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NF Busty - Fuck My Huge Natural Tits - S3:E2

NF BustyFuck My Huge Natural Tits – S3:E2

featuring Crystal Swift and Michael Fly.

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Nov 10, 2017


Crystal Swift understands that guys can’t help but stare at her giant all natural breasts, and the girl uses that to her advantage as the girl seduces Michael Fly. This girl whips her big tits out from her dress, squeezing them and pinching her hard nipples. Then the girl struts up to Michael’s face so the dude can grope the big globes as gobbling her nips.

Peeling off her dress to expose a corset and g string underneath, Crystal embraces Michael as the dude peels her underwear down her long legs. Then the girl settles in on the couch with her thighs spread as her boyfriend dives into her creamy hairless pussy. Using the guys tongue and the guys mouth, Michael worships each and every inch of the space in between Crystal’s belly and thighs.

Adjusting their positions so Michael is on the couch, Crystal crawls above her lover with her tits hanging in between them. This girl arranges herself so that Michael’s cock is in the valley in between her tits, then starts moving so that the girl simulates sex with her titty fuck. This girl takes her time before backing off to fasten her warm wet mouth around the head of Michael’s hardon. Then the girl reclines and relishes in a second titty fuck with Michael setting the pace this time. Crystal’s tits are so big that the girl can easily lick Michael’s cock as the dude keeps banging her breasts.

Lifting Crystal’s leg, Michael adjusts the guys position slightly so the dude can slide deep into her tight twat. This girls tan lined cunt clenches around the hunk as the dude slides deep. When the dude has ultimately gone as far as the dude can go, the dude starts moving the guys hips in a rhythm that instantly gets Crystal’s bosom bouncing.

Laying on the couch once again, Michael watches as Crystal climbs atop of him. The guy can’t view the whole show, but her all naturals fly all over the place as the girl gives the hunk a hot and passionate cock ride in her completely completely naked pussy. Raising her arms over her head, Crystal encourages her hooters to jiggle more than ever.

Then Michael gets on the guys knees so the dude can take Crystal from behind as squeezing her tatas. That position makes it easy for Crystal to lean forward and enjoy a doggy style cunt banging that leaves her moaning her absolute delight. This girls climax breaks as Michael continues to work her with hard jabs that pleasure each and every inch of her passionate body.

Dropping to her knees, Crystal props her bazongas up and resumes gobbling Michael off. This girl pumps the hunk with her other hand, making it impossible for the hunk to withstand the temptation to cum. When the dude ultimately reaches the end of the guys endurance, Crystal guides the hunk so that the guys climax pounds her on her tits so that the girl can play with the evidence of the guys love.

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Petite High Definition Porn - Stuffed - S15:E6

Petite High Definition PornStuffed – S15:E6

featuring Amara Romani.

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Oct 5, 2017


Amara Romani is a playful girl who enjoys her stuffed animals. This girl undresses out of her pajamas slowly, teasing Brick Danger with peeks at her perky all naturals. Then the girl beckons Brick forward so the girl can wrap her puffy lips around the guys hard dick. Sucking the hunk into her mouth as far as the girl can, Amara slurps and licks her way to a deep throat BJ.

Turning around on the bed, Amara jabs her backside up into the air in a blatant invitation that Brick is happy to take her up on. The guy slides two fingers deep into her creamy twat to make sure she’s nice and wet, and then replaces the guys digits with the guys stiffie. The doggy style cunt banging is hot, but when Amara spins onto her back so the girl can watch Brick as the dude bangs her completely completely naked pussy it just keeps getting hotter.

Grabbing her stuffed bear to go along for the ride, Amara climbs atop of Brick’s erection and slides down until she’s permeated to the brim with cock. This girls cock ride leaves her moaning, but only partly satisfied. The couple continues to fuck as Amara spoons with Brick. The guy brings her off with deep jabs of the guys hardon, and then doubles down on Amara’s pleasure by filling her with a creampie of cum.

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Bad Teens Punished - Make It Fit - S4:E7

Bad Teens PunishedMake It Fit – S4:E7

featuring Jade Amber.

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Oct 8, 2017


Johnny Castle and Jade Amber are eating dinner together when Johnny attempts to get the guys stepdaughter to eat her vegetables. When Jade slides some vegetables under her miniskirt to attempt to conceal them, Johnny catches her. The guy demands that the girl play with the veggies if she’s going to conceal them, so Jade attempts pushing a carrot into her fuck hole. This girl decides the girl enjoys the corn cob better. Watching the guys stepdaughter fuck herself with the makeshift rod gets Johnny nice and hard.

Bending Jade over the table, the dude completes her punishment by spanking her and opening her ass. When the dude slides a finger into her tight twat, Jade’s groans let the hunk know the girl wishes more. The guy obliges by getting her down on her knees so the girl can lick the hunk off. Deep throating Johnny’s big cock and gobbling the guys balls is good foreplay, but it’s not all that Jade wants. Even when Johnny puts her on the table to feast on her hairless snatch, Jade still wishes something harder.

Finally Johnny shoves the guys cock deep into the guys stepdaughter’s pussy for both of their pleasure. Flipping her onto her belly, the dude takes her from behind. Then the dude pulls Jade into the guys lap so the girl can ride the guys cock until the girl explodes with pleasure. Pushing the guys stepdaughter to her knees, Johnny urges her to lick the guys cock again until he’s prepared to cum. When the dude can’t hold back any longer, the dude gives her a facial of hot cum.

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