‘The Art Of Anal Sex 9’ Spotlights Brett Rossi’s First Anal

The Art of Anal Sex 9 adult video starring Brett Rossi
Each new installment of the Art of Anal Sex adult series has a lot to streaming live up to. After all, this is a sequence of movies that offered up Cherie Deville‘s first anal in its first volume, an iconic Mia Malkova cover in its sixth volume, and scores of memorable anal scenes in between. Volume nine delivers the goods once again, though, thanks to the presence of Brett Rossi‘s first anal! It is another in a long, long line of notable adult star watermarks recorded by Tushy.

“I just wish to say, doing anal was a major decision in my career that I thought about for over a year,” Rossi told AVN when the adult gallery debuted online earlier this year. “Being in this business since 2010 doing only girl/girl, transitioning to boy/girl full in 2015 and then deciding to do anal in 2018 … I have honestly paced my career, which is abnormal in this business nowadays, but it’s worked for me.” The adult gallery itself is somewhat of a adult variation on Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, with a similar plot involving spying on neighbors with binoculars. Naturally, in this case, things turn hot rather than sinister. Mick Blue, a frequent participant in big-time firsts, gets the honors of initiating Rossi into the world of on-camera anal.

“I wish to thank Greg Lansky for being there since day one of my career, getting been the first director to shoot me in a girl/girl scene,” Rossi noted. “This was a no-brainer to give the guys brand my first exclusive anal. Thank you to the whole crew, and Derrick ‘Dreads’ for directing the adult gallery. I also wish to thank Mick Blue for the guys patience and professionalism. Everyone was amazing, and I’m so happy for my fans to enjoy my first anal scene!”

The Art Of Anal Sex 9 adult video

‘Invictus’ Is Equal Measures Politics & Passion

Invictus adult video
It’s a free count…“says Delirious Hunter near the opening of Invictus. This girl quickly catches herself and says instead, “Was a free country.” The video takes place in a world where the rule of law has been taken over by extremism, and only the strong survive. While it is technically set in a dystopian future, its themes and concerns are very much of the present moment: climate change, intolerance, anti-rationality, and prejudice against the media. It also delivers on the tangible chemistry and powerful sex scenes expected in any adult movie, particularly one from a brand as popular and acclaimed as Sssh.

It is often said that politics stops at the water’s edge, but sometimes it seems just like politics stops at the edge of the bedroom, also. Porn usually contents itself to focus on passion alone, with little room for serious discourse. Here are many notable exceptions, of course, and Invictus takes its place among the unique breed of video that can arouse your libido and intellect. Invictus unfolds in the post-apocalyptic landscape that made Apocalypse X and more recently Squirtwoman: Wasteland such popular hits, but it puts its own unique spin on the genre.

For the filmmakers, the movie’s political tone was no accident. “I am not a senator or congresswoman, so I have no vote on who gets to serve on the Supreme Court, or any input on the environmental policies – or any policies – government agencies enact or enforce,” director Angie Rowntree said. “As a filmmaker, my movies are my platform – and Invictus represents the first time I have used that platform to communicate a political message.” The movie’s script was written by Kitten Boheme, known for her scripts for movies such as Booty Thirst Trap as artfully as her continuing lineup of sex toy reviews.

The video delivers on the bottom line in terms of on-screen passion, also. “All three sex scenes are so unique and exquisitely executed that they take my breath away. Each adult gallery creates a flawless blend – or ménage à trois if you will – of cinema, art, and sex,” said Hunter. In a nice casting touch, the leads are played by a real-life husband and wife, Hunter and Joeydotrawr.

Invictus adult video

Porn Movie Review: ‘Alexis’ (5/5 Stars)

Alexis adult video
Alexis from HardX and director Mason is a showcase video for Alexis Fawx, the sizzling hot, veteran adult performer and it is about time we get to view her play with her asshole for the first time ever! The video includes four sex scenes: 2 boy/girl scenes, 1 lesbian scene, and a devil’s threesome! This is her very first anal performance, and the girl goes for double penetration for the first time too! Let us find out if this flick is worth your time and bucks in case you are not yet an Alexis fan!

