Girls Under Arrest | S2 E1 | Shut That Brat Up – Zac Wild & Katya Rodriguez

Veteran officer Carvelli (Zac Wild), and the guys partner, rookie officer Parker (Derek Davis) drive to a call of a girl shoplifting at a local mall. When they drive up to Katya Rodriguez, a girl walking down the street who matches the description they were given, there is a brief struggle and they arrest her.

As they drive her to the station, Katya whines incessantly, loudly complaining that the girl is 18 years old, the girl KNOWS her rights and they CAN’T do this to her! When Officer Carvelli gruffly tells her to shut up, the girl mouths off and insults both officers. Don’t they know who the girl is?? Who her DAD is?! Officer Carvelli tells the guys rookie partner that he’s going to view a lot of trash just like this and that it will absolutely take some getting used to.

As the insults continue, Officer Carvelli seems to be on the verge of losing the guys temper. Finally he’s had enough and turns the car around, saying that they’re not going to the station anymore. Officer Parker is a little thrown off, telling the veteran that this isn’t standard procedure. Officer Carvelli answers that the rookie’s going to have to learn that things don’t forever go by the book.

They drive to an isolated outdoor location. Katya looks honestly freaked out now and is loudly demanding to be told what is going on. Turning to Officer Parker, Officer Carvelli tells the hunk that ‘The only way to get bitches just like this to shut up is to stick something else in their mouths.’ And the dude has JUST the thing, the veteran contributes with a lusty grin.

Officer Carvelli tells the girl that unless the girl wishes to go to jail for shoplifting and resisting arrest, she’s going to lick the guys dick. Reluctantly, the girl agrees. Officer Carvelli pulls the guys cock out and the girl hesitantly slides her mouth around it as Officer Parker watches in shock.

Looks just like Katya will do whatever it takes to get out of the trouble she’s in, INCLUDING gobbling the long cock of the law…

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My Family Pies - A Friend In Need - S7:E2

My Family PiesA Friend In Need – S7:E2

featuring Chloe Temple and Reagan Foxx.

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Feb 28, 2019


Reagan Foxx is staying with her friend Claudia Monet and Claudia’s kids as the girl gets a divorce. This girl confides in Claudia that the girl hasn’t been intimate with a man in a honestly long time, and though Claudia is sympathetic the girl has to head in to work. This girl points out that Reagan can have some time alone with the new sex toy the girl has just purchased since the kids will be at school. Encouraged, Reagan goes to her room and gets cozy with her new vibrator, rubbing it in between her tits and gobbling it off before the girl shoves it deep into her cock hungry cooch.

Little does Claudia know that her daughter Chloe Temple and her stepson Brad Sterling have skipped school to hang out at home and fuck each other just like bunnies. Brad and Chloe have been going at one another for a long time, so they’re familiar with just how to push each other’s buttons. Brad hesitates because the dude doesn’t wish to get caught, but Chloe just wishes the D too much for caution. This girl is quick to pop Brad’s erection out of the guys pants and start sucking, then to peel off her clothes so Brad can pound away at her completely completely naked twat.

Reagan is in the middle of pursuing a well-deserved climax when the girl hears the commotion of the two kids. This girl walks in on them in the middle of their fuck fest, completely naked herself and still holding her dildo. Eventually Reagan understands that the girl requires to tell Claudia, but Brad manages to convince her that the girl should keep her mouth shut. This girl agrees, but only if Brad can make her cum. Chloe lets Brad work the guys wiles on Reagan’s hot and passionate cunt for a tiny bit as the girl masturbates her own twat, but eventually the temptation to join in is too much. Reagan is so into ultimately getting some man flesh within her that the girl isn’t about to complain, so the girl shares Brad’s cock with Chloe until they’re both satisfied. Only then does Brad give the guys sister the cremapie she’s been once since they started messing around.

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