The Date – Danny Mountain & Charles Dera & Emily Willis

‘Being your slave, what should I do but tend
Upon the hours and times of your desire?
I have no precious time at all to spend,
Nor services to do until you require.’
– William Shakespeare


We watch a beautiful youthful woman (Emily Willis) in her apartment getting prepared for the evening. This girl showers, lotions up her body, puts on expensive perfume, and dresses — first into expensive ebony satin lingerie, stockings, garters, and heels and then sliding into a beige rain jacket. This girl looks just like the girl just walked off a runway. The camera voyeuristically watches her, almost just like a reverse striptease.

CUT TO the woman, in her jacket, completely completely naked thighs and heels, as the girl exits her building and steps into a ebony town car. A man waiting for her shuts the door and gets into the driver seat.

CUT TO a car mount shot, looking in at the quiet driver in a ebony suit and ray bans, and the girl who sits in the middle of the back seat. To her right is a very handsome man (Danny Mountain) in an expensive suit. A second man (Charles Dera), equally handsome and dressed the same, sits on her left.

CUT TO the road. As they drive, the man in the back requests the woman if the girl is ready. Obediently, the girl says ‘yes.’ The guy requests if the girl will give herself over completely. This girl says ‘yes.’ The guy undresses her out of her jacket, exposing her completely completely naked skin. This girl quivers. The guy takes a brown paper bag and puts it over her head, before holding her arms to keep her still. They ride for a moment with her body writhing. The guys look cool and collected, staring right into ahead. All you can hear are the light gasps and groans from the submissive woman as the girl is being driven, eagerly awaiting what’s to come.

‘My only submission is total submission.
I will kneel before you, completely naked and unashamed,
My eyes down, my chin up.

‘I will do as you say and be rewarded.
Always saying please and thank you,
Accepting my punishments just like a good girl,
Never touching myself until you have given permission,
And forever swallow, not once spit.

‘I will surrender to your will
And forever remember who I belong to.’

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Lady Gonzo | Gina Valentina – Gina Valentina & Ramon Nomar

Raunchy ringmaster Joanna Angel returns with another depraved carnal spectacle. This girls main attraction for the evening: the filthy and delectable Gina Valentina. When Joanna meets Gina on a downtown street corner, Gina can’t conceal her excitement at the thought of getting nice and sloppy with her adult gallery partner for the night: long-donged latin lover Ramon Nomar. She’s particularly psyched for Ramon to cum in her cunt, since the girl LOVES creampies and can’t wait to get permeated up with a nice dollop of the guys warm jizz.

Even though Ramon’s going to have most of the the fun today, Joanna requires a little something for herself, so the girl brings Gina to her secret spot, a darkened alley that’s flawless for Joanna’s brand of pre-game action. And true to form, she’s already has a chair set up there for Gina, who peels off her clothes and climbs up onto it, twerking her luscious ass and opening her cheeks to give Joanna a peek at her tight twat.

Joanna just full of shocks though, and she’s has another one for little Gina, presenting her with a nice pink dildo. Gina enjoys her surprise and squeals as the girl slaps that pink cock on her cunt, gobbling on it before the girl squeezes it deep into her snatch. Gina’s no complainer, and the girl enjoys her pink cock, but once banging herself with it until the girl cums, the girl decides it’s time for the REAL thing, so Joanna leads her to the set to hop onto Ramon’s bone.

And hop onto the hunk the girl does, climbing atop of Ramon and straddling the hunk with her luscious ass as the dude pulls down the guys pants. Ramon slides the guys cock into Gina’s sopping box and the girl grinds the hunk just like a skanky little cowgirl, bouncing up and down on the guys rod as the dude spanks her ass raw. But the girl wishes that cock in her mouth too, so the girl jumps off of the hunk and the dude bangs her face, pistoning the guys cock in and out of her mouth as the girl gags gratefully.