Alexis Fawx pornstar
Alexis Fawx, Mick Blue
The hot woman shows her excitement for this project in an introduction right before the initial tease of the movie! This girl teases outdoors with a fuchsia bikini, hot moves, and a wet body. Indoors, Mick is enjoying her completely naked body right away. This girl gets in the doggy position and the dude goes wild giving her analingus and a rim job; Alexis also gets her cunt eaten as the girl lays on her back. This girl yanks the hunk off intensely, blows the hunk and tit-fucks him!

Mick enters her asshole right away as the girl is masturbating in doggy position. The sodomy continues in other positions just like the screws, spooning, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, and missionary. They get very incredible as banging, and the girl even performs ass-to-mouth! Alexis also grinds the guys face to receive more oral sex during breaks. This girl gets the semen in her mouth and licks Mick’s cock clean. Here is extra anal pumping once the cumshot!

– Alexis Fawx, Cherie DeVille
This adult gallery starts with Alexis tanning outdoors and dressed in the fuchsia bikini; Cherie accompanies the party with a bikini of the same color, and soon, we have both girls teasing us with their curves! The make out in a very hot way, play in a plastic pool permeated with plastic balls, and start caressing each other’s body in the kiddie pool. Indoors, Cherie is completely in charge of sex and the girl relishes in eating Alexis’ cunt as simultaneously finger banging her asshole with a thumb.

Cherie starts adding more fingers to Alexis’ ass hole, and then, the girls start tribbing and performing a very hot sixty-nine. Alexis gets her asshole dicked with a fuchsia dildo, and since the rod is double-headed, the other end lands in Cherie’s cunt and asshole too! Here is a good amount of oral sex and anal pumping for both girls as using the dildo. The lesbian action gets very incredible with oral sex, dildo-play, and face-riding! Here is a moment in which the rod is pumping both girls’ assholes with intensity!

– Alexis Fawx, Prince Yahshua
The next tease is indoors and this time the big tittied woman wears a clear, floral bikini to seduce us. This girl moves outdoors briefly to tease us with her completely naked body, and then, the girl goes to the bedroom to face a very handsy Prince Yahshua! They get passionate with each other and Alexis blows the hunk with a very sensual, enthusiastic technique.

Prince takes off her panties and licks her cunt and asshole by using the guys tongue entirely. Then, the dude buries the guys cock within her asshole as the girl masturbates intensely! Alexis gets her asshole pumped in missionary position by Prince’s BBC. The guy continues sodomizing the girl in other positions just like the screws, missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl, spooning, cowgirl. Alexis also performs ass-to-mouth during sex breaks with tit-fucking included sometimes. This girl also grinds the guys face and gets the semen in the mouth and swallows!

– Alexis Fawx, Ramon Nomar, Mick Blue –
Here is a very exciting introduction from Alexis before sex starts, and the girl transmits that stamina and excitement to you! This girl teases us in a scanty ebony bikini and long boots, and I have to admit that the girl looks very hot in black! Later, the excited woman meets with Mick and Ramon and pleases their boners by using her mouth and her hands. This girl gives them very wet head, and soon, the girl gets her cunt and asshole pumped by Mick as gobbling Ramon.

The guys change positions and Ramon pumps her asshole in reverse cowgirl as Mick pumps her pussy! This girl is a natural at double penetration because the girl even rubs her clitoris simultaneously! Here is a lot of stamina during this devil’s threesome, and the guys arrange to pump her holes in alternate positions. The trio is absolutely going with the flow and Alexis relishes in getting her holes pumped by the two experienced swordsmen! This girl gets a hot facial from both guys and licks their boners clean! They keep banging her holes even once they came!

Extras include (DVD only): Behind the Scenes (17+ min.), Cumshots (6+ min.), Slideshow (55 seconds).

Alexis from HardX and director Mason is a video for fans of the sizzling hot girl, and for fans of anal sex! Every adult gallery in the video includes anal sex, and you do not view that in most of the showcases! Even the lesbian adult gallery included a lot of anal pumping and that, you have to appreciate.

I think the best adult gallery was absolutely the devil’s threesome, particularly because of the enthusiastic introduction that Alexis gave before getting Double penetrated by the two experienced guys! This video is a lot of fun and it requires to be in your adult collection if you are a connoisseur of anal sex, and particularly if you are a connoisseur of Alexis Fawx!

