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Mariela brings her daughter, Sofia, to start earning cash cleaning houses. Sofia’s curiosity leads to one BIG unexpected result.

Mariela brings her daughter, Sofia, with her to work to start earning cash clearing houses. The first home they clean is actually the mansion of a science researcher. Sofia complains the whole time as her mom laughs at her child’s superficial suffering. When Sofia discovers that her mom does not know as much about this researcher as the girl should and uses it as an opportunity to enter an area that is restricted. A smoke slowly stuffs the lab they enter, and gives them some very big effects. A lust compels the two to partake in some actions that a mom and daughter should not partake in. All happens right when the mansion’s owner, Dr. Clarke enters the room, and the two ladies decide to enact some revenge.

This is SupremeD’s first submission on Giantess Club, and it sure as hell is a BIG one. Here is not just ONE giantess, but TWO! It is a fairly typical setup that takes a big left turn with all the taboo mom daughter action that takes place. And The guy spends a lot of time focusing on the growing portion of the giantesses and an equal amount of time dedicated to giantess sex. The sex leaves a bit more to be desired, but I know fans of the site will absolutely enjoy it. This is a nice one-shot that will not leave giantess fans disappointed.

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Wake Up Sex – S28:E14 added to NubileFilms

Nineteen year old Alex Blake is sleeping peacefully as Kyle Mason gets prepared for work. The guy is just beginning to fasten the guys tie and do up the guys buttons when Alex stirs and catches an eyeful of her boyfriend in a state of luscious dishevelment. Crawling to the foot of the bed, the girl locks lips with Kyle to undo the guys tie and use the silky material to jerk the hunk down with her.

Once the girl is satisfied Kyle is where the girl wishes the hunk on the bed, Alex gets back on her knees so the girl can tease her boyfriend with the promise of her tiny tits as the girl slowly works her shirt off. Then the girl leans forward once again to spring Kyle’s flesh pop free of the guys shorts. Opening her mouth, the girl slurps the tip before leaning in for a deeper mouth fucking. This girls blowjob is sweet and slow, culminating in a deep throat delight.

Pressing Alex back so the dude can kiss the musk of the guys arousal off her lips, Kyle takes the opportunity to slide a hand in between her thighs. Alex’s panties are a rough caress underneath the guys fingers until the dude removes them for her. When the fabric is gone, Kyle is quick to lean forward and lick up a sample of Alex’s cunt juices before diving in for a deeper taste. This guys feast is unhurried as the dude takes the guys time probing each and every fold with the guys tongue and focusing on Alex’s clit.

Keeping her thighs parted as Alex adjusts the guys position to push the guys cock home, Alex rubs her own clitoris to keep the party going. Then Alex is there, shoving within her to fill and stretch her tight twat to its max. Arranging one of Alex’s ankles so that it rests on the guys shoulder to open her pussy up for him, Kyle shows her just how artfully the dude can handle the motion of the ocean.

Alex wishes to change up the angle of penetration, so the girl rolls onto her knees and guides Kyle back within with her groans of delight. The guy pounds all the right spots on the guys way in, bumping her g-spot and milking gasps of joy from her mouth with each stroke. The doggy style cunt banging gets even hotter as Kyle reaches out to wind the guys hand in Alex’s hair, anchoring the hunk in place as the guys hips keep doing the work.

Keen on getting control of the coupling, Alex gets Kyle to lay down on the guys back so the girl can straddle the hunk from above as sliding down on the guys fuck stick. This girls hips are in instant motion as the girl finds her rhythm and then sticks with it. Leaning forward as the girl keeps grinding, Alex indulges in deep kisses with her enjoy as her body explodes in orgasmic bliss.

As her cunt pulses, Alex turns around to ride Alex’s fuck rod with true abandon in reverse cowgirl style. Kyle relishes in the show as Alex gets herself off once again, but the dude isn’t quite at the pinnacle himself. Alex is happy to be patient, cuddling beside her boyfriend and giving the guys cock the attention it requires as the girl licks and pumps the hunk until the girl coaxes a facial cumshot from the guys hard cock.

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Black Lingerie added to Anilos

Get prepared for blonde cutie Sylvie, a lusty cougar whose slender body is still great in lingerie! As the girl frees her medium tits so the girl can fondle her hard nips, her hips already gyrate in a primal rhythm. This girl cannot stop undressing until her completely completely naked cunt is free to be teased by her talented fingers.

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