Taking the Enema – Seth Gamble & Tommy Pistol & Chloe Cherry

Dad Hires Doctor to give Slutty Teen Daughter an Anal Cleaning

Scene opens on George, a typical blue-collar guy, as the dude lazes around at home one afternoon seeing TV and eating a bowl of chips. This guys wife is out of town and it’s the guys first day off in weeks so the man is very excited to relax when, suddenly, the dude hears screaming coming from the other end of the house. It’s the guys 18-year-old step-daughter, Kelly, crying out for him. This girl sounds very frightened. George puts the chips down and darts back to her bedroom. When the dude opens the door, the dude is shocked to find the girl completely naked in bed on all fours, grabbing at her ass and looking back at him. The guy covers the guys eyes and requests what the hell she’s doing. The pitiful teen pleads the hunk to be cool and just come in; she’s has herself into a situation and the girl honestly requires the guys help.

George attempts to persuade the girl to wait for her mom but the teen explains the girl requires help now so the dude demands that the girl at least cover up first. It isn’t appropriate for the hunk to be looking at the guys step-daughter naked. Kelly awkwardly shields herself in a towel and requests the hunk to come to the bed. This girl stammers that the girl tried to do something this afternoon … something carnal … but now it’s stuck. You can view George cringe when the dude hears this, as the dude has no desire to have any sex talk with the guys step-daughter. The guy attempts to diffuse the conversation but Kelly is insistent. This girl tells the hunk the girl took her mom’s meditation balls and put them within of her because the girl wanted to know what anal sex felt like. Now, several balls are in her bum and the girl can’t get them out. This girl doesn’t know what to do and her stomach is cramping. She’s convinced they’re lost. George cringes even further. Kelly requests if the dude is willing to attempt and get them out. George gets off the bed and shakes the guys head: No way, you’re eighteen now. That would be inappropriate. Your mom would freak out! Kelly pleads the hunk to just do it, the girl won’t tell anyone, the girl requires help. This girl removes the towel and gets back on all fours, ass arched up. Please just view if you can get them out, the girl begs. George reluctantly uses the guys fingers to attempt and spread her asshole open and look inside. This girl keeps encouraging the hunk to go further but the man panics, unable to do it. Kelly starts to cry and, desperate, George comforts her and says the dude will have an emergency doctor make a home call to deal with this. This girl doesn’t have to go anywhere and the girl doesn’t have to panic. He’ll fix everything.

Scene cuts to a car pulling into the driveway. George runs out to greet the doctor, who steps out of the guys car dressed neatly and dressed in a white jacket. George thanks the hunk profusely for coming so quickly and with such discretion. The doctor, very direct and clinical in the guys speech, cuts George off to ask if he’ll assist in bringing the guys materials inside. George shuts up and they exit the frame in silence. When the doctor enters Kelly’s room, with George in tow, Kelly is lying completely naked in a fetal position. This girl is very uncomfortable. The Doctor, who introduces himself as Dr. Finch, matter-of-factly requests her to sit up and explain her symptoms as the dude checks her heart and blood pressure, puts on gloves and pulled out a bottle of lubricant from the guys bag. The guy has her get back on all fours and, asking her permission to touch, lubes up her asshole and slowly slides the guys fingers in until the guys is fist-deep and able to jerk out each ball. They slowly plop on the bed and the dude hands them to George, who stares down in disbelief. For some reason, the dude can’t help but feel a bit aroused … even though the dude understands the dude shouldn’t.

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Girls Night – Johnny Goodluck & Carolina Sweets & Lily Rader

GIRLS NIGHT – Teen pushed into Sleepover Sex with Brother & Sister

Scene opens on a beautiful summer day as 18-year-old Kacey drives over to her friend Andi’s house. A backpack, board games, and pillow are tossed in the back seat and the radio is on. Kacey and Andi have been best friends since childhood and are practically inseparable, even once Kacey’s family moved out of town. Now, it is the final weekend before both girls move out of state to attend alternate colleges so Andi has invited Kacey over for a ‘girls’ night’ sleepover for old times sake.