Jessica Drake Rises Again in ‘Fallen II’

Fallen II adult video starring Jessica Drake
For some movies, a sequel seems just like a long shot. The fourth Indiana Jones video saw a series of false starts, misfires, rejected scripts, and production woes before it ultimately reached screens in 2008, a full 19 years once the previous installment. 2008 was a significant year for another reason: it saw the release of Fallen, one of the most acclaimed adult movies of the decade. Starring Jessica Drake as an angel fallen from grace, this adult version of Wings of Desire became an award winner and connoisseur favorite, still ranking in the top 100 on Adult Empire’s all-time bestseller lists. Even so, its expansive budget made a sequel seem unlikely in the financial crunches of the post-piracy era. But in matters both celestial and Wicked, the impossible sometimes becomes possible! Against all odds, Fallen II makes its debut this month on DVD in a remarkable sequel that belongs in each and every fan’s collection!

Fallen part one found Angel (Drake) falling in enjoy with a mortal, Keith (Brad Armstrong, the movie’s director and Drake’s real-life partner), but part two takes the saga in a darker direction along the lines of satanic clashes just like The Omen and End of Days. Drake and Armstrong become entangled with Max (Leigh Raven), whose unborn child promises to be the world’s savior. Both the forces of heaven and the forces of hell will do any single thing to take possession of Raven, setting up an epic battle of good and evil. A whopping seven sex scenes provide a passionate backdrop to this remarkable story of redemption, charged by memorable performances from stars new and old.

“We’re very proud to bring our loyal fans the next chapter in the saga,” Armstrong told AVN. “Jessica Drake is great in her return as the Fallen Angel from the original. As unbelievable as it sounds, the girl looks even better than the girl did ten years ago. Tommy Pistol is staggering as Pharzuph, the Devil’s minion. The guy is indeed this generation’s Randy Spears. Both Misty Stone and Isiah Maxwell took big leaps out of their comfort zones to play Archangels Gabriel and Azrael, and it honestly paid off. Last but not least, Leigh Raven was absolutely mesmerizing as Max, a down and out hooker who turns out to be this millennium’s version of the Virgin Mary and mom of the New Savior. They should all be commended for their efforts. Each and each and every member of the cast made the project that much better.”

“I feel just like the darkness in the sequel gives us an edge over the first one, and the acting from Leigh, Tommy, Misty, Brad and Isiah raises the bar even higher,” said Drake. “Playing opposite all of them was an amazing opportunity, and I am so grateful for the talent they brought to the table.”

The DVD version of the video is a deluxe two-disc set offering the full-length version of Fallen part one as a bonus.

Fallen II adult movie

Her First Scene: Phoenix Marie

How did Phoenix Marie first rise? Let us take a look back in this edition of This girls First Scene.

Phoenix Marie pornstar
Scene type: Boy/girl
Studio: Vivid
Where: California
When: 10/11/07
Co-star: Voodoo
Released: November 2007

How: A native of California, Phoenix Marie worked at Harley Davidson for seven years prior to entering the adult industry. After breaking up with her boyfriend in the fall of 2007, the girl became more receptive to the concept of attempting something more unusual and daring! I was out with some friends one night, and was approached by the bouncer of a nightclub in the Los Angeles area. The guy happened to be familiar with a local talent agent, Marie said in bio text published on her official website. The connections the girl made scored her an October booking with Vivid as part of the famous Brand New Faces series.

Trivia: The adult gallery was not only Marie’s first formal adult scene, it was also the first time the girl had ever done any single thing carnal on camera at all, including privately made videos, according to the scene’s opening interview segment.

Observations: It is made abundantly clear from the opening moments that Phoenix is a highly carnal person, and despite some slight nerves, her powerful sexuality comes across in each and every moment of the adult gallery. This girl is aroused at even the slightest touch from Voodoo, and it is fun to hear Marie chat about some of her preferences and habits. For instance, the girl admits to masturbating to pics of ex boyfriends, and the girl recounts a story about giving a handjob to an ex as the dude was driving. When the carnal portion of adult gallery ultimately kicks off, we view Marie masturbating, giving a blowjob, getting a cock in between her boobs, finger banging her ass, and ultimately receiving a cumshot over her ample 34DD chest. As the adult gallery ends, Voodoo turns to Marie and says, You are going to do good in this business! Indeed!

