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Nubile Films - Lesbian Foreplay - S31:E2

Nubile FilmsLesbian Foreplay – S31:E2

featuring Amaris and Arteya.

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Mar 10, 2019


Amaris is dressed in some pink lingerie that leaves her feeling sexy. As her girlfriend Arteya watches, Amaris feels up her tits and slides her hand down her thong. Arrteya pops her boobs out of their bra as Amaris gets naked. Then the girl relishes in the show as Amaris settles one hand on her tit and the other on her clitoris for an introductory solo masturbation session.

Unable to stay away from Arteya a moment longer, Amaris crosses the room and helps her lover out of her panties. Then the girl spreads Arteya’s cunt juices everywhere with the touch of her fingertips. When Amaris drops to her belly and dives in for a cunt licking, Arteya lets her head fall back with a moan before reaching forward to stroke Amaris’s hair. Encouraged, Amaris slides her finger all the way into Arteya’s tight fuck hole to double down on her girlfriend’s pleasure. This girl keeps it up until Arteya is moaning in sensual delight.

As her body throbs with the force of her climax, Arteya gently presses Amaris back onto the bed so the girl can give as good as the girl has just gotten. This girl licks her way down Amaris’s body before settling in between her girlfriend’s thighs to feast upon that cream permeated fuck hole. As Amaris relishes in her love’s mystical tongue, the girl slides her hands to her own boobs so the girl can squeeze the heavy globes and tweak her own diamond hard nipples.

When Arteya is certain that the girl has satisfied Amaris at least temporarily, the girl crawls back up the lusty coed’s body to offer a deep kiss. Amaris enjoys the flavor of her own musk on Arteya’s tongue, which inspires her to get Arteya worked up for round two of mutual bliss. This girl employs her talented fingers, fondling Arteya’s clitoris and sliding the digits knuckle deep within until Arteya’s cunt is throbbing with need.

Then Amaris lays on the bed as Arteya climbs atop with her twat planted on Amaris’s face. Leaning forward, Arteya completes their lesbian 69. The position permits both girls to take their time exploring the other’s snatch, probing and gently prodding until orgasmic bliss has overtaken them both. Finally replete, they exchange one last kiss to show their pure affection for one another.

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