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Nubile Films - Sexual Pleasure

Nubile FilmsSexual Pleasure

featuring Alex Blake and Lucas Frost.

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Mar 21, 2018


Slim and sweet, Alex Blake is an absolute treat to watch as the girl struts towards her napping boyfriend Lucas Frost. Dressed in just a bra and thong, she’s a luscious surprise to wake up to as the girl runs her hands up the guys cock and crawls up Lucas’s body. When the girl leans forward to indulge in a slow and sensual kiss, Lucas takes the opportunity to relieve her of her bra so the dude can sample the joy of her full boobs.

Although the girl relishes in her lover’s touch, Alex is excited to kiss her way down Lucas’s body so the girl can settle in between the guys thighs. This guys cock pops out of the guys boxers at Alex’s touch. Leaning forward, the girl slowly licks her way down the length of Lucas’s rod before focusing her attention on jerking the hunk off as gobbling the head of the guys dick.

Flipping Alex onto her back, Lucas shoves her g string aside to bury the guys face in her carefully landscaped muff. This guys tongue works magic that leaves Alex moaning in joy as the dude licks and licks and even nibbles with just the right amount of teeth. When Alex gets on her hands and knees, Lucas relieves her of her underwear and gives her pussy one last sloppy lick before pressing the guys erection deep inside.

Rocking back to meet each and every one of Lucas’s strokes, Alex groans with excitement. This girls cries grow louder and needier the longer Lucas persists, although they don’t reach the crescendo of climax until the girl has changed positions so that the girl is seated atop Lucas’s dick. With her hips moving in a wild dance, Alex throws her head back so that her crimson hair flies everywhere as the girl comes apart in a glorious climax.

As the girl comes down from her peak, Alex finds herself on her back with one ankle hooked around Lucas’s shoulder. This guys fuck stick buried to the hilt deep in Alex’s cunt, Alex sets a rhythm that leaves both of them delighted. This guys hand creeps up to fuck Alex’s mouth with the guys thumb as the dude mimics the movements with the guys hips. As Alex comes apart in the guys arms yet again, Lucas indulges in holding her close as the last of the tremors flow through her body.

Leaning back so that Alex can grasp the guys erection, Lucas watches as the guys girlfriend pumps the hunk with firm, sure flicks of her wrist. When the girl ultimately succeeds in bringing Lucas to orgasm, the dude covers her belly and mound in spurts of hot semen. Leaning in for one last kiss, Lucas curls up beside Alex to cuddle and enjoy the somnolence of true contentment.

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Petite High Definition Porn - Petite Russian - S16:E6

Petite High Definition PornPetite Russian – S16:E6

featuring Nita Star.

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Mar 19, 2018


Nita Star is chilling in her dorm room when her boyfriend Kasteil accompanies her and urges her to pursue an activity that’s much more fun than reading. Pulling up Nita’s miniskirt, Kasteil slides the guys hand into the guys lover’s panties. He’s quick to peel off her shirt so the dude can worship her tan line tiny boobs, and then the dude urges her onto her hands and knees so the dude can bury the guys face in her cock hungry fuck hole.

Turning around on the couch, Nita opens her puffy lip mouth and wraps those lips around Kasteil’s hardon. This girl licks the hunk deep until her lips practically kiss the root. This girls twat creams with the knowledge that Kasteil is hard as a rock for her, which the dude proves as the dude spoons behind her and slams into that tight snatch.

After a doggy style cunt pounding, Kasteil sits down on the couch so that Nita can ride the hunk as her tits shake in the guys face. This girls spinner body explodes with joy when Kasteil gives her a second round of doggy style bliss. As her twat hums with orgasmic delight, Nita gets on her knees and takes a facial of hot semen when Kasteil reaches a climax of the guys own.

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Nubiles - Sweet Nika

NubilesSweet Nika

featuring Nika N.

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Mar 20, 2018


Long blonde hair floats around Nika N’s face as the girl peels off her sheer lingerie and panties. This girls smile is pure sultry come hither as the girl samples her sweet cunt juices and then spreads her thighs for your enjoyment. See this sizzling coed show you just how the girl enjoys to get herself off!


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