Episode 6 – Deals Blow – Dick Chibbles and Alex Blake & Jaye Summers & Donnie Rock

Officer Dick Chibbles is training the guys new partner Donnie Rock who just happens to be a rookie. When the dude sees that the dude will do as the dude is told, the dude lets the hunk on a little secret: the dude has no problem being a cop that is on the take. The risks that cops take on a day-to-day basis, they better get a little something on the side for all their hard work. When Officer Chibbles pulls the squad car in front of a house, the rookie requests the hunk what they are doing. Officer Chibbles reminds the hunk to shut the guys mouth and stop asking stupid questions. The officers get out of the car and walk towards the front door of the house. They jerk out their guns and look within to find two female suspects bagging some coke. When they storm into the house, the female suspects start screaming as they attempt to escape. The two officers corner them and tell them to get on their knees and cuff them. When Alex Blake starts asking questions, Officer Chibbles starts roughing her up, reminding her to shut her banging mouth. The guy starts grilling the girls, demanding to know where their boss is. They refuse to talk and when Alex tells the hunk the girl has the right to remain silent, the guys patience is clearly dressed in thin. The guy grabs her by the neck and takes her to the next room. The guy tells the rookie to watch Jaye Summers. Officer Chibbles takes her aside and starts kissing Alex. The guy takes her back to the living and sits her next to Jaye. When the girls are informed that they are looking at some hard time they start panicking. They do not wish to do forty years for possession. The officers prepare to take them to the station but Alex pleads, offering them an ultimatum: if they take off her cuffs, the girl will be so good to them. The guy takes off her cuffs and the girl start undoing the guys fly. When the dude pulls out the guys cock the girl starts gobbling it. If this is all the girls have to do to avoid jail time, they are in!

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Episode 5 – Business of Favors – Chad White & Julie Kay

Officer Tom Orbinson (Chad White) is driving to a sting operation that the dude has been working on for months. Here have been Johns spotted at the location in question and the dude is lovely sure they are about to break up a prostitution ring that has been going on for years. The guy is excited to get there but still has some miles to put in beforehand. When the dude arrives at the location, the dude makes sure to park far enough away to not be spotted. The guy radios in, letting the guys fellow officers know that the dude will be joining them shortly. Once the dude gets there, the guys team informs the hunk that they have a situation and are excited to storm in and arrest some suspects. They rush up the stairs in formation and bust down the door. They grab the male suspect, throw the hunk to the ground then grab the guys arms and cuff him. When the guys fellow officer escorts the male suspect outside, Officer Orbinson stays in order to have a one on one talk with the female suspect (Julie Kay). The guy tells her the girl is in a lot of trouble and does not know what the dude is going to do with her. When the dude informs the suspect that there will be multiple charges brought against her, the girl tells the hunk the girl has not a thing to say. The guy keeps banging her with questions but the girl is not saying a word. The guy takes off the guys badge and microphone and tells her the dude is attempting to help her. If the girl does not help him, the dude is going to have to take her in. This girl requests the hunk if there is a way out of that. The guy gets closer to her and puts the guys hand on her leg. When the girl starts rubbing the guys arm, it is clear they understand each other. When the girl requests the hunk if the dude is interested, the dude gladly agrees and as long the girl does this for him, the dude will not have to take her in.

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Episode 4 – Distracted Driver – Kendra Spade & Tyler Knight

Officer Brandon Carter (Tyler Knight) is driving down a boulevard when the dude spots a car that is driving a little too slow for the guys liking. The guy explains that when a suspect is driving that slow, it i because they are potentially guilty of something. When the dude pulls up next to her, the dude sees that the girl is texting and driving which is illegal. Not wanting her to end up killing a person out of her own negligence, the dude decides to jerk her over. The guy turns on the guys sirens as the dude drives behind her, notifying her to stop. When the dude pulls the suspect (Kendra Spade) over, the girl has no concept what the girl did wrong. The guy requests her for her license and registration and the girl pretends to look for it. This girl ultimately admits that the girl has neither. The guy shakes the guys head and requests her to get out of the car. Tyler starts crying: the girl has not once been arrested before and does not know what to do. When the girl claims that her documentation is at her home two blocks away, Officer Carter puts her in the back of the guys car and drives her home. When they get there, the girl claims the housekeeper must have come over because the girl cannot find them. Officer Carter is getting honestly fed up with her excuses: find the documents now or go to jail! When the girl does not find them, the dude tells her the girl is going to be in jail for at last two days because the judge does not work weekends. When the girl requests the hunk if there is any single thing the girl can do to get out of this, the dude starts barking orders at her. The guy requests her to undress and the girl gets the hint quickly. The guy tells her to get on her knees as the dude puts the guys thumbs in her mouth. This girl pulls out the guys cock and starts gobbling it knowing that the girl has to make it count or else the girl is going to jail. After the dude bangs her and blows a load in her face, the dude tells her that her car will be impounded and leaves.

