A Bimbo’s Journey – part 1

A Bimbo's Journey part 1 adult gallery Bimbo Story Club
Stephanie decides to take a modeling job to make some extra cash, only to find herself becoming a Bimbo.

Offered a chance to give modeling a shot in exchange for some extra cash as in college, Stephanie at first declines, not wanting to have it distract her from her school work. But when her best friend, Cherise, gives her a necklace for good luck and confidence, the girl gives it a go. What Stephanie did not know is that the necklace was going to unlock her inner bimbo, slowly making her both bustier and sluttier.

A new take on the classic myth of a hero’s journey, A Bimbo’s Journey – Inception shows Stephanie’s journey into becoming a bimbo. This is the first part of a trilogy where Stephanie will find out who the girl honestly wishes to be. Much just like many of Fahzbehn’s works, there’s plenty of growth and sex to go around, but also a decent plot woven into the guys witty writing. By the end, you will be just just like Stephanie: pleading for more.

Bimbo Story Club

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Mrs. Turner – part 1

Mrs. Turner part 1 adult gallery Giantess Club
When Mrs. Turner needed help, Mike reluctantly agreed. Little did the dude know that this was the start of a life changing chain of events.

The toon story starts in the past when the main character, Mike, recounts the guys childhood. During the guys childhood the dude was best friends with a boy named David. The two were inseparable. Their friendship was solid, but what Mike looked forward too the most was David’s mom, Mrs. Turner. This girl was a tall and very sexually free women that Mike had infatuation for, even at a youthful age. Time passed and David and Mike grew apart. Mike now spent most of the guys time gaming, much to the guys mother’s annoyance. One day Mike’s mom ordered the hunk to find some odd jobs. This girl said that the guys childhood friend Mrs. Turner needed help. Mike reluctantly agreed. Little did the dude know that this was the start of a life changing chain of events.

Mrs. Turner: A giantess MILF story, is based of a reader’s request. The toon story features many giantess scenes that are inspired by recent stories such as New Heaven, Wish Upon a Star and GILF. Mrs. Turner features exciting giantess action such as slow growth, fast growth, carnal situations, breast expansion, building destruction, and of course the ever popular giantess MILF theme that is the focus of the story. Mrs. Turner was inspired by the reader himself, however the guide material sent was too long to reasonably fit within the max amount of chapters and the ending was left ambiguous. Bob Saget had to make some artistic decisions to keep the spirit of the material and make it enjoyable within Giantess Club’s story boundaries. That being said, we believe readers will enjoy that Bob Saget was able to create base off our reader’s fine idea.

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A Kiss – part 2

A Kiss part 2 adult gallery The Breast Expansion Story Club
Fred is entertaining the Hades out of the gods of ancient Greece, but now the dude is working to get something to show for it.

Toon writer William Pratt seeks to spread some of that Greek Drama goodness around, so the dude has taken it right back to the source: The ancient gods of Greece and Rome. Life has not been treating the ancient gods of Greece and Rome so artfully since the rise of Christianity and they are BORED! So bored that they are meddling in the affairs of mortals: Specifically one mortal: Fred. Fred is too uncool to be a nerd. The guy lives with the guys mother. The guy has not once been on a date, and other than the guys mom the dude has kissed exactly one girl. And in order to take advantage of the gift the dude has received from the gods, the dude requires to kiss more.

So far Fred has utterly failed. Unless you are a god. The gods are howling at the guys misadventures. To recap, the gods of Ancient Greece have granted Fred the power to reshape anyone mentally and physically. But in addition to a few safe guards, no reshaping gods or other greater beings, to keep things interesting they have added an extra requirement: Fred has to kiss them. This is where Fred keeps failing. This guys chances of kissing anyone border on zero. How do you deal with this? Put on a big smile, dress up and go clubbing!

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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Doctor V’s Bimbos – part 5

Doctor V's Bimbos part 5 adult gallery The Breast Expansion Story Club
After infiltrating the guys base, Aya faces Dr. V in a 1 on 1 battle, and the dude has some growing tactics.

Aya rushes in the base to find her girls, When the girl ultimately does, they tell her that they actually just like their new forms, and they do not wish to change back. Aya is convinced that the experiments have has them completely brainwashed, when Dr. V barges in. The guy and Aya engage in a one on one battle as the dude injects not one, not two, but three doses of all three serums into Aya’s body. Aya cannot fight the jumbo change her body goes through as the girl grows in height, breast, ass and turns completely horny. This leads to the biggest orgy involving all the agents, a few soldiers, AND Dr. V! Everyone ends up getting a piece of action and leaves happy as Dr. V has enough cum to cover all the ladies. Looking at the guys work, Dr. V understands the dude can create the ultimate bimbo army.

Wow, just when I thought SupremeD was not going to push the envelope for this, the final issue goes above and beyond my expectations. Here is a little bit of time dedicated to setup in the beginning but it honestly does pay off. Not only do we ultimately get a spy who is competent to fight Dr. V, but the girl changes into the biggest, sexiest and most lustful bimbo of them all! This girl absolutely will not wish to change back now! This ends up being the most outrageous orgy I have ever read, even better than the one in SupremeD’s Spells R Us series. Here is girl on girl, guy on girl, tit sucking, handjobs, it is madness! SupremeD honestly wrapped up the series as a whole with a nice bow on top. And I would enjoy to view Dr. V create the bimbo army the dude keeps talking about!

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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The Red Tail Saga – part 1

The Red Tail Saga part 1 adult gallery Giantess Club
When a musician attempts to steal Krella’s silver, the girl makes the hunk pay — all evening long.

