Mrs. Turner – part 5

Mrs. Turner part 5 adult gallery Giantess Club
After the 100ft Eve dream Mike had, the dude decides to avoid her. Huge mistake if you ask us!

Mike was scared once the horrifying 100ft Eve dream. The guy actively tried to avoid her despite her pleading texts. One day Mike was getting some groceries at the supermarket and recognizes Eve’s unmistakable voice. Mike peers out to witness Eve being picked on by a group of shop goers, that is when the girl turns and catches a glimpse of him.

Mike freaks out and scrambles to avoid conflict but only to fail miserably, as Eve finds the hunk sneaking out through the supermarket’s back door. What will happen in between the intimating, angry giantess and the scared little Mike? Only one way to find out.

Mrs. Turner, A giantess MILF story, is based on a reader’s request. The toon story features many giantess scenes that are inspired by recent stories such as New Heaven, Wish Upon a Star and GILF. Mrs. Turner features exciting giantess action such as slow growth, fast growth, carnal situations, breast expansion, building destruction, and of course the ever popular giantess MILF theme that is the focus of the story. Mrs. Turner was inspired by the reader himself, however the guide material sent was too long to reasonably fit within the max amount of chapters and the ending was left ambiguous. Bob Saget had to make some artistic decisions to keep the spirit of the material and make it enjoyable within Giantessclub’s story boundaries. That being said, we believe that reader’s will enjoy Bob Saget was able to create base off our reader’s fine idea.

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Boss Bitch – part 1

Boss Bitch part 1 adult gallery The Breast Expansion Story Club
When LifeChanger armbands are unleashed on André’s office, the guys timid secretary goes from zero to Z cup cock hungry bimbo.

Everyone understands you cannot sell a product until you have tried it yourself. So when LifeChanger armbands are unleashed on André’s office, it seems just like a reasonable practice. That is until the guys timid secretary goes full-bimbo sexpot and the guys graphic designer is leaning more into the graphic details of her escapades. All the as André’s Boss Bitch, Heather, looms over the adult gallery. Though it is only a matter of time until the girl accompanies the fray herself.

Inspired by an Club Member’s concept to have an office gone wild, Boss Bitch plays to the versatility of personality modification. Submissive women become hungry for sex, domineering women purr just like kittens. All the as André feels just like the dude might be in over the guys head. This chapter include BE, height growth, hip growth, general bimbofication, threesomes, boss-employee relations, and a healthy dose of voyeurism.

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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Game Changer – part 1

Game Changer part 1 adult gallery The Breast Expansion Story Club
Four friends are transported within a mystical board game where they must play and transform themselves in order to survive.

After Kalvin finds a long-rumored board game, told to the hunk by the guys grandmother, the dude cannot wait to show it to the guys three best friends: Ginger, Maxine, and Christy. The guy is overzealous, remembering all the strange old stories that the dude had heard about it, such as how witches used to play it to celebrate the harvest season, and how it is supposedly cursed with ancient magic. But of course, the dude does not believe in all that or heed the guys family’s warnings. The guy thinks that it is all superstition. At least until the dude and the guys friends start playing it.

With the very first roll of the dice, Kalvin and the guys friends are magically transported within the mystical board itself. It is here that they all find themselves players to the corrupting game, hosted by the Game Master herself. In order to escape, they must play and survive, transforming themselves in front of a streaming live demonic audience. Neither the players’ minds nor their bodies will be the same ever again once this wonderful evening of competition and mayhem.

Kalvin, Ginger, Maxine, and Christy have been friends since middle school. Like any average weekend, they had planned for just another evening of hanging out and drinking wine. But these four youthful adults accidentally find themselves trapped within an ancient mystical board game, full of transformative magic and seductive vibes! From author DeLonge (Chloe’s Open House, Captain Amour, Giantess Rangers) comes a toon tale full of life and havoc. See each of these naive new players discover more about themselves both physically and spiritually as they attempt to win this twisted game. Their only real chance to escape from its mystical confines comes from victory. With each of their turns, they must undergo a new transformation, guaranteeing that none of them will be the same by the end of it. What will become of them? How dark and perverse can they become? Find out in this erotic first issue of Game Changer!

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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The Red Tail Saga – part 2

The Red Tail Saga part 2 adult gallery Giantess Club
A mysterious woman seeks Krella’s aid in freeing her people… and the girl can be quite persuasive.