Since Gina enjoys cream so much, Joanna’s has one last surprise, so when Gina gets down on all fours, the girl sprays whipped cream all over Gina’s flawless ass. Ramon’s absolutely has a sweet tooth, and buries the guys face in Gina’s asshole, munching on her creamy backside before the dude jams the guys cock back into her pussy.

Gina’s a nasty little ball-drainer who’s been hungry a creampie all night. Let’s hope she’s fully prepared for the stream of spunk that Ramon’s about to let loose within of her…

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Work It Out – Derrick Pierce & Sofia Rose

Sofia Rose is busy working out with her personal trainer, Derrick Pierce. This girls tight workout pants and sports brabeautifully show off her sensual curves. This girls face is permeated with determination, her gaze sultry.

She is completely in the zone as Derrick helps her stretch, the guys strong body nestled against her voluptuous form. Asshe exercises, the girl can’t withstand flirting with her trainer, particularly when doing squats or bouncing on an exercise ballin front of him. What hotblooded man can withstand such a lubricious ass and hefty boobs jiggling in front of the guys very eyes?

It’s not long before Sofia has Derrick completely under her spell and yearning for her. When the girl slyly drops onto herhands and knees upon a yoga mat, leaning forward and then pressing her backside back against him, the girl can feel thebulge in the guys pants. The guy wishes her as bad as the girl wishes him, and the dude can’t fight the feeling any longer.

Sofia revels in her sweet victory as Derrick undresses her, eagerly eating out and finger banging her cunt, making her headspin. When the guys cock slides within of her and the guys hands squeeze her breasts, she’s about to get the best workout ofher life.

Now THIS is a workout routine Sofia can fully get behind.

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Transfixed | S1 E3 | After Hours With Natalie – Riley Reyes & Natalie Mars

The city skyline glows bright in the night, showing that its people not once sleep. There’s forever an adventure to be had, no matter what hour it is.

Natalie Mars and Riley Reyes nestle together in the backseat of a town car, dressed as though they’ve just come from a dance club. The fire they’d built elsewhere intensifies as they cast each other lustful looks, unable to keep their hands off each other. Once they lock lips, sharing a searing kiss, the world disappears around them. The only two people who exist in that moment are them.

‘Driver, you can jerk over here,’ Natalie announces once breaking the kiss. This girl longs to flavor Riley again, but understands she’s about to flavor more than just Riley’s lips.

The driver does as he’s told, pulling into a quiet industrial area. The guy hesitates as Natalie and Riley get up out of the car together, their hands clasped, their forms backlit by headlights. Natalie’s sultry looks have Riley hooked as they slip into the nearest building they can find.

The place is abandoned, its furniture drenched in white sheets, though the dim light helps set the mood. The sensual women claim a sofa for their own and begin undressing each other, excited to view what’s underneath their sparkling dresses. As soon Natalie has the chance, the girl dives into Riley’s ass and cunt, making her tremble with joy and yearn for more. After Riley eagerly goes down on Natalie’s cock, Natalie soon gives them both what they’d been craving, sinking her cock deep into Riley’s pussy.

The flame that’s been fanning all evening turns into a raging wildfire that consumes them. The only thing that will bring them relief now is to ultimately come undone together.

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Lady Gonzo | Joanna Angel & Kissa Sins – Kissa Sins & Joanna Angel & Markus Dupree

Joanna Angel’s back with another nasty fuck-fiesta and this time, she’s has the wicked Kissa Sins on deck to get dicked. This girls fortunate partner? Superstar carnal athlete Markus Dupree. Joanna kicks the evening off when the girl heads to her apartment to pick Kissa up, who’s already hot and passionate and drooling for some cock.

In the apartment, Kissa can barely keep her hands off of Joanna. When Joanna has Kissa change into an outfit that the girl brought her for the shoot and the girl gets a look at Kissa’s tasty ass, Joanna has trouble keeping her hands to herself also. But Joanna’s not supposed to be in the adult gallery today, so the boss woman does her best to withstand Kissa’s unbelievably fuck worthy body. Kissa’s not going to make it easy for Joanna though, telling her that the girl enjoys getting it in her ass even MORE than in her pussy. This girl cums so hard that it’s just like there’s an on-demand climax button in there.