When Kacey arrives at the door, Andi greets her enthusiastically. The BFFs giggle and hug before grabbing Kacey’s things and heading inside. Andi seems slightly unhinged, looking over her shoulder as the girl closes the door. The girls settle into the living room and start to catch up when their conversation is cut short by Andi’s step-brother Todd returning home. Kacey has forever been very wary about Todd. The guy was the black sheep of Andi’s family, unemployed, in and out of trouble, and very aggressive. The guy had moved back in this Summer once a stint in the army and Andi had been very quiet about it.

Now, the moment the brother walked in the room, Andi’s behavior changed dramatically, from outspoken and giddy to nervous and reserved. Kacey notices this but, before the girl can react, Todd slides on to the couch and crashes their conversation. Throughout the dialogue, the dude keeps putting the guys sister down in front of Kacey and making lewd jokes at her expense, as being very touchy and flirtatious at the same time. Andi takes it without a word, staring blankly at her best friend. This is not a normal way for siblings to treat each other and the situation makes Kacey feel very uncomfortable, particularly when the girl catches Todd leering at her too.

Later that night, once an evening of board games and makeovers, Kacey and Andi undress to get prepared for bed. As the girls undress out of their clothes, Kacey notices some strange markings around one of Andi’s wrists. When the girl requests about it, Andi shrugs it off and quickly changes the subject. An awkwardness hangs in the air around them until Kacey breaks the silence by asking to use the shower. This girls best friend seems relieved and grabs her a towel.

As Kacey rinses off, the girl cannot help but feel uneasy. This girl leans up against the wall and scrubs herself, lost in thought. You can tell the girl is thinking about Andi. This girl turns the shower off and pulls the curtain back in time to view Todd darting out. The guy had clearly been in there seeing her. Kacey quickly grabs her towel and wraps it around herself.

Back in Andi’s room, Kacey attempts to explain what happened but Andi is quick to dismiss her, making up excuses about how the dude must have accidentally walked in. This girl tells her BFF that the girl is tired and the two girls turn out the lights.

In the middle of the night, Kacey wakes up to strange noises. Slowly rolling over, the girl understands that Andi and Todd are getting taboo step-sibling sex aggressively on the bed beside her.

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Frantastic Granny – Franny & Jason Storm

Busty granny Franny gets her cunt banged by Jason

Jason is at the guys girlfriend’s home waiting for her to get home. While the dude waits, the dude requests her mom Franny for some snacks. This girl instantly accompanies the hunk on the couch. This girl announces to the hunk that her daughter will be later than expected. Jason wonders what to do until then. But Franny has something in mind. This girl takes off her skirt and sticks her luscious pussy in the guys face. After getting a good flavor of a finely aged cunt it is Franny’s turn to service some hot oral pleasure to the youthful buck. This girl starts to lick the guys hard throbbing cock. When the guys rod gets diamond cutting hard the girl gets up on it and starts bouncing on him. Jason plows the big tittied granny until the dude is prepared to bust the guys nut. The nasty elder relishes in getting all of the guys tasty semen on her face and in her mouth just like it was her last meal. Letting it dribble down her face to her big lubricious tits.


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The Grade – Danny Mountain & Kristen Scott

THE GRADE – Teen Student Fucks This girls Teacher once Blackmailing Him

The adult gallery opens on Veronica, an 18-year-old high school student, as the girl sits in her darkened room. This girls bed is littered with school books, notepads, tissues and scrunched up papers, including a term paper the girl recently has back from her teacher. Despite all her efforts, Mr. Pullman has given her a failing grade and the teenager is devastated. This girl sits slouched over, in the middle of the bed, with a box-cutter in her hand, tempting fate by tracing the blade back and forth across her skin. The door knocks, startling the girl. From outside, her mom softly requests if the girl will come out of her room now. Veronica cries out no. The mom pleads with her, telling her to please just unlock the door and come downstairs. It is only one semester the girl will have to repeat, the girl can even do it over the summer. Veronica tells her mom to leave her alone and wipes her eyes. This girl picks up the term paper and stares at it hard, before ripping it to shreds. There is no banging way I am failing this year because of you, the girl mutters.