The critics said: This girl has what it takes and for a first scene, this one rocks. (Rog Reviews)

Quotable: Sex is so much fun. It’s exercise, it’s healthy, and I don’t view why not! (Marie’s take on why the girl resolved to shoot porn)

Watch the full adult gallery in Brand New Faces #2.

Brand New Faces 2 adult video adult gallery starring Phoenix Marie

Red Light District Joins Adult Empire Unlimited

Red Light District gets the green light!

The notorious brand behind top gonzo series such as Cum Stained Casting Couch and celeb sex tapes just like Screeched and 1 Night in China is now available on Adult Empire Unlimited! Over 300 Red Light District catalog titles can now be streamed as part of AE Unlimited, with the archive poised to grow each day over the coming months. It is just like your own personal trip to Amsterdam’s Red Light District, sans the hassle and expense of getting there!

The company was founded in 2001 by Dion Giarrusso (formerly of Elegant Angel) and the guys half-brother, David Joseph. Their mission was simple: create unflinchingly hardcore adult at a consistently high level of quality. Famed director Vince Vouyer was initially in charge of the company’s production side, spearheading such tone-setting series as Cum Swapping Sluts and Straight A Students. At first, the company was known for its 18+ teen movies, but it soon branched out into popular genres such as MILF and interracial. In all its many themes, the company sought to set itself apart from the pack with a commitment to quality. I believe it was the highest quality product at the time, Joseph told XBIZ in 2007. Right out of the gate we knew we absolutely wanted to strive to attempt and have the best quality, and that was forever the idea. Red Light District scored its biggest-ever marketing coup in 2004 when it struck a deal with Rick Salomon to distribute the infamous Paris Hilton sex tape. Further sex tapes, including one featuring Saved By The Bell‘s Dustin Diamond, soon followed.

Porn fans accustomed to seeing scenes shot in the elegant, luxurious Los Angeles homes have Red Light District to thank for starting the trend. As part of its overall attempt to bring a more high-quality feel to porn, the company opted to shoot scenes in upscale homes rather than hotel rooms, as was then a common practice. I think that was all part of the concept and I think that’s why it worked, Joseph said in 2007. Ownership and creative control of the company has changed over the years, but in August 2018, co-founder David Joseph announced the dude had re-acquired the brand and planned to amp up its production schedule.

As a result, there is no better time to explore Red Light District classics on AE Unlimited! If you are looking for a good starting point, we recommend going all the way back to 100% Natural, RDL’s first-ever release. In addition to featuring some entertaining performances from throwback stars just like Sophie Evans, it boasts an early directorial credit for talented filmmaker/pornstar Toni Ribas!

Browse Red Light District on Unlimited here. (Not a member? Learn more here.)

Red Light District adult videos

Lisa Ann’s Comeback Continues With ‘Sometimes I Share’

Sometimes I Share Streaming or download Video On Demand
The synopsis for Sometimes I Share describes Lisa Ann as the big tittied icon of MILF allure, a phrase that matches the scope of her mighty reign as one of porn’s most famous stars. After a three-year retirement, her comeback to adult kicked off with Lisa Ann Back 4 More, a video that rose to as high as number two on Adult Empire’s bestsellers lists. That grand return to adult continues with a new threesome-themed adventure for Evil Angel in a video that also seems likely to ascend the bestsellers charts.

“Sometimes I Share combines my enjoy of sensual sex and nature, as all of the scenes in the video were shot outside, creating settings that can take my viewers on a carnal escape to paradise,” Ann said in an AVN press release. Ann is credited as director, but the girl recruited Holly Randall (noted as the director of some the most memorable AE Films movies) to shoot the movie’s action. Unlike many threesome movies, which often mix things up by providing various iterations of threesome, Sometimes I Share focuses exclusively on G/G/B threesomes. Unsurprisingly, Ann was able to entice numerous other major stars of adult to join her in these threesomes: Gina Valentina, Brett Rossi, Markus Dupree, and more.

I am so proud of the magic [Randall] captured!” Ann noted. “Each adult gallery will take you somewhere completely different, from the stables to the meadow to the surf shack and pool – I wanted to sweep my viewers away on this sexual, visual adventure.

Sometimes I Share adult video

Porn Video Review: ‘Cam Girls’ (5/5 Stars)

Cam Girls from Evil Angel Video and directors Evil Chris, John Stagliano, Aiden Starr and Jonni Darkko is a adult documentary kinda just like I Am Katrina in which we get to watch the transition of cam girls Jenny Blighe and Ginger Banks to their first pro adult scenes. This is actually very interesting from my reviewer perspective because I think it is going to explore the transition from camming to porn, and I am very curious about that. Let us find out if this video is worth your time and bucks!