Toon writer Vincent Cross decides to take on the fantasy genre, combining the eroticism of the Amazon with traditional sword and sorcery elements. Krella the Red is a definite throwback to characters just like Red Sonya and Conan the Barbarian, and as we view her in plenty of action, there is a lot left to the imagination. Who is the girl really? Where does the girl come from? And what awaits her when the girl next picks up her sword?

Krella the Red is wagering some of the silver the girl earned on her last posting, and looks to have quite a pot in the corner of the tavern. When the dice come up in her favor, one of the losers gets violent. The guy nearly loses a hand for it, and Krella catches a youthful musician attempting to sneak off with some of her money. Rather than cut him, though, the girl takes the hunk up to her room to make the hunk pay off the debt the dude incurred.

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Settings Lock – part 1

Settings Lock part 1 adult gallery The Breast Expansion Story Club
Androids have been built to fulfill your each and every whim– but what happens if that whim is to be dominated and watch your wife banged into senselessness?

Harry is a hard working businessman, the guys wife a doting, submissive housewife. The guy has worked hard to give the guys family everything: they have a house, a car, a good job, a child in high school, and an Android servant programmed to fulfill their each and every needs. Who can blame the hunk for needing a little bit of domination in the guys life? But when Harry accidentally forgets to turn off the sexy, Adult-only settings, the dude and the guys wife will find out what it means to have their each and every – and I mean each and every – need fulfilled. It is a growing problem, they might not wish to solve.

The electric start to a female-domination series. Harry and Rachel find themselves at the command of their once submissive home servant Android. This chapter includes breast, legs, hip, and ass expansion. Here is female on female, female on male, and a climactic three-way. But trust me when I say, things are just heating up for this suburban couple.

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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Goddess Maker Origins – part 2

Goddess Maker Origins part 2 adult gallery Giantess Club
A man gains the power of a god to turn woman into goddesses. Will the dude be able to control this powers? Check this new chapter now!

Andy is flabbergasted as the giantess rips off the guys pants and requests the hunk to fuck her. Not wanting to disappoint, Andy agrees despite the guys outrageous confusion. As Andy jabs the giant woman, the dude rests the guys hands against her for support so that the dude can fuck her as hard as possible. Suddenly the guys hand lights up with alien symbols. Andy is shocked as the dude notices the guys hand glowing. The guy did not have time to make sense of the guys hand as her groans flood the guys ears The giantess starts to quickly grow out of control. Now around 100ft, the giantess lays on the ruins of the building. Andy could not believe what is happening. Suddenly the dude hears police sirens. Not wanting to be caught in such a weird situation, Andy runs to hide. The next day all Andy could think about was that night. How did the dude make that girl grow? Can the dude make others grow as well? So many questions that need to be answered.

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Massive – part 8

Massive part 8 adult gallery The Breast Expansion Story Club
Massive is a semi-realistic tale of a woman’s slow journey growing from a B-cup to Taboo proportions.

Vera had a crush on a co-worker, but on the evening before deciding to ask the hunk out, her boobs started to grow full cup sizes at random moments! From busting out of her blouse at an outdoor restaurant, Vera ends up in random embarrassing moments and explicit sex as the girl looks for enjoy during her MASSIVE journey from B-cup to Taboo proportions! For all who enjoys EXTREME BREAST EXPANSION and HUMOROUS SEXUAL SITUATIONS, this story is for you!

The Breast Expansion Story Club

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A Slut For Fashion – part 1

A Slut For Fashion part 1 adult gallery Bimbo Story Club
Three fashion designers take advantage of the wrong hotel and pay some lovely sexy consequences. Check out this new story!

Amy, Karen and Raya are three famous designers and models of the fashion world. As they arrive to a small, very unfashionable town, they are greeted by Noah, the son of the local hotel’s owner. The guy is just as connoisseur struck for these models as all else. This annoys the fashion icons as they unveil their plan to steal the town’s fabric resources and leave. This revelation upsets Noah who plans on sabotaging the ladies’ fashion show. The guy finds a suspicious powder in the guys father’s belongings and sprinkles it on Karen’s food. This causes Karen to change into quite the slut.

SupremeD’s way of making girls sexy shine through again! Amy, Karen, and Raya were such yanks that I could not wait to view them get what they deserve! This time around, SupremeD listened to the commentary of the fans and included a bit of a brain deterioration and Karen became a whole lot more stupid in the process! And of course, the guys sex scenes are forever great! It sets up so much more to come in the follow up comics!

Bimbo Story Club

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The Meadebower Incident – part 1

The Meadebower Incident adult gallery Giantess Club
In 1936, an ordinary girl, lost on an island for 12 years, returns as a 20 ft tall giantess! Do not miss this new series.

In 1924, the Meadebower Expedition set out to explore an uncharted island somewhere in the western Atlantic. Every member was tragically lost to mysterious circumstances. The only surviving account of the events surrounding their disappearance is in the late Dr. Meadebower’s journal, which speaks of extraordinary things on the island. A new team, led by the daring explorer Mr. Bridger has set out to pick up where the Meadebower team left off. They are accompanied by a well-armed team of mercenaries, and backed by the US Government, but the island has something (and someone!) big in store for them.

This toon story is King Kong meets Attack of the 50 ft Woman, with a dash of Indiana Jones! The Meadebower Incident opens with a mysterious flashback detailing a lost expedition to a jungle island. xCuervos’ first entry into giantess fiction sets the stage for an unexpected rescue operation that goes predictably awry, but leads to our first encounter with Abbie. This girl was an ordinary girl who disappeared with the first explorers, but once surviving alone in the jungle for 12 years, the girl has grown up…and up…and up… This explosive first issue contains a mystery, two monstrous avians, and one big heroine.

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