Giantess Fight – Round One – part 2

Giantess Fight - Round One part 2 Giantess Club adult gallery
The Fight continues!

At some point in the future, an event comparable to the Olympics is founded known as the Giantess Fight Tournament. Every two years, a woman talented in one-on-one combat is chosen by each of the various participating nations to take part in a global competition lasting the whole year. After ingesting a chemical compound, the participants step into a specially-made ring, are grown to tremendous size as a result of high stamina bombardment, and then face one another in a timed match. If a fighter is knocked unconscious before ten minutes are up, then that fighter’s nation is ruled out of the tournament; if neither fighter is unconscious, the match is considered a draw and both nations remain in the fight. In the midst of this is Hikari Paku, the Japanese fighter, who enters the tournament as much for national pride as to seek the truth of a secret that could destroy the world as all understands it.

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Collider: The BE Particle – part 2

Collider: The BE Particle part 2 The Breast Expansion Story Club adult gallery
The Large Hadron Collider experiment continues to bend reality in ways not once thought possible.

Sam and May continue to chase once the BE particle. The unstable particle is easy to follow as it leaves a trail of breast expansion and sex wherever it goes. Despite the fate of reality as we know it on the brink, Sam and May reignite their childish battle about who gets the particle. Sam shoves May aside. Luckily May’s fall is cushioned by a woman’s giant breasts. This low blow move gives Sam the edge in the race to get the particle. May soon catches up and is gaining on Sam. All seems lost when Sam notices a woman’s boobs starting to grow affront of her. Thinking quickly, Sam throws the woman atop of May. May is soon overwhelmed and pinned by the woman;s growing boobs, thus securing Sam’s victory. Sam grabs the particle, the stamina overwhelming, but the girl must control it! Sam will fix every single thing and make reality normal again! Or will she?

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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Sluttech Bimbo Story Club adult gallery
The device that can turn any woman into a nymphomaniac!

Ken just bought a house! It has a kitchen to die for, and it even came with an absolutely amazing entertainment system: A SlutTECH model ST-42 with ALL the bells and whistles. What is a SlutTech ST-42? Well according to the ad… The ST-42 uses a combination of revolutionary subliminal audio, video, and hypnotic techniques resulting in a woman who honestly wishes you, and only you, SEXUALLY. A whore who is game for any kinky adventure you can imagine. You will hear nothing, but her mind will be permeated with images and audio of women being STIMULATED into multiple and incredible screaming ORGASMS, leaving her uncontrollably AROUSED! This girl will not know where it came from, but all the as voices will be telling her YOU are the one. YOU are the cause. YOU will deliver the ECSTASY the girl needs. This girl will be a NYMPHOMANIAC utterly addicted to YOU! The guy is going to enjoy the guys new house. Especially since the dude has the guys Ex-wife’s best friend over to view the new home and have a few drinks.

Bill Pratt writes a lot of mind control toon fiction. Probably too much for the good of the guys mental health, but you do not have to worry about that. Just sit back and enjoy as Ken’s new stereo slowly sculpts Terri’s mind, turning one of the guys friends into a personal sex toy. Into a horny whore dedicated to the guys pleasure. It starts off mild, relaxing her, distracting her with specially coded subliminal messages? Messages that invade the mind of a female listener, that enhance her libido, instill a hungry for oral sex, and implant a subconscious desire to share the programming with her friends. Messages that will turn Terri into Ken’s personal sex toy, a private whore willing to please the guys each and every carnal desire.

Bimbo Story Club

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Boobpire Resurrection – part 3

Boobpire Resurrection part 3 The Breast Expansion Story Club adult gallery
The sex crazed zombies descend upon the unsuspecting crowd!