The documentary starts with Arkansas native Jenny and Arizona native Ginger talking about how they started in camming. Jenny is already a multi-awarded camming girl and the girl proudly flaunts her trophies from Xbiz and AVN. Ginger was very kinky too, the girl would get completely naked in a public library and make cash camming there!

Male cam model Johnny Stone replaces Ginger’s boyfriend once they break-up, and they do a brief interview together. We also get to watch the way camming works right there in the room, not on the computer screen. They also share some stories they experienced as camming, including all the negative shit they have to take from repressed, prude dumbasses.

The video continues with the girls performing their health tests, talking to Mr. John Stagliano and even to Australian big tittied sensation Angela White tutoring the girls for their first adult gallery. Top agent Mark Spiegler also makes a special appearance, and the dude clears up a lot of stuff for starter models.

Ginger Banks, Jenny Blighe
Super-director John Stagliano gets to direct both girls’ first scene, and the dude is very straightforward to director Evil Chris and requests the hunk to leave the guys set. Now, we watch the girls from the perspective of John Buttman Stagliano, and the dude makes the girls model for the camera and even films their feet, nipples, and pussies up close.

The girls start playing together and Jenny fingers Ginger’s pussy; Ginger goes the extra mile and eats the redhead’s cunt enthusiastically! Jenny impales the blonde’s cunt with a dildo, and then, the girl gives her oral sex also. The hot redhead also gets her cunt impaled with a dildo; the girls play a lot with the adult sex toys and there is some analingus included too.

Jenny Blighe, Jessy Jones
Super-talented director Aiden Starr is going to film Jenny Blighe’s very first boy/girl adult gallery with director/performer Jessy Jones. When Jessy shows up, the dude talks to the camera just just like in a reality TV show to share the guys thoughts with us. We get to watch on the conversation in between Jessy and Jenny talking about their carnal preferences, and then, they drop a bomb on Jessy! Turns out this could be Jenny’s one and only boy-girl adult gallery ever because apparently, the girl is not planning on going pro, the girl is only planning on doing this video and that is it – talk about pressure.

Aiden’s plan is to film Jenny’s reaction when Jessy whips out the guys cock because a adult cock is not a regular guy’s dick, and the girl wishes to capture that reaction for eternity. Jessy pulls a nice joke about the guys cock to Aiden, and then, we get to experience the photo shoot with the pool guy included. Then, we have the upbeat tease from the sizzling hot redhead and yes, Aiden captures Jenny’s reaction when Jessy whips out the guys cock – success! Jenny gives the hunk very enthusiastic head with deep throating included, and Jessy returns the favor briefly, rubs the guys cock against her holes and tit-fucks her briefly.

Later, the dude sticks the guys cock within her cunt and the girl seems very happy to do it. Jenny grinds the guys cock enthusiastically in cowgirl position. This girl also gets her nicely trimmed cunt pumped in positions just like reverse cowgirl, modified missionary, spooning – with Hitachi vibrator included – the screws, missionary, doggy style, and more cowgirl. They also perform a brief sixty-nine, fuck standing up, and the dude cums in her mouth!

Note: I am guessing Jessy did a great job for Jenny because the girl is banging another guy (Manuel Ferrara) during a threesome in the last adult gallery of the movie.

Disc 2
The next adult gallery ends up a responsibility for Mr. Jonni Darkko behind the camera, and Mick Blue in front of the camera. We have a lot of very entertaining behind the scenes footage, and I loved the chemistry in between the main couple with the talented director! Here is even some post-sex interview content – even before the actual adult gallery – as we get a montage of the carnal situations in between experienced swordsman Mick and beautiful Ginger.

Ginger Banks, Mick Blue
Here is a very sensual tease from the beautiful blonde, but soon, Ginger’s passionately making out with her first guy in porn: Mick Blue. The guy gives her a very incredible oral sex session, and Ginger returns the favor with a very enthusiastic blowjob! Here is more oral sex for Ginger as the girl is in doggy position, and then, the dude rams her cunt in the same position!