Joanna bites her lip, asking her what that feels like. Instead of telling her, Kissa shows her, undressing down, sitting down on a chair and getting out a shiny crystal rod that the girl brought with her. This girl lubes up the rod with her spit and throws her little thighs over her head, pulling aside her panties and rubbing her tight asshole. Moaning loudly, the girl slides the rod right up her snug little sphincter.

While Joanna cheers her on, Kissa pounds the rod into her ass even deeper, rubbing her swollen clitoris as the girl bangs her lubricious asshole. It doesn’t take long for Kissa to hit that button the girl was talking about, and the girl cums hard, her thighs shaking as her ass creams all over that crystal fuckstick. With that incredible ass-gasm, playtime’s over and it’s time to get to set to get the fuck-down of the century started. Joanna’s has a collection of shocks in store for Kissa, so she’d better be prepared to get REAL messy.

And by the time they arrive on set and meet Markus, Kissa proves how prepared the girl honestly is, jumping on the hunk and whipping out the guys already-hard dick. This girl takes the guys jumbo cock, pumping the guys swollen head and hard rod in and out of her lubricious mouth as the dude bangs her face, squeezing the guys cock down her throat. This girl licks on the guys testicles before the dude spins her onto her back and sticks the guys cock right into up her ass, banging her little hole until her eyes roll back in her head.

Joanna’s seeing every single thing go down, but she’s has holes of her own that need gaping. So even though the girl wasn’t supposed to be in the scene, she’s resolved to say eff to that – she’s not going to stay on the sidelines for much longer, and Kissa and Markus better be prepared when the divine Miss A dives ass-first into this fuck-frenzy.

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Sister Caught Sneaking – Whitney Wright & Zac Wild

Zac Wild is waiting for the guys step-sister, Whitney Wright, to come home. She’s been out all evening and the dude understands she’s sneaking around, getting up to no good. The guy wishes to catch her in the act, particularly once finding a condom in her bedroom drawer.

When Whitney arrives home, Zac hides behind her bedroom door. Once the girl sneaks into her bedroom, the dude closes the door behind her. ‘What’s up, sis?’ the dude loudly greets.

She’s NOT happy to have the hunk in her room, and she’s even less happy when the dude says the dude understands she’s been sneaking out two or three times that week alone. The guy gloats that the dude found the condom, too, knowing that she’s doing more than just hanging out with friends.

She attempts to shrug the hunk off — so what if she’s out there doing her own thing? What’s it to him? The guy shouldn’t be rooting around in her stuff, anyway. Besides, their parents would not once take the guys word over hers. Zac agrees that that MAY be the case… unless the dude finds proof, that is, so the dude grabs her purse and finds incriminating evidence, including a artificial ID! Remember how the girl tattled on the hunk when the dude accidentally dented the car? Well, now he’s has something on her, too.

Whitney’s now much more nervous as the girl drops to her knees and pleads her step-brother not to say anything. The last thing the girl wishes to do is make Dad mad. Please, she’ll do any single thing if Zac keeps all of this to himself.

Zac says, well, as she’s on her knees, there IS something the girl could take care of for him, gesturing at the guys growing hard-on… Whitney is disgusted as the girl pulls away from him, telling the hunk that he’s sick! Zac disagrees — c’mon, what’s one more cock to a whore just like her? If the girl bangs him, he’ll make sure that word about the artificial ID not once gets back to their parents.

Although Whitney is reluctant, the girl eventually agrees to banging Zac to keep the hunk quiet. This girl remarks that Zac must hate her, as the girl sinks to her knees before him. The guy says that’s not true — the dude enjoys her! In fact, the dude enjoys her thiiiiis much! This girl rolls her eyes at him, but starts to lick the guys cock just to get the hunk to play nice. Eventually, the dude decides that the dude wishes to go all the way and tosses her onto the bed for some sweet sisterly love.

Whitney does every single thing the girl can to win Zac’s favor, but will it be enough to keep the guys mouth shut?