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Episode 3 – Two Vandals – Honey Gold & Gina Valentina & Derrick Pierce

Officer Marc Balde (Derrick Pierce) is doing the guys afternoon runs in the guys squad car. When the dude meets up with one of the guys informants, he’s notified about a disturbance down the street. The guy goes to check it out and sees that the two suspects (Honey Gold and Gina Valentina) are attempting to flee. The guy pursues them in the guys vehicle. Once they reach the end of the block, the dude continues the pursuit on foot until they’re apprehended. As they attempt to get up over a fence, the dude grabs and slams them on the hood of the squad car. When they claim to have done not a thing wrong, Officer Balde then requests them if that’s the case then why are they running. When the dude checks the bag they had with them, the dude finds two spray paint cans. The guy can’t believe they ran away from the hunk over two cans of banging paint! Frustrated, the dude throws them in the back of the car and drives away. As the dude attempts to body out what to do with them, they simply can’t keep their mouths shut. When the dude makes a stop and drags them out of the car, they get the message quickly: the dude requests them if they wish to go to jail. They both tell the hunk they’ll do any single thing to get out of this. When they ask the officer what the dude wants, the dude starts groping them. They’re both disgusted by the guys behavior but are 18 and can’t afford to do any hard time. Honey tells Gina that they should just agree to what the dude wishes and get it over with. The girls follow the guys instructions and start to undress each other. When the dude pulls out the guys dick, it’s clear what the girls need to do. When he’s done banging them, the dude cums all over and gets in the car. The guy then drives off leaving them in the middle of nowhere. It looks just like the girls are free to go; that is, if they can find their way home!

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Episode 2 – One Way Exit – Khloe Kapri & Tommy Pistol

The way out is through Officer Brandon Carter (Tommy Pistol) just has a call about a disgruntled employee (Khloe Kapri) who has recently gotten laid off from her job. This girl returned to her former employer demanding they give her the cash the girl is claiming they owe her. The assistant manager, who was the one who notified the police, is claiming the suspect is being overly aggressive and is afraid the girl is going to get violent if a person does not intervene. When Officer Carter walks in, the dude sees that the suspect in question is indeed being verbally aggressive with the manager. As the girl sees Officer Carter walking in, the girl cannot believe that the manager would call the cops on her. When Officer Carter requests her to calm down, the girl gets in the guys face and starts yelling at the hunk to fuck off. The guy has no choice but to subdue the suspect and get her into handcuffs. The guy cuffs her, turns her around and requests her again if the girl is calmed down enough to talk. This girl demands the girl be let go and that they pay her the cash the girl is owed. When Officer Carter gets the call from dispatch that the girl is possibly armed, the dude searches for her and finds drugs hidden in her bra. When the dude tells her that this is her third strike, the girl starts panicking and wonders how the girl is going to get out of this? The guy requests her to open her mouth and shimmy her tongue around and the girl does as the girl is told, adding that the girl is not hiding any single thing in there. But when the girl understands that the dude is not looking for evidence but proof of her oral skills, the girl gets disgusted and starts calling the hunk names. Officer Carter tells her this is her one chance to get out of this and the dude is attempting to help her. When the girl agrees to lick the guys cock and fuck the hunk on camera, that is all Officer Carter requires to hear before the girl shoves the guys cock in her mouth.

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Episode 1 – Little Lies – Brooke Karter & Dick Chibbles & Jack Vegas

Officers Dick Chibbles and Jack Vegas are doing their afternoon rounds. When they receive a call about an armed suspect, they waste no time driving to the house. As they knock on the door, Brooke Karter answers it and requests them what they want. When they inquire as to the whereabouts of the suspect, the girl lays to them, saying the dude is not here. But when they view the hunk attempting to escape from the kitchen window, they apprehend the suspect and cuff him. They read the hunk the guys rights and put the hunk in the squad car. When they go back into the house, they demand identification from the girlfriend. As they grill her with questions, they inform her that harboring a fugitive can get her 5-8 years in a state penitentiary. This girl keeps telling them she’s sweet but they know a liar when they view one. They cuff her and start roughing her up as they grab her by the throat and yell in her face, demanding that the girl tell them where her boyfriend was an hour and a half ago, because the dude sure as hell was not home with her. Playing good cop, they offer her an ultimatum: tell them the truth and the girl does not go to jail. Satisfied with her reply, the cops go to leave but Brooke is not going to let them take her boyfriend away from her. When the girl blurts out something about sex, the cops pause for a moment and ask her what the girl means. When the girl gets on her knees and starts gobbling Jack Vegas dick, the message becomes crystal clear.