An unnatural quietness stuffs the fashion show as onlookers watch in a shocked silence, broken only by the groans from the zombie model. The artfully endowed zombie model continues to stroke and lick on the fashion show host’s hard cock to get the hunk nice and hard for the coming sex. Suddenly the audience hears more moans, but it’s not the zombie model whose making noise. The noise is coming from behind the stage, where the dressing room is located. Suddenly a mass of newly made zombie models burst out from the dressing room and tumble on to the stage. Before the audience can even react, they find themselves swarmed by a sea of dangerously lustful zombies. Normal zombies only wish brains, brains, and more brains, but boobpire zombies are not normal zombies. All boobpire zombies wish is sex, sex, and more sex. How artfully the audience survive this evening of the undead zombie sluts? How will April react, or take advantage, of the chaos orgy the girl has created?

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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The Superheroine’s Daughter

The Superheroine's Daughter Giantess Club adult gallery
A university coed starts dating one of the guys classmates, whose mom just happens to be a size-changing superheroine.

Tommy Matthews, a literary coed at a big-city university, manages to work up the courage to ask out the guys classmate Kelly Watson, who accepts. As the two go out to lunch, Captain Colossus, a superheroine with the power to grow to gigantic size, chases down and snatches up a truck containing some bank robbers. Tommy admires her, but Kelly seems a little irked to view the hunk doing so. Three weeks later, Tommy and Kelly are in bed together, when Kelly tells Tommy the girl is supposed to be meeting up with her mom Sharon, a food critic for the local newspaper, who has volunteered to buy her a new laptop. They meet up at a local shopping mall, and seem to get along well. As the trio look at laptops, Sharon gets a call from a person telling her about a fire at a chemical plant, once which the girl quickly hands her credit card over to Kelly, makes an excuse as to why the girl has to leave, and runs off. Tommy is shocked that Sharon would do such a thing, as Kelly simply seems disappointed. Sharon hides in an alleyway and starts to grow larger, bursting out of her clothes and turning into a red-haired giantess, who is revealed to be none other than Captain Colossus herself. This girl runs off through the city streets, continuing to grow and passing Tommy and Kelly as the girl does so. This time however, Tommy avoids looking too closely at her, which meets Kelly’s approval. At the chemical plant, two workers are desperately attempting to hold on and avoid being overwhelmed by the fumes in a burning crane, but are rescued by Captain Colossus, who also takes the time to put out the fire.

Unlike the two previous toon stories by this author, this one is an original story-line, not directly based on any prior work, but based on the super-heroine genre. The beginning of the story introduces us to Tommy and Kelly, the main characters – Tommy is essentially the audience’s viewpoint character, an average – if slightly geeky – guy who struggles to work up the courage to ask out Kelly, but finds success when the dude does so. Likewise, Kelly is a smart, perky every-woman, though as we will find out the girl harbors some rather strange secrets in her life. Shortly afterwards, we meet Captain Colossus, the local super-heroine and giantess, who quickly deals with some bank robbers attempting to escape the adult gallery of their crime. This gives us a little bit of handheld action, also. The story then jumps forward three weeks, in which time Tommy and Kelly’s relationship has grown closer. The issue of a broken laptop leads to a shopping spree, and introduces us to Kelly’s mom Sharon, who seems to be another normal woman, but deep down hides a major secret. This girl soon bails out on the shopping trip to switch to her alter-ego Captain Colossus. This leads to a growth sequence, and of course some nudity before the Captain activates her costume generator. We then end the chapter with a little gentle giantess action, as the girl saves two workers from a fire.

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Three Wishes for Three Women

Three Wishes for Three Women The Breast Expansion Story Club adult gallery
Missed The Three Wish Myth? Check out the sequel!

Once found, lost artifacts of great power rarely stand still. They are lost, fought-over, and stolen. Bodies lay strewn in their wake. And few artifacts are greater than the genie’s lamp. Karen, an aspiring actress, gets the lamp the honest way and the bodies are piling up in an unusual place: the land of the genies as war produces in between those in favor of the three wish rule and those opposed. While Karen is patient and willing to wait until the genie has the guys home in order, her model roommate, Melanie, has no such concerns. Neither does Grand Vizier Bey.

