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Gia starts the shoot dressed in just a green pair of panties and a hot tight top. With her ass to camera the girl starts to peel down the panties. They roll over her fleshy ass cheeks, gradually exposing more and more of her beautiful butt. This girl understands the affect this has on her fans so as a reward to them, the girl makes this last, inching the panties down slowly as the camera film rolls.

Eventually the panties clear her ass to her thighs, but this gives Gia even more opportunity to pose as the girl trusts her tight teen cunt backwards so it is clearly visible in between her legs. This girl eventually removes the panties all together and then the girl honestly ramps up the action for her fans.

Gia climbs a nearby tree and spreads her thighs in between two branches. This girl then proceeds to rub her tight teen cunt, eventually sliding in her finger and covering it in her hot wet juices. This girl gets more and more turned on, creating more moisture that glistens in the bright sunlight as her fingers work her tight teen cunt hole.

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