Sanzyn approaches Krella in her rooms at the inn with a pouch of gold, and an unbelievable story about a mystical nectar, and how it drew a sorceress to her home. With her people enslaved, Sanzyn escaped so the girl could find help to free them. Krella is dubious, but when the girl samples the nectar herself, there is no denying its potent effects.

Krella the Red cuts an intimidating figure, but this issue is all about her world. The strangeness that lurks in the corners, and hidden in the shadows. Cross gives us just enough rope for us to grab hold, and the dude makes us wish to follow the trail right along the Amazonian adventuress as the girl decides to aid a people who have been enslaved by ancient magics, and their own, carnal desires.

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Seduction Technology – part 2

Seduction Technology part 2 adult gallery Bimbo Story Club
Feeling confused about the guys relationship with Wendy, Malcolm finds Aurora. Will things go as planned or will grow out of control?

Malcolm is getting the best sex of the guys life. Period. With the dude and Wendy fully utilizing the power of the sex blaster the dude is feeling the ultimate rush of ecstasy. But what the dude lacks, and perhaps more desperately needs, is emotional connectivity. Wendy is great, but Malcolm feels as if something is still missing from the guys life; something more important than just surreal sex. So when the dude accidentally bumps into Aurora one day and feels an immediate connection the dude cannot deny a rush of confused feelings.

Acting on impulse, the dude takes Aurora on a date, getting the time of the guys life. They have a little thrill in a video theater and go back to the guys dorm room, getting more physical with one another. But for how long will they be able to enjoy themselves before every single thing grows out of control?

From writer DeLonge (Captain Amour, Giantess Rangers, Life Mutated) comes another toon chapter of Seduction Technology, full of laughs, thrills, and mind-numbing sex. Malcolm, lost in a world of technological surrealism and wonder, still feels the weight of the guys family’s expectations. In an attempt to cope with the guys building emotions, the dude has transgressed into a world of sex, doing the guys best to drown out the guys misery in pure lust. With Wendy at the guys side, the two are caught in a maelstrom of carnal needs, but is that enough for Malcolm? The guy cannot help but yearn for something more. Something more stable. With the appearance of a friendly stranger, Aurora, Malcolm’s life becomes even more complicated, and the dude must deal with the consequences of the guys actions. Can Malcolm find a way to get control of the guys life? What lays in store for him? What strange carnal wonders await him? Read this latest toon issue of Seduction Technology and discover for yourself.

Bimbo Story Club

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Spells R Us: Vindem Vraji – part 1

Spells R Us Vindem Vraji part 1 adult gallery The Breast Expansion Story Club
Discover the origins of the mysterious Shopkeeper and the mystical store, Spells R Us

The Countess Visseria has been ignored by her husband for the last time. This girl makes a deal with a mysterious old man from the village below their castle that is guaranteed to capture the attention of her eternal lover, the Count. This girls plans to summon a benevolent genie go awry, and her whole world changes in a flash of purple flame. Who is this sultry woman that the Countess has summoned into her home, and how will it go wrong?

Spells R Us: Vindem Vrăji is permeated with all the things you would expect from a toon story by xCuervos, but it also has plenty of twists! What appears to be a typical vampire story set in the 1600s is turned on its head shortly once our heroine visits Vindem Vrăji, a store run by a familiar face. “Vindem Vrăji,” by the way, is Romanian for ‘we sell spells.’ This story is a departure from xCuervos’ more lighthearted Spells R Us toon stories, revisiting the darker wish-gone-wrong roots of the theme. We still do not know her name – and neither does the Countess – but the nature of the mysterious Shopkeeper, her powers, and her intentions are made clear in this libido-driven origin toon story.

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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Giantess Rangers – part 1

Giantess Rangers part 1 adult gallery Giantess Club
Five Rangers stand to defend the world against the carnal attacks of the evil Queen Rotten!

When a startling attack downtown springs the Rangers into action, interrupting them from their lovemaking, they find themselves up against Queen Rotten’s latest villain, Couga! Our mighty heroes – not once ones to shy away from a fight – battle this feisty feline foe as best they can, facing new and challenging obstacles along the way, refusing to back down. As with all of Queen Rotten’s sinister minions, things progressively get lustful and more complicated in this toon story. It is not going to be an easy battle to win, requiring new tools and tactics to save the day. But at what cost? Join these five sexually-awesome bringers of justice in their very first ever issue, where things go from bad to huge, and view for yourself what kind of mischief they find themselves in along the way. This toon series is not called Giantess Rangers for nothing!

