sister Gia Love are on a family vacation and they have been promised a trip to the pool as soon as their parents return. When Abella calls the shower, Gia decides to put her bikini on right in front of Logan. Flashing her tits and hairless twat, the blonde coaxes Logan to get naked, also. The guy can’t conceal the guys erection as the dude peels off the guys clothes, and Gia is stunned by the size! Hopping onto the bed, the girl spreads her thighs and starts rubbing her clit. Logan soon accompanies her jerking the guys flesh as they indulge in some mutual masturbation.

Reaching out to help Logan with the touch of her soft hands, Gia invites her adopted brother to lick her pussy. The guy agrees to give her a taste, and moments later has the guys face buried in between Gia’s thighs where the dude works the guys tongue until Gia’s hips are bucking with the joy of her climax. That’s how Abella finds them. Abella freaks when the girl finds her adopted sister and stepbrother banging, but soon the girl decides to join in on the fun since Logan’s big cock is a temptation the girl can’t resist. Leaning in to kiss Gia and get the nipples of her big tits sucked, Abella reaches down to start masturbating her landing undress pussy as the girl relishes in the show. As her body comes down from the second climax, Gia drops to her knees and deep throats Logan until gives her a facial that almost blows their whole gig.

Later that night, the trio gets up to another round of hijinks when Gia invites Logan into the bed to fuck. This girl relishes in some spooning sex until Abella wakes up and insists that the girl wishes to be part of the action this time. Gia initially obliges her adopted sister by going to town eating out her crema permeated twat, and eventually the girl gives up her turn at Logan’s cock to let Abella have a cock ride that leaves her cumming. Resting her head in Abella’s lap so the brunette can hold her ankles back, Gia gets her bald pussy banged until Logan stuffs her with a creampie of the guys love.

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