Empowered by Envy – part 1

Empowered by Envy part 1 adult gallery The Breast Expansion Story Club
Rachel the loner discovers the source of a super villain’s powers, and embarks on an epic journey of trouble making! out now!

Empowered by Envy is the story of Rachel, an unpopular loner at a Colorado high school. This girl spends her spare time researching her favorite super-villain, Virago Red, and stumbles upon the secret to her powers! While hot on the trail, Rachel finds a connection in between the local superhero and her bully at school. After going through some super changes, Rachel invites herself to Jessica’s party, which is sure to be a blast!

We are witnessing the birth of a brand new, hot super-villain! xCuervos brings us the toon story of Rachel, a lonely girl obsessed with a super-villain who has been terrorizing the southwest for decades. This first issue establishes a studious background for the main character, who is familiar with using her brains to compensate for her looks. In a twist on the superhero origin story, Rachel gains superpowers and instantly starts down a less glamorous path, setting her up as a new super-villain!

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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Stream Famous – part 2

Stream Famous part 2 adult gallery The Breast Expansion Story Club
After seeing her friend grow to wild proportions, Kimmie seeks to make her own growth on stream. Out now!

After growing on her stream, Nikki’s popularity exploded online. This girl officially made the switch from a video game streamer to a cam show girl. This girls ex-moderator, Kimmie, is permeated with jealousy, seeking to find this mysterious internet user that somehow has the power to make girls grow. Kimmie’s intention was not just to grow a little bit, it was to become double the size of her friend. When the girl ultimately gets in contact with her wish-granter, her dreams come true on stream in front of thousands of viewers. A foreign exchange coed runs into her room, mistaking her groans of pleasure for something dangerous, and just like a fly to a web, the dude falls into Kimmie’s clutches.

The acclaimed toon Stream Famous ultimately has it’s much anticipated sequel, and it was artfully worth the wait! Stream Famous 2 takes place soon once the first issue and also has a new main character, Kimmie. This girls opposition to Nikki’s attitude honestly makes this comic, and once Kimmie gets what the girl wished for, it blows the original Stream Famous out of the water. This time, with a spectacular and lengthy sex scene, Kimmie’s bimbofication ordeal is just a spectacular blend of growth, fear, and outrageous lust. SupremeD just takes something that most of us would WISH happen on streams today. I am even more curious where the Stream Famous series goes next!

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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In the Shadow of Heroes: Growing Pains Part I

In the Shadow of Heroes: Growing Pains Part 1 full series adult gallery Giantess Club
New Heroes awaken each and every day. So why is Peter so afraid to be in the shadow of this one?

Peter is a Normal in a world full of Heroes: the guys best friend is a speedster, the guys mailman is part dog, and the guys teacher is psychic. So when Rebecca’s 18th birthday comes and goes without her powers awakening the dude breaths a sigh of relief. Partially because the dude is not alone in being Normal, and partially because the dude has spent the better portion of the guys adolescent life teasing the guys best friend’s little sister. Well, the dude is about to find himself on the wrong side of her growing pains. Not so little any more, aye Petey?

A light-hearted toon romp into domination and muscle growth. The story is more fun teasing than humiliation. Breast expansion is heavy in this one with some amazonian growth to boot. This will be the beginning of a series of super hero related comics. No sex in this comic, though plenty to come!

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Wyrd Juggs

Wyrd Juggs full series adult gallery Bimbo Story Club
Demure nerdy Aquila is regularly bullied by Bimbo’s at her highschool. Then her goth witch cousin externalizes her inner beauty.

In Coxsuc Highschool within the city of New York. Aquila Ulthule is a bespectacled and belittled individual who is constantly assailed by rude, often sultry exhibitionism partaking strumpets, at her place of academia. While a right into A honor coed respected by many of her peers, socially and physically the girl is anatomically awkward, lacking in looks as artfully as personal charm compared to many of the buxom yet mean spirited airheads who make fun of her lacking sex appeal. Even creating cruel sports to play at her expense on a daily basis, one day her relative from overseas who has a natch for archeology and the supernatural. A goth girl named Idelle Belloc from WitchWay Academy comes to town brandishing her hot body to her belittled cousin, whom in a jealous huff fails to realize the youthful witch had given her a special tourist gift from her conjurous escapades.

Wyrd Juggs is a toon story about a typical repressed undesirable whose not too much of a shrinking violet but also not very outgoing either. Like most anyone the girl has goals and aspirations just like the rest of the herd, but feels largely overshadowed by the physically more attractive; – and in some cases abrasive – mean spirited bimbos who occupy her school. Seeing all that the girl needed was a little confidence boost, a good friend and family relative helps her inadvertently unlock her true inner potential. In a great many ways no one could have predicted, the story’s basis boils down to wanting to be something other than yourself; just to feel more noticeably commendable. And that whatever you get you have one of two options either you can hate yourself for it later, or make the most of it, finding a way to make it work for you in the now.

Bimbo Story Club

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Dragons Balls

Dragons Balls full series adult gallery Giantess Club
A bitchy princess with inflated self-worth goes too far in her pranking and meanness, incurring her servant and family’s rage. Out now!

Within the hidden, mystical city of Beilong Wang sequestered high in the mountains of ancient China. Here lives a beautiful princess beloved by all within the land. A princess with a bad attitude. Ren Beilong, crowned imperial successor to the throne and chosen designate by Beilong’s guardian entity Lao Shen Ra the ever protectorate, harbors a fair and alluring disposition on the outside but caries a burrowing thorn studded vine around her heart on the inside. Vain, malicious, self-centered and conniving; the girl spends most of her days of lavish lifestyle tormenting all within the kingdom, be they familial servant or blood relative, for cruel sport. One day the girl goes to far with her put downs when insulting her most faithful butler’s faith in the guardian; who plots humorous and hot vengeance with her younger brother against the haughty royal.

