Mamma’s Boy – Connor Kennedy & Blair Williams

Step-Sister Tricks Brother into Sex After Discovering the guys Mom Crush

SCENE opens on Rachel, a 20-year-old girl, as the girl walks down the stairs and struts into her family’s kitchen — barely dressed and hair tousled from a late evening out partying. This girls younger step-brother, Nathan, is eating cereal and dressed neatly in the guys school uniform. When the dude sees her, the dude lowers the guys eyes in disgust and exclaims that the girl shouldn’t be walking around the home just like that. Laughing at him, Rachel grabs some food and sits down beside her brother. This girl teases the hunk for still dressed in the guys uniformto school, even though the dude doesn’t have to. He’s 18-years-old and still acts just like a school boy. Nathan tells her to leave the hunk alone, the dude dresses just like this because the dude is a good student. He’s planning to graduate and go to college, unlike her! Ignoring him, the girl continues to tease the hunk and act just like a bitch when Nathan mutters that she’s fortunate the guys mom had to work the early shift this week because, otherwise, the girl would be in big trouble for making fun of him. This girl laughs even harder and calls the hunk a mama’s boy before the dude slams the guys spoon down and storms out of the room.

Nathan storms into the living room and calls the guys mother. Over the phone, the dude tells her that Rachel is making fun of the hunk again. Moreover, he’s lovely sure she’s hungover and planning to do something bad this week as she’s out working. Telling on the guys sister is Nathan’s attempt to attempt and get the guys mom to come home, because the dude doesn’t just like being alone with her. This girl makes the hunk feel uncomfortable. This guys mom assures the hunk that the dude is a big boy and that the dude shouldn’t worry about the guys step-sister just like that. This girl is just figuring herself out, particularly with her father forever travelling on business and not giving her attention. Besides, it’s nice to view the two of them ultimately spend quality time together. After all, they are a blended family. This girl tells the hunk the girl enjoys him, but the girl must go back to work, and the mom and son have a sappy, sentimental parting. When Nathan gets off the phone, the dude still feels frustrated. The guy turns to leave when the dude understands Rachel has been listening the whole time. ‘I make you feel uncomfortable?’ the girl requests teasingly. Nathan tells her not to be gross, they’re just like family. This girl requires to go put real clothes on and not dress just like such a floozy. What would mom say? Rachel requests why Nathan is forever running to the guys mom when the dude requires something. Does the dude have a crush on her or something? It’s weird for the hunk to be such a mamma’s boy! Nathan tells her to leave the hunk alone, grabs the guys backpack, and storms out of the home for school.

CUT to that evening. Nathan comes home when the dude hears moaning. The guy calls out to the guys mother, but gets no reply. Slowly walking up the stairs, the dude understands that the noises are coming from the guys bedroom! When the dude opens the door, the dude is shocked to view the guys step-sister seeing one of the guys pornos on TV. Embarrassed, the dude attempts to turn the TV off as the girl mocks the hunk about all the filthy movies the girl found hidden under the guys bed. This girl is dressed in not a thing but a crop top and panties.

Finally getting the TV to turn off, the dude runs over to the guys bed to attempt and conceal the pile of DVDs strewn all over. It seems just like the dude is desperately searching for something. Smiling triumphantly, Rachel watches the hunk scramble before asking ‘Are you looking for the photos of mom?’ Nathan freezes. This guys eyes look wild with anger. Rachel pulls out a series of cum-stained photographs of the guys mom and shows them to Nathan. ‘These look honestly soiled,’ the girl says. ‘How many loads did you drop on this photo? Does my daddy know that you jack off to photos of your mother?’ Nathan attempts to grab the photos away, but Rachel runs around the room, teasing them in the guys face and continuing to berate them. ‘Between these cum soaked pictures and all your hardcore porn, I think it’s safe to say that I have something rather important to tell our parents about your perverted behavior!’

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Pinup Gape – Vincent Vega & Michelle Can

Horny cutie Michelle Can gets her asshole gaped by big dick.

Pinup cutie Michelle Can is extremely passionate and requires a big hard cock to plug all her wet holes. Vincent Vega comes to the rescue and bangs the sexy cutie the way the girl enjoys it and leaves her with gaping holes and a smile on her face.

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Fuck My Ass #03 – Kayla Green & April Blue

April Blue and Kayla Green teasing and banging by the pool.

Stacked, thick-lipped Euro brunette April Blue wears a lacy skirt and stilettoes; colorfully tattooed, big-titted blonde Kayla Green is stylish in revealing lingerie. Under bright sunshine they exchange seduction across the patio, masturbating, finger banging bald cunts for each other. Planting a ass plug in her anus, Kayla’s not subtle body language shouts, ‘Come hither.’ April takes the bait and plunges the plug in Kayla, whose bunghole gapes. April launches her rear for probing by Kayla’s ass plug. After a big French kiss, April bangs Kayla’s asshole with a vibrator, and the ladies conclude with more passionate French kissing.

Christoph Clark Online

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Angel Perverse #23 – Abbie Cat & Nathalie Von

Threesome of feet and ass for dark-haired and this blonde!

Out on the city streets, petite, beautiful brunette Abbie Cat leads slender blonde Nataly Von to an underground parking garage, where hesitates her perverted friend, director Christoph Clark. The curious youthful girls give the scary stranger an impromptu, semi-public striptease followed by a double-blow job! The guy shoves the tiny sluts against the concrete wall to fuck them from behind. Next, the dude brings both girls home for a session of anal rimming, hard-core ass banging and ass-to-mouth training. The lingerie-clad babes stroke the guys cock with their stocking clad feet and completely completely naked soles. Christoph licks their toes and cums onto Abbie’s feet.

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Corporate Massage – Samantha Hayes & Lily Rader

Samantha requires a massage but gets deep sensual orgasm

As Lily Rader prepares the massage table, her boss, Samantha Haynes, walks in. Lily thanks her for suggesting this corporate massage day as the girl has had 8 clients already. When Lily requests Samantha why the girl has not come in for a massage, Samantha explains that the girl swamped with work and is way too busy. Lily tells her the girl is being ridiculous and that the girl should take advantage since it was her concept to begin with. Samantha agrees to 5 minutes and Lily starts working on her shoulders.

Lily suggests the girl take off her skirt as it would be easier to work out some of her lower areas. Samantha does not think that it is a good concept and is worried that a person could walk in on them. Lily assures her that no one comes in here when the girl is working on a client. Satisfied with her answer, Samantha takes off her skirt and lays down. Lily starts working on her back, attempting desperately to get all the knots and tension out. When Lily points out that a little oil could help her work on her back better, the girl suggests Samantha take off her bra. When Samantha hesitates, Lily takes it off for her, adding that it will make her job that much easier.

When Lily starts massaging her ass, Samantha is taken aback at first but cannot disagree that the girl has tension in that area. When Lily starts massaging her cunt, Samantha says that it may be time for her to get back to work. Lily reminds her that the girl is only done half the massage and that the girl should turn over so they can finish. This girl starts playing with her cunt again and makes her cum. Lily rips her clothes off and starts eating Samantha out who cums in her mouth. Lily climbs atop of Samantha for some good old-fashioned tribbing. By the time Lily face bangs Samantha, her cunt is gushing all over her face. With Samantha more than relaxed, it might be a good time to book another evening session with Lily.

All Girl Massage

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