The Three Wish War has been a labor of enjoy for Bill Pratt and it shows. The toon story requests the question of why do genies do what they do and why stop at three wishes? And how far are they willing to go to maintain the status quo? This time around, the genie is bound by the new rules, and the dude hates them. Worse, the guys attention is divided by a rebellion turned bloody back in the guys homeland. The guy cannot do the guys job with a paltry three wishes, but a bloodbath to win back the right to perform the guys job as the dude sees fit is not what the dude had in mind. This guys clients this time around are three roommates: the quiet one, Karen, wishes to be an actress. The lovely one, Melanie, relishes in a life of easy leisure, but forever wishes more. And Natalie just wishes her two friends could get along. Literally.

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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Where Dreams Come True

Where Dreams Come True Giantess Club adult gallery
Get to know Fiona and her world!

Fiona has forever been the one overlooked in a crowd, the girl who not once topped five feet and often is mistaken for a person younger. While on the outside the girl remains sweet and calm, not once letting bullies get to her, nor letting frustrations bring her down, on the within the girl has constant daydreams of putting people in their place, of literally rising up no matter the occasion and unleashing hell on those who cause her even the slightest suffering or annoyance. Fee-Fi-ona is her name for the alternate her, the her that is overly confident, unafraid to speak her mind, and capable of handling any situation merely by sizing herself up to the task. In her dreams the girl is powerful and tall, whether merely six feet or as tall as mountains, Fiona understands that not a thing is impossible in dreams. Long ago her grandma told her that dreams can come true and when the girl gets the invitation to go along with her parents to a third rate imitation of a popular theme park, the girl might just end up finding out how right grandma was. What starts as fantasy, pure mini-adventures in Fiona’s head, escalates into a struggle in between what is real and what is not, all this beginning once an accident aboard an appropriately named ride. Will Fiona find all her dreams coming true or will her dreams become nightmares?

This toon story is a unique perspective of the giantess fetish, as narrated by a tiny girl with big ambitions and a definite inner giantess fetish herself. The author brings us a character named Fiona who as tiny and meek, has daydreams which take her through each and every giantess scenario possible, from simply being the tall and hot Amazon who all the guys wish to being the hulking giant that rampages the city and gets justice for a wrong done to her. In Fiona’s dreams and dreams, all these seem very real, and very satisfying. However, they are not once real and Fiona is fully aware of that fact. College life has been miserable do to a character that seemed to follow her along, the standard flawless blonde, the cheerleader, the anti-Fiona. In this story the girl is more a flat character, there to provide the first drop of a domino in the plot that shoves Fiona to ending up at Mental World Theme Park, a cheap imitation of the popular parks but one that seems to have put some thought into their rides, even if the thought seems to be purely copying other places. Kris P. Kreme provides a unique internal look at Fiona as the whole story is narrated by her, told from a future perspective looking back, proving in this case that sometimes hindsight is 20 20 feet tall.

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Massive – part 4

Massive part 4 The Breast Expansion Story Club adult gallery
Massive is a semi-realistic toon tale of a woman’s slow journey growing from a B-cup to Taboo proportions.

Vera had a crush on a co-worker, but on the evening before deciding to ask the hunk out, her boobs started to grow full cup sizes at random moments! From busting out of her blouse at an outdoor restaurant, Vera ends up in random embarrassing moments and explicit sex as the girl looks for enjoy during her MASSIVE journey from B-cup to Taboo proportions! For all who enjoys EXTREME BREAST EXPANSION and HUMOROUS SEXUAL SITUATIONS, this story is for you!

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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Mega Force Three – part 3

Mega Force Three part 3 Giantess Club adult gallery
The girls are back!

After being rescued by the mysterious stranger Luna, Carla has resolved and is willing to go back to the secret Mega Force base where the girl meets all the remaining members of the team, Carla, Jade, Mega Bob and Mandroid, the excited little robot. This girl is quickly given a history lesson concerning Evil-La Hate plus seeing her mom Darla in action. Finally the girl is given the gift of GIGANTIC proportions Darla gave to the team becoming a total bad-ass! In this third issue of the new toon series Mega Force Three, the heroes, Carla, Jade and Luna ultimately come together completing the Mega Force. More information is given along with a very nice growth transformation sequence (with a touch of breast enlargement) that you honestly don’t wish to miss!

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