The Dragons Balls is a charming toon tale of sameness, change and breaking of the cycle’s that bind and shackle us. A mean spirited princess whose biting nature chips away to expose a vulnerable lonesome side, a doting and kindly peasant boy who violently unravels into a nesting-doll of each and every shade of rage when the guys most cherished beliefs are cruelly stepped on by the woman the dude loves, a doting but mischievous scamp in a hurry to grow up as looking out for the hunk and the guys own. All of whom sharing, in their own way, a enjoy for the city which they call home. Eventually coming to realize despite all differences they work better together without personal baggage in the way and when they have a common goal.

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BE Olympics

BE Olympics full series adult gallery The Breast Expansion Story Club
Four women compete in an obstacle course with a pool of breast expanding water under it. Out now!

Four women compete in a complex obstacle course, where any slip can cause a fall into a pool of breast expansion formula. This year the rules have changed, and they will get seconds removed from their times for how much they have expanded.

This toon story is told mostly from the point of view of the competitors, so there is a bit more drama than simply seeing a sporting event involving breast expansion. Even so, the focus is on the action. It borrows a bit from obstacle course TV shows, with the added twist of giving the racers an incentive to get bigger.

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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Boobpire Resurrection – part 6

Boobpire Resurrection part 6 adult gallery The Breast Expansion Story Club
After a few weeks, Boobpire is back. Check issue #6 now!

April is drained and is barely able to move. Luckily the girl finds a meal, or a meal found her. Although male, the boobpire had no choice but to feed. The flow of stamina caused her to not only feel energized, but also very very horny.

Boobpire returns once a long hiatus. Boobpire was originally going to be a one-shot story, but reader demand as turned Boobpire into a full fledged toon series. Boobpire Resurrection offers plenty of supernatural breast expansion and carnal situations that are sure to be enjoyed!

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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Mother Earth

Mother Earth full series adult gallery Giantess Club
Our first new story of the month! check it out!

The toon story starts with Ronnie and Chris sneaking into a factory that constantly pumps pollutants in the air. Ronnie and Chris soon find their selves a private place so that they can start their mission. Not wasting a moment, Chris uses the Sequoia on Ronnie. Ronnie promptly starts to grow. The two also have sex to make the seeds effects spread through her growing body faster, and for their own pleasure of course. Now a decent size, Ronnie could lay waste to the factory, but today the girl wanted to attempt something different. Ronnie orders Chris to give her another Sequoia that will cause her to grow to a city destroying size. Chris remembers what happened last time the girl tried two seeds, but decides to not dare challenge the giantesses wishes.

Mother Earth is a toon story by Bob Saget that puts a new spin on the giantess MILF toon theme. Instead of being a simple mother, the girl is the leader of an eco-terrorist group that wishes nature to take back the planet using mass giantess destruction. Mother Earth uses a special seed to trigger growth in her female followers. The seed is named once the tallest tree and is called “Sequoia.” However, the seed is volatile and is not a quick fix to achieve Mother Earth’s dream. The story will explore breaking through the seeds issues and other problems, such as Mother’s own son, that stop the Eco-terrorist’s mission from becoming a reality. Mother Earth also includes the staple growth, sex, carnal situations, breast expansion that Bob Saget is known for. Readers are likely to enjoy this toon story.

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Incognito: Agent GTS – part 8

Incognito: Agent GTS part 8 adult gallery Giantess Club
It’s the last chapter of the series. Out now!

Out at sea, a hidden foe stirs as the girl surveys the city off shore. This mysterious woman will soon be not so hidden. Using a concentrated serum, the unknown woman quickly ascends to goddess just like heights. Meanwhile back at the shipyard, Andrea is overpowering Sylvia in a battle of giantesses. Fox did the guys part wonderfully to make Andrea grow to a titanic size. Andrea pins Sylvia to the ground. Curiously, the defeated giantess starts laughing in the face of defeat. Before Andrea could even process the situation, the ground starts to shake as something honestly gigantic approaches. Andrea gazes up in horror at a goddess that severely dwarfs her in size. The coming battle will force Andrea to use her stealth in a strange turn of events to defeat a foe much greater than her. The outcome of this conflict will determine Andrea’s fate.

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Cheer Captain – part 3

Cheer Captain part 3 adult gallery The Breast Expansion Story Club
Demi and Julie’s competitive orgy has the attention of the campus police. Out now!

Demi and Julies competitive orgy has the attention of the campus police. The two are not going down without a fight. Demi lunges at another coed and instantly starts giving the hunk a surprise blowjob. At this point both their fates are sealed, neither of them will be the cheer captain. Meanwhile Carol has her hands on the potion. Now Carol has forever been the ass of the cheer team and the girl sees this as a prime opportunity to get revenge. A short time later at a university game, the stage was set for the biggest orgy the university has ever seen. Without fail, all of the cheerleaders, except Carol, found their boobs and libido growing. The very passionate cheerleaders soon grab the shocked football players in for an all out orgy of the ages. Carol revels in her revenge, when suddenly her boobs start to grow as well. The tables are turned as Carol rushes into the carnal fray to please her incredible lustful urges. All of this happened because Demi was not the cheer captain.

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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