Ebony POV Video With My Beautiful Zena

EBONY POV VIDEO Filmed In Madagascar on Asian Sex Diary adult gallery
See me banged and creampie Zena 1st thing in the morning. I could ultimately make a good EBONY POV VIDEO with her, finally. Was worth the wait. See the free sample video now!


Dear Diary,
So yes, Zena only arrived at midnight, last night, when I was already sleeping. We first slept but then at around 3am, I banged and creampied her for a first time already. In the morning, I could ultimately make a good ebony POV video with her. Look at how adorable this girl is! Just just like with Claudia, my favorite girl of this trip so far, the girl just wishes to be creampied as much as possible. This girl is so wild, man. Love her!

Asian Sex Diary

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Danielle FTV Galleries – Getting Handsy

Picture Galleries (15+ Images)

Getting Handsy – Danielle FTV produces her helping hand – a life size hand and arm replica – to deep fist herself. This girl wishes the girl were capable of using her own hands to fist herself. This works, though.
Sex Appeal

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Bath And My Body – Danielle FTV was quite oily from her boob and foot massage adult gallery and figured washing off the oil in a tub would be flawless for her next adult gallery. The oil had gotten on the kitchen counter, so the girl and her photographer had to grab some supplies to clean off the counter. Getting oil off any surface is a big pain in the butt! This girl grabs some of her favorite body wash.
From The Top To The Bottom – A combination scene! This adult gallery is flawless for those boob sex partners who enjoy seeing Danielle FTV massage her boobs. Foot sex partners who enjoy foot closeups and foot massaging. And, the freaky ones who just like panty stuffing. Danielle FTV enjoys her panty filling lovers. This girl brought her amazing body oil from home. This stuff is seriously great for dry skin. On the kitchen counter.


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FTV MILFs Valerie White Galleries

Valerie on FTVMilfs.com Released Jul 17, 2018

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Valerie – Bright And Beautiful – Removing her lacy top and jeans for public flashing.
Valerie – Vegetable Pleasure – Stuffing herself with sex toys and vegetables for penetration fun.

MP4 Galleries (2 Minute Clip)

Valerie – Excitement Builds – A beautiful blonde with natural boobs and hot lubricious ass getting kinky!
Valerie – Hot Teacher Look – It’s her hot schoolteacher look in glasses and panties.

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Tana Station – Time For New Pastures

Ride to TANA STATION With Me on Asian Sex Diary adult gallery


Dear Diary,
I have my flight back to Paris, on the 8th, so I resolved to go buy my bus ticket back into Tana Station today. I took a bicycle taxi, to the bus station, and bought my ticket. Always a nice ride with those bikes. Then, I took a nap to prepare for tonight. Will go out to attempt and score a disco girl.

Asian Sex Diary

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At Your Service – S28:E20 added to NubileFilms

Charlie Red and Veronica Clark are enjoying some girl time as they hold up clothes to each other’s chests in an effort to find the flawless outfit. As the girls each take off their shirts to expose their tits, they find themselves more interested in locking lips than in playing with clothes. Their hands quickly start to wander, followed by their mouths. It is the flawless moment, and when Michael Fly stumbles on them they decide not to let it end just because the dude is there.

Taking a seat in the chair, Michael settles in to watch the show. The girls are shy at first, but they quickly warm to the concept of an audience. Within moments they are both on their feet doing a simultaneous striptease. Charlie’s panties and Veronica’s g-string are a combination cock tease, but the girls will not leave Michael waiting for long. Kneeling before him, they jerk out the guys hard erection so they can work in tandem to stroke the guys rod as gobbling the tip. They take turns, sharing nicely as they stoke Michael’s fire.

Back on their feet, Veronica and Charlie slip their panties off before locking themselves into an intimate embrace that lets them feel up each other’s asses as Michael watches. Then they get on their knees on the couch, kneeling side by side as they invite Michael over to join in on the fun. The guy jumps to accept their threesome invitation, burying the guys face first in Charlie’s cunt as the dude anchors himself against her ass with the guys big hands. As Michael works with the guys mouth, Charlie works her fingers in Veronica’s twat.

When Michael rears back and shoves the guys cock deep into Charlie’s fuck hole, Veronica takes the opportunity to re-position so the girl is more accessible to Charlie’s hands. The new position lets Charlie take a doggy style cunt banging without ever missing a beat with Veronica. Meanwhile, Veronica jabs her hips in time with Charlie’s strokes, her pleasure evident in the way her body moves.

When it is Veronica’s turn to get her pussy stuffed, Charlie lays down in front of her brunette girlfriend. The position lets Veronica press her talented fingers deep into Charlie’s sopping twat as Michael does the guys studly duty from behind. Both girls find themselves throwing their heads back as their passion overwhelms them.

Charlie once again gets her moment in the center of the action as Veronica climbs to the top of the couch to position her cunt over her lover’s mouth. Michael positions himself at Charlie’s entrance, adjusting for this new angle of penetration with ease. Soon Charlie’s groans are muffled by Veronica’s hairless fuck hole as the girl reaches the pinnacle of desire once again.

Finally satisfied, Charlie makes it her mission to help Veronica get off one last time. Veronica takes the opportunity to get up aboard Michael’s fuck stick to kick off a hard erection ride. Charlie is right there with her girlfriend to help double down on her enjoyment, playing with Veronica’s nips and clitoris until the brunette groans her climax.

Shifting low enough on Michael’s body so they can each lick the hunk off with their warm mouths, the girls drive the hunk the rest of the way towards a big finish. The guy stuffs both of their mouths with cum. As they enjoy the guys salty surprise, the girls kiss deeply to mutually enjoy the flavor of a good fuck.

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