Mick continues filling her hirsute pussy with stamina in other positions just like spooning, standing up against a mirror, doggy, belly-down, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and missionary position. The sex was outstanding and very intense; Ginger has a nice cum shot in her mouth and sucked the guys cock clean!

The video continues with directors/performers Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara and the girl shares a great story about her first time filming adult and turns out Manuel was her first time on camera! Then, we have Manuel meeting with both girls, sharing some creative ideas, and briefly getting playful with them because of a group hug.

Later, we have Mr. Jonni Darkko preparing the set for the threesome, and the photo-shoot session. Here is a very hot and entertaining montage prior to the sex adult gallery. Kayden shows up once the threesome and shares some time with the girls and teaches them about horses.

Jenny Blighe, Ginger Banks, Manuel Ferrara
The girls tease and masturbate separately for us during the sensual tease before joining Manuel who quickly gets handsy with them. They get very interactive, but the girls double team Manuel with lots of kisses and blowjob fun! The girls give the hunk an exquisite blowjob for a long time getting care of the guys cock and testicles until Jenny gets to ride the big cock first! Jenny grinds the cock in the cowgirl position, and then, Manuel stuffs Ginger’s cunt in the spooning position as Jenny licks the guys cock and testicles simultaneously.

Even when Manuel gets busy banging one of the girls, the extra girl of the threesome gets busy providing non-stop oral sex for him. They were busy bees in this very interactive scene! By the end, Jenny grinds the guys cock in reverse cowgirl position as Ginger grinds the guys face simultaneously. Manuel makes the girls squirt with the guys fingers, it was very hot! Here is more humping until and oral sex for the girls in alternate positions, and then, and gives them a facial!

Extras include (DVD only): Cumshot Recap (3+ min.), 3 Trailers, Cast List, Spam.

Cam Girls from Evil Angel Video and directors Evil Chris, John Stagliano, Aiden Starr and Jonni Darkko is a very, very entertaining video permeated with very interesting information and very hot, carnal situations. I had a great time seeing this flick and learning more about the industry along with the cam girls. The threesome was amazing, Jenny and Ginger were very kinky with Manuel, and in general!

In all honesty, my least favorite adult gallery was the lesbian sex adult gallery. I guess the girls were too nervous because this was their first time filming a adult gallery. However, the video is amazing, and I think it belongs in your adult collection if you wish something unspoiled and interesting! Must-buy flick!

Cam Girls adult video

Ariana Marie Gets ‘A Little Bit Harder’ in Her First DP (VOD Exclusive)

Ariana Marie pornstar
You may think you know Ariana Marie, but this time, things are different. This girl is a little bit sexier. A little bit edgier. A little bit punchier. All told, the girl is A Little Bit Harder. Buckle up, because it is Ariana just like you have not once seen her before! For the first time ever, Marie is starring in a double-penetration adult gallery. Oh, and did we mention it is an Adult Empire VOD exclusive?

Ariana Marie: A Little Bit Harder is a collaboration in between Marie and director Chris Streams, who makes the guys Evil Angel directorial debut with the movie. “We heard the girl was interested in doing her first DP, and we signed Chris right around the same time. It just seemed just like a good fit, asking the hunk to direct the scene,” said Evil Angel’s Chris Gentile. The DP debuted on Evil Angel’s website, where it quickly became the company’s top-performing adult gallery of the year thus far. Given that it combines Marie’s star power with two of the best male stars in the business, Steve Holmes and Markus Dupree, it is not hard to view why. It also had the extra kick of being a first in the truest sense of the word. “The adult gallery was in fact my very first DP ever, on or off camera, and it was such an amazing, exciting, incredible and memorable feeling,” Marie told AVN earlier this year. “It was flawless in each and every way, and I loved working with Markus Dupree and Steve Holmes. They were both sweet, professional and oh so good at what they do. Honestly, I think I am “ad-dick-ted.” Can each and every adult gallery I do for Evil Angel be a DP, please?” The duo were artfully prepared for the challenge! Both won major awards in 2018: Dupree for AVN’s Male Performer of the Year and Holmes for XBIZ’s Foreign Male Performer of the Year.

A Little Bit Harder combines the blockbuster adult gallery with three other memorable segments starring Ariana. The first pairs her with AVN Best Male Newcomer winner Ricky Johnson, the second showcases girl/girl action with up-and-comer Jill Kassidy, and the third finds Ariana in an anal adult gallery the girl has described as “hot, passionate and aggressive.