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Lady Gonzo | Kenzie Reeves – Kenzie Reeves & Small Hands

Night time in L.A. brings out all the freaks, so it’s the flawless time for savage sex fiend Joanna Angel to soften up her next target. Tonight, she’s has voluptuous little cock-aholic Kenzie Reeves in her crosshairs, and when the girl invites the tiny princess into the hallway of her sex-loft, Kenzie’s already raring to go.

Wearing a skin-tight top, tiny little backside shorts, and holding a big lollipop, Kenzie looks good enough to eat. This girl wishes to get all her little holes stuffed, and Joanna’s has JUST the right cock in mind for that. A cock that’s waiting for her in the loft. But before the girl gets it, Kenzie will have to give Joanna a little show in the hallway first.

Always the excited little slut, the girl gives Joanna exactly what the girl asked for. Slipping her rainbow suspenders off, Kenzie shakes her lubricious ass and Joanna pulls up her shirt, surprising her with an extra long stick of colorful candy that Joanna rubs all over Kenzie’s perky little titties. Kenzie’s has a surprise for Joanna too, and when the girl bends over and sticks her flawless ass out, the girl flaunts the heart-shaped ass plug that’s lodged in her sweet little crack. This gives Joanna an concept and the girl has Kenzie squat down, sliding the candy up her tight twat as Kenzie moans, her cunt juice sopping down the stick.

That’s just a warm-up though, and it’s time for the main event. Joanna leads Kenzie into the loft, introducing her to Small Hands, the guy who’s going to be dishing out that good dick. Kenzie doesn’t waste any time getting at it, getting off Small Hands’ pants and sliding her lovely pink teen mouth around the guys hard shaft. This girl gags gratefully, bobbing her head on it just like the natural-born cocksucker that the girl is, as Small Hands finger-fucks her sopping pussy.

Small Hands spins Kenzie around, burying the guys face in her muff as the girl slurps on the guys cock. Kenzie wishes the guys cock nice and sloppy, and lovely soon, Small Hands’ rod is sopping in spit as the dude rams it into Kenzie’s mouth, making her throat bulge and her eyes water as the dude face-fucks her.

Joanna promised Kenzie that she’d get ALL her holes stuffed, so Small Hands slides the diamond buttplug out of Kenzie’s twitching asshole and replaces it with the guys throbbing cock, banging her little ass until she’s prepared to explode.

Small Hands can’t stay away from Kenzie’s slit for long. The guy picks her up in the guys arms and slides the guys cock back into her pussy. Holding her in the air, the dude pounds her cunt just like a maniac, using Kenzie just like the guys little cock-puppet.

Between all the cock and candy—and a few EXTRA shocks that Joanna’s has planned for her— Kenzie’s going to get all the sweet treats that she’s been hungry today. But is the girl prepared for the grand finale: a unspoiled donut that’s about to get frosted with fresh, hot CUM?

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Don’t Watch Me Change – Chad White & Gia Derza

Chad White walks down the hall to the guys step sister Gia Derza’s bedroom, where the girl has just started getting off her clothes as the girl attempts on an outfit as looking in the mirror. The guy watches voyeuristically through the partly open door to her room as the dude gets a flawless view of her undressing as turned partly towards him. This girl peels off her top to expose her perky teen tits, and then takes off the lower half of her outfit to show off her taut butt-cheeks. The brother moves slightly forward, just enough to get a better view without being noticed, and the guys hand grips at the door-frame with anticipation.

Gia pulls out an alternate clothes option and considers it for a moment. This girl tilts her head, pouting her face in doubt. To Chad’s delight, the girl twists around in place to consider it from alternate angles, flashing the hunk even more skin in the process.