Queen Rotten wishes to take over the earth, claiming it for her own vile ways. With her, the girl has an army of evil villains, each more sinister and promiscuous than the last. But all is not lost. Thankfully, the world has the mighty force of the Rangers to protect it against wickedness, under the watchful eyes of Lord Zordock. Join these five youthful adults in their first ever issue as they go toe to toe against the ferocious beast known as Couga, and discover for yourself just how far Queen Rotten is willing to go to defeat the Rangers and claim what the girl believes is rightfully hers. In this pulse-pounding first toon issue, the carnal thrills not once end, escalating to giant proportions, sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. Read Giantess Rangers today, and help save the planet from all forces of lust-driven destruction! You will not be disappointed, toon readers.

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Empowered By Envy – part 2

Empowered by Envy part 2 adult gallery The Breast Expansion Story Club
In this 2nd issue Rachel grows more powerful. To her delight, the girl grows in some other ways too!

Rachel, with her newfound powers, crashes Jessica’s party! While high-school students scatter, the two super-powered girls battle above her house! Taking back another piece of the strange outfit that belonged to her favorite super-villain, Rachel grows more powerful. To her delight, the girl grows in some other ways too!

In a fun sequence that most of us could probably relate to, the first thing Rachel does upon gaining superpowers is crash a party held by her least favorite person at school. xCuervos ends the first fight adult gallery in between superheroes in a fun and unique way. Modesty counts when wardrobes malfunction and secret identities are on the line! Packed with sex and humor, this toon issue delivers a satisfying follow-up to Rachel’s super origins. This girl achieves her first goal and gets another growth scene, which leads to a somewhat gratuitous few pages in her bedroom.

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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Undress Distress – part 2

Undress Distress part 2 adult gallery Giantess Club
If your 15ft sister and your 50ft mom are deeply mad at you, just run just like Drexter did.

Drexter, the guys 15 foot tall sister, and her friends all stare in amazement at the guys 50 foot tall mother. Drexter sees this as an opportunity to get the hell out of there to avoid the guys mother’s wrath. The mom soon notices her son’s absence and starts looking for the hunk to make the hunk reverse the growth effects on her and the guys sister.

Drexter decides to conceal in a university campus where the dude finds some unaware attractive university girls that are about to experience literal personal growth.

Undress Distress is based on a reader request toon story by Kong called Generations. The toon story features plenty of growth and more importantly, MILF growth. The story is a wild fast based ride that constantly raises the stakes to a point where the world is changed forever. The story takes inspiration from the old cartoon Dexter’s Lab and stories from Giantessclub such as New Haven and GILF.

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Remote Chance – part 2

Remote Chance part 2 adult gallery The Breast Expansion Story Club
What would happen if Sailor Moon met the Incredible Hulk? What if you threw a two-foot-long cock into the mix?

The big game is on, but Neil has found a bigger game: The bubbly, busty, and thoroughly hentai Madison. Yes, the old Madison was annoying, sharp as a knife and more than happy to burst anyone’s bubble, but New Madison is different. Let us just say the girl is doing better than ‘New Coke’ did. This girl is going to be very popular.

Madison is more than interested in helping Neil attempt out the remote and has some experiments of her own. Like what would happen if Sailor Moon met the Incredible Hulk? What if you threw a two-foot-long cock into the mix? What if. Madison has read a lot of manga, seen a lot of alternate Japanese and American cartoons and has a lot of ‘what ifs’ to work through.

Wow. Hope Neil can keep up.

Like a genie’s lamp, the Polyversal Remote Control can be used for a lot of alternate things. You can have a lot of fun with a device that can rearrange reality and fit in a pocket. Mind you that kind of bulge in a pocket leads to some very predictable questions. Questions that you can answer with a Polyversal Remote Control. No, It is not a Banana. Are those balloons under your shirt? Ka-BLIMP!

But to get back on topic, Bill Pratt would just like to show you the creativity a smart toon girl can bring to the adult comics game. Even with the body and carnal desires of one, Madison is no bimbo. Now that the girl is a slut, there are all sorts of things the girl has wanted to attempt out. And the remote control makes it all too easy.

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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