Ariana Marie: A Little Bit Harder adult video

Hit the Books With These Sexy Librarians

Do you think librarians fuck?

That is the aggressive, on-the-nose question posed on the back cover of VCA‘s Midnight Librarians. Such a rhetorical query does not honestly need an answer, but in case there was any doubt, you need not look any further than any of the librarian-themed adult flicks we sell at AE. It is National Library Week – and today is specifically National Library Workers Day – so we thought we would take a look at the five all-time bestselling hot librarian movies in the Adult Empire archives. It is a wonder they have time to collect any overdue fees or reshelve any books. Here, the Dewey Decimal System starts and ends with 69.XXX.

Midnight Librarians (VCA)

Midnight Librarians adult video

Prolific director Jim Holliday helms this noir-ish detective mystery that does not seem to fully justify the title Midnight Librarians, since its connection to that theme is tangential at best. Holly Hollywood plays an L.A. private investigator tasked with finding a wayward librarian. Plenty of rimming, toe sucking, and lesbian action ensues! Numerous detours take us away from the main plot, but it does return to a library-themed adult gallery in the movies second half. Evan Stone is masturbating on a library couch and is interrupted by Kristina Black, who decides helping the hunk out is a better option than scolding him. Though probably a little too plot-heavy for modern adult audiences, it is a fun throwback for fans of vintage VCA features.

Cover to Cover (Wicked Pictures)

In Cover to Cover, Jenna Jameson plays a shy, withdrawn librarian, but do not let that make you think the girl dresses the part! As Adult Empire’s in-house reviewer Special K noted at the time, her hot attire is not an outfit I have ever seen on a librarian, but who would be stupid enough to cover up Jenna Jameson for even a second in frumpy gear? This is a adult for goodness sake! Well said! Jameson’s character lives out her dreams through books, which permits varied sex scenes such as a Civil War-era hookup, a 1950s hot car sex adventure, and more. This is presumably the only adult video where a copy of James M. McPherson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Civil War book Battle Cry of Freedom plays a significant role. If Ken Burns had mentioned that in the guys famous Civil War documentary, we might have paid more attention in class.

Fuck The Librarians (Bluebird Films)

Fuck the Librarians adult video

Sexy specs and fun British accents? Be still my beating heart! Fuck The Librarians sets up sex scenes in exactly the entertainingly corny manner you would expect from a video with a library theme. The opener finds Demetri XXX returning a book that is a whopping six years overdue. Paige Ashley informs the hunk that the library has scuttled fines in favor of simply paddling people who bring back overdue books. The guy takes the spanking just like a champ, but once the guys pants are off, things move in a predictably hot direction. Other scenes find yet another illicit library masturbater getting busted plus all sorts of hardcore banging in among the stacks.

Lesbian Librarians (Zero Tolerance Ent)

According to data from the U.S. Census, a full 83% of librarians are female. We are not sure whether that breakdown leads to an increased interest in lesbian experimentation, but that is absolutely where Lesbian Librarians puts its focus. Val Dodds is leafing through a copy of The Book of Mormon in the opening scene, but that soon gets tossed aside when Kimberly Kane sits down beside her. The highlight is absolutely the closing scene, starring Cherie DeVille and Dillion Harper. Cherie’s lascivious gaze, combined with the longing way the girl chews on the end of her pen, creates an atmosphere of lustful anticipation as prepares to pounce on adorable – but not so sweet – coed Dillion. DeVille’s oral sex game is absolutely on point here, but we are not so sure the girl would last very long as a librarian, given how prone the girl is to seducing nubile patrons!

Bibliophile (Filly Films)

Bibliophile adult video

It is another round of book-oriented lesbian fun, but this time with a kinkier twist! The term bibliophile is taken to its literal outrageous here. The introductory adult gallery finds Elizabeth Thorn and Missy Minks roaming the Sexuality section of the stacks, thumbing through numerous volumes and finding carnal satisfaction in their smell and touch. Later, they unleash all their Sapphic desires in a bed drenched in books – as bemoaning the fact that they could not get busy in the bookstore itself. Books remain close by all the remaining scenes, which include action as varied as light BDSM, sex toy play, and more. For the true bibliophiles of the world, this is a must-watch!