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Mamma’s Boy – Connor Kennedy & Blair Williams

Step-Sister Tricks Brother into Sex After Discovering the guys Mom Crush

SCENE opens on Rachel, a 20-year-old girl, as the girl walks down the stairs and struts into her family’s kitchen — barely dressed and hair tousled from a late evening out partying. This girls younger step-brother, Nathan, is eating cereal and dressed neatly in the guys school uniform. When the dude sees her, the dude lowers the guys eyes in disgust and exclaims that the girl shouldn’t be walking around the home just like that. Laughing at him, Rachel grabs some food and sits down beside her brother. This girl teases the hunk for still dressed in the guys uniformto school, even though the dude doesn’t have to. He’s 18-years-old and still acts just like a school boy. Nathan tells her to leave the hunk alone, the dude dresses just like this because the dude is a good student. He’s planning to graduate and go to college, unlike her! Ignoring him, the girl continues to tease the hunk and act just like a bitch when Nathan mutters that she’s fortunate the guys mom had to work the early shift this week because, otherwise, the girl would be in big trouble for making fun of him. This girl laughs even harder and calls the hunk a mama’s boy before the dude slams the guys spoon down and storms out of the room.

Nathan storms into the living room and calls the guys mother. Over the phone, the dude tells her that Rachel is making fun of the hunk again. Moreover, he’s lovely sure she’s hungover and planning to do something bad this week as she’s out working. Telling on the guys sister is Nathan’s attempt to attempt and get the guys mom to come home, because the dude doesn’t just like being alone with her. This girl makes the hunk feel uncomfortable. This guys mom assures the hunk that the dude is a big boy and that the dude shouldn’t worry about the guys step-sister just like that. This girl is just figuring herself out, particularly with her father forever travelling on business and not giving her attention. Besides, it’s nice to view the two of them ultimately spend quality time together. After all, they are a blended family. This girl tells the hunk the girl enjoys him, but the girl must go back to work, and the mom and son have a sappy, sentimental parting. When Nathan gets off the phone, the dude still feels frustrated. The guy turns to leave when the dude understands Rachel has been listening the whole time. ‘I make you feel uncomfortable?’ the girl requests teasingly. Nathan tells her not to be gross, they’re just like family. This girl requires to go put real clothes on and not dress just like such a floozy. What would mom say? Rachel requests why Nathan is forever running to the guys mom when the dude requires something. Does the dude have a crush on her or something? It’s weird for the hunk to be such a mamma’s boy! Nathan tells her to leave the hunk alone, grabs the guys backpack, and storms out of the home for school.

CUT to that evening. Nathan comes home when the dude hears moaning. The guy calls out to the guys mother, but gets no reply. Slowly walking up the stairs, the dude understands that the noises are coming from the guys bedroom! When the dude opens the door, the dude is shocked to view the guys step-sister seeing one of the guys pornos on TV. Embarrassed, the dude attempts to turn the TV off as the girl mocks the hunk about all the filthy movies the girl found hidden under the guys bed. This girl is dressed in not a thing but a crop top and panties.

Finally getting the TV to turn off, the dude runs over to the guys bed to attempt and conceal the pile of DVDs strewn all over. It seems just like the dude is desperately searching for something. Smiling triumphantly, Rachel watches the hunk scramble before asking ‘Are you looking for the photos of mom?’ Nathan freezes. This guys eyes look wild with anger. Rachel pulls out a series of cum-stained photographs of the guys mom and shows them to Nathan. ‘These look honestly soiled,’ the girl says. ‘How many loads did you drop on this photo? Does my daddy know that you jack off to photos of your mother?’ Nathan attempts to grab the photos away, but Rachel runs around the room, teasing them in the guys face and continuing to berate them. ‘Between these cum soaked pictures and all your hardcore porn, I think it’s safe to say that I have something rather important to tell our parents about your perverted behavior!’

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Pinup Gape – Vincent Vega & Michelle Can

Horny cutie Michelle Can gets her asshole gaped by big dick.

Pinup cutie Michelle Can is extremely passionate and requires a big hard cock to plug all her wet holes. Vincent Vega comes to the rescue and bangs the sexy cutie the way the girl enjoys it and leaves her with gaping holes and a smile on her face.

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