A tea kettle whistles. Mr. Pullman, dressed comfortably at home, comes into the kitchen and takes the kettle off the stove. The guy pours himself a cup of tea and, poking the guys head around the corner, yells up to the guys wife that the dude is going to spend some quiet time alone in the guys study. The guy still has so many papers to grade.

The man walks into the guys study and sits down on the couch, a stack of papers neatly organized in front of the hunk alongside the guys grading pen and laptop. You get the sense that the dude is very organized. The guy picks up a paper and starts to go through it when the door knocks. Surprised, the dude walks over to the door and opens it to expose Veronica standing there. This girl has cleaned herself up and is neatly dressed, a stark contrast to how the girl looked before. When the dude requests what the girl is doing at the guys house, the girl invites herself within and informs Mr. Pullman that the girl requires to speak with him. It is urgent. The guy shuts the door and follows her back inside, cautiously looking over the guys shoulder to view if the guys wife has heard. The home remains still.

He invites the girl to sit down on the couch and takes a seat on the guys arm chair, giving adequate distance in between them. The guy requests again what the girl is doing at the guys home on a Friday night. How did the girl even get the guys address? This is generally not considered acceptable by school policy. Veronica apologizes for the intrusion and, speaking very politely, requests her teacher if the dude can simply explain to her why the dude gave the failing grade on her term paper. Mr. Pullman takes a breath before launching into the guys explanation, highlighting all the historical inaccuracies the girl gave and hinting that the dude suspected plagiarism. Veronica stares at the hunk coldly, asking the hunk to repeat himself several times. This girl picks up some of the papers the dude has neatly stacked and belligerently requests if these are plagiarized as well. This girl starts to randomly read them and make comments as the girl throws the papers around the guys room. Frustrated, particularly when the girl starts to rip up pages, Mr. Pullman grabs her wrist and throws her back down on the couch. The guy orders her to stop and tells her that the guys wife is upstairs. This girl cannot just come into the guys home and disrupt every single thing just like this because of a bad grade.

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Bratty Teens – Kenzie Reeves – Small Hands & Kenzie Reeves

Hot blonde Kenzie Reeves is in the mood to play – and by play we mean the girl wishes her boyfriend to slap her around a little and fuck her tight teen pussy. This girl put on a striped pair of panties, a crop top and fuzzy kitty cat ears hoping to catch the guys interest. When the girl did not, the girl resorted to relentlessly hounding the hunk for selfies – like, why can the dude not ever just play with her and have fun for once? This girl has so wet when the girl managed to get a rise out of him.. because rough playtime was exactly her plan. This girl is a smart banging brat and ALWAYS gets her way. Do not get scratched!

Burning Angel

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Grandmother’s Noodles – Codey Steele & Jade Luv

Asian Jade is in the kitchen making her grandmother’s famous Noodles. This girl requests Cody to come in to flavor them, the dude is honestly hesitant. The guy ultimately comes in complaining that the dude does not just like Asian food. This girl pleads the hunk to just have a bite. This girl is dressed in honestly hot lingerie which is the only thing that Cody cares about. As Jade is attempting to feed the hunk the dude cannot keep the guys hands off of her. After a couple of minutes Jade ultimately gives in and starts gobbling Cody’s Noodle.

Devils Films

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Christoph’s Anal Attraction #05 – David Perry & Mea Melone

Leggy, blue-eyed brunette Mea Melone is glamorous in a black dress with zebra print stilettos. The long-haired woman spreads and stretches her long thighs just like a gymnast, pumps her glutes in lacy panties and tweaks the nipples on her natural tits. Mea manipulates her hairless twat and tugs open her ass with four fingers; the girl buries a big toy up her ass. With that the girl is prepared to lick and stroke hunk David Perry’s towering erection. The guy drools on her, calling her a banging bitch. Straight up her asshole goes the guys thick dick, as David spanks her cheeks. This girl grinds cock anally, stretching those impressive thighs to the sides, parallel to the floor. Mea licks flavorful cock ass-to-mouth and David fingers her gash to a sopping squirt. This girl laps the guys balls and pumps the guys semen onto her tongue.

Christoph Clark Online

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