Three On One – Derrick Pierce & Karla Lane & Mazzaratie Monica & Cayenne Amor

Karla Lane, Cayenne Amor, and Mazzaratie Monica are all getting prepared for a evening to remember. The stamina is high and flirty as they slip into hot lingerie together, displaying their sensual, full figures. There’s not a thing but enjoy in between the ladies, the carnal chemistry in between them impossible to miss.

Then the doorbell rings, excitement rippling through them as Mazzaratie and Cayenne send Karla away to answer it. When Karla answers the door, the girl is greeted by her handsome date for the night, Derrick Pierce. However, as far as Derrick knows, he’s only there to meet Karla!

Derrick is enraptured by Karla’s cutie as they share a promising kiss in the entranceway. As they move to the bedroom, the carnal tension builds, which is amplified when Derrick sees Cayenne and Mazzaratie on the prowl as well. Derrick is all smiles, unable to believe the guys great luck for what is about to unfold.

The girls pounce, undressing Derrick down and getting the hunk to bed. It’s a free-for-all of passion as they ravish each other, with most of the emphasis on satisfying the curvaceous vixens. Although there’s only so much of Derrick to go around, the ladies are more than happy pleasuring each other as well! Whether they’re gobbling cock or eating cunt, this date evening is better than any single thing the ladies could’ve imagined.

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