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Nineteen year old blonde Lexi Lore has agreed to help her stepbrother Logan Long with the guys homework since the girl borrowed the guys car. This hot blonde teen has other places to be, so the girl tells Logan to do it himself. Logan sees the opportunity to take a alternate form of payment from the guys stepsister. Pulling out her tits so the dude can squeeze the round nipples and tweak her pierced nipples, Logan tells her the dude will accept getting her instead. It takes Logan time to find Lexi’s clit, but the dude is determined to learn.

Kneeling in between Lexi’s thighs, Longa attempts working the guys tongue as one hand kneads Lexi’s fair skinned tit. When Logan tells her to lick the hunk off, her braces-filled mouth is full of laughter. This girl complies with the guys request, opening her sassy mouth and letting the guys hand guide her moments as the girl pumps the hunk off as gobbling the tip. Working her way towards a deep throat blowjob, Lexi proves to Logan that the girl is plenty experienced in the art of pleasuring her partners.

When Logan tells her to get on her hands and knees on the couch so the dude can fuck her from behind, Lexi complies. This girl finds herself quite fond of her stepbrother’s big dick, which makes it an easy ask for her to give the hunk a cock ride in her completely completely naked twat. When Lexi arranges herself on the couch with her thighs spread so wide she’s practically doing the splits, Logan holds not a thing back until the guys stepsister is screaming her climax. In return, Lexi gets back on her knees and lets Logan stroke himself off until the dude showers her face with a big cumshot.

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NF Busty - Big Natural Boobs - S6:E2

NF BustyBig Natural Boobs – S6:E2

featuring Crystal Swift and Raul Costa.

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Jul 20, 2018


Crystal Swift and her jumbo tits are better than aver as this thick honey jiggles and shakes her jugs for Raul Costa’s pleasure. Popping her tits out of the sheer lingerie that highlighted Crystal’s big areolas, the girl caresses her all natural tits and lets them hang in a delightful tease. Then the girl leans back and unsnaps the bottom of her teddy to expose that her landing undress fuck hole is already nice and wet.

Beckoning Raul to join her, Crystal guides her lover’s head to her tit before letting the hunk sink lower. As Raul makes himself comfortable in between her thighs, Crystal continues to fondle herself upstairs. Raul is mystical with the guys tongue, eking groans of joy from Crystal, who muffles her own cries by fastening her mouth over her hard nipple. When Raul slides two fingers into her sheath to enhance her pleasure as the dude continues to work the guys tongue, Crystal can only hang on for a short as before exploding with delight.

Dropping one final kiss on Crystal’s clit, Raul gets on the guys knees and lets the guys lover help the hunk undress. Crystal is happy to take charge as Raul rolls onto the guys back with the guys erection standing proud. Flinging her hair to the side, Crystal wastes no time in opening her mouth wide to kick off an enthusiastic blowjob. This girl alternates in between stroking, sucking, and licking as the girl uses each and every trick in the book for Raul’s enjoyment. When the girl leans forward so her tits hang on either side of the guys stiffie, Raul shoves the giant globes together to help Crystal give the hunk a bouncing titty fuck.

Climbing atop of Raul once relieving herself of her teddy, Crystal slides down onto her man’s fuck rod. This girls cock ride is fast and furious as her tits bounce with each stroke. Leaning forward to give Raul a deep kiss, Crystal changes positions so she’s on her hands and knees with her tits brushing the bedspread. That position permits Raul full control of the deep penetration they both crave.

Her body fluttering with the need for a final release, Crystal rolls onto her back and lifts one leg to open herself as much as possible. Raul rubs Crystal’s clitoris as the dude bangs her, but the time isn’t quite right for either of them. Instead, Raul spoons behind the guys lover and brings her home as the dude releases the guys load deep inside. Pulling out so the guys creampie can drip from Crystal’s snatch, Raul indulges in a final enjoying kiss.

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