Suddenly, Chad’s phone buzzes loudly with a received text message. Gia yelps in surprise and recoils, pulling the outfit she’s holding towards her to cover up as much of her completely completely naked skin as the girl can. ‘Chad, don’t watch me change!’ the girl whines. This girls brother lays and says the dude didn’t know the girl was changing, the dude just wanted to come and apologize for being mean to her earlier. This girl relaxes a bit but still holds the clothes up to conceal behind. Chad continues saying the dude doesn’t know what the big deal is, it’s not just like the girl was naked. They view each other in bathing suits all the time whenever they go to the water slides. Gia relaxes and says the girl guesses that’s true. Chad sees the clothes that Gia has laid out on the bed and requests her if the girl wishes a guy’s opinion on which ones are the nicest. With a sigh, the girl says ‘Sure.’

She holds up the outfit the girl was considering and requests what the dude thinks about it. The guy pretends to consider it, and ultimately tells her that he’s not sure about it. Gia frowns and says yeah, her neither, and groans and tosses it back in a pile on the bed. Chad requests what the big fuss is about the clothes, why does the girl care so much? Isn’t the girl just going out with friends? Gia puts on a mischievous smile and says ok, don’t tell mom and dad, but she’s going on a date tonight. Chad is shocked and a bit disappointed – the girl has a date and didn’t tell him? Gia gets a bit hesitant and admits that the dude forever gets jealous whenever the girl goes on dates. Chad can’t believe what he’s hearing and tells Gia that he’s not jealous, just protective of her. Fine, whatever, Gia says. Here is a moment of silence in between the two. So…is the girl going to have sex with her date?, Chad requests Gia out of the blue

Gia complains that this is exactly what the girl was talking about, he’s getting jealous again, and besides, that is NONE of the guys business. And even if the guy wanted to, she’s not once even had sex before. This girls brother is shocked to hear this – but she’s had plenty of boyfriends before! Gia replies sure, but the girl forever took things slow in the past. But the girl admits that the girl is considering getting sex with this new guy. Chad gets suddenly protective of her, the girl can’t just dive in just like that, the girl doesn’t even know this guy. What if the dude hurts her, or expects her to do things she’s not comfortable with? Does the girl honestly wish her first time to be with a total stranger? This girls first time should be with a person who the girl trusts. Gia gets even more self-conscious and says the girl doesn’t honestly have anyone in her life just like that right now, all her other friends are pairing up or going off to college.

Chad says… well, what if the dude showed her a thing or two? Gia reacts with shock, how can the dude even suggest that? She’s the guys sister! Chad says defensively that he’s just attempting to look out for her, the dude cares about her and doesn’t wish to view her get hurt. Besides, the dude rationalizes, technically they’re not related, so if it helps the girl could just think of the hunk as her very good friend. Gia frowns and says it would just be too weird. Chad says it doesn’t have to be – the dude could just show her a couple of moves so that she’s not going in clueless. Like what? Gia requests incredulously. Chad tells her the dude could at least teach her how to give a proper handjob. That way if she’s ever with a guy and doesn’t wish to take things further, that’s a great way to cool things off without making the hunk feel blue-balled. Once a guy cums, the dude explains, the dude stops caring about sex for a while. Gia says that that still means she’d have to touch her brother’s… you know. Chad rationalizes that it’s just hands on skin, same as if the girl shook the guys hand or gave the hunk a backrub. Gia admits that that DOES make it seem not so bad. Chad promises that the dude won’t make her do any single thing she’s not comfortable with, and Gia hesitantly agrees to try.

Gia awkwardly helps her mature brother out of the guys pants and kneels in front of the hunk beside the bed. This girl grabs at the guys cock and starts awkwardly and roughly rubbing it, and the dude remarks that the girl has to be gentler to start, with slow long strokes. This girl follows the guys advice and starts to improve her technique, and before long, Gia is jerking her brother’s cock just like an expert, as the dude groans and says it feels honestly good.

After awhile, the dude remarks that most girls will use their mouths to lotion up a guy’s cock during a handjob, making it feel even more pleasurable. ‘I’m not gobbling your dick!’ Gia complains. Chad says that’s fine – some guys are even happy with a girl just kissing the rod a few times. That wouldn’t be so weird, right? They’ve kissed on the cheek before, haven’t they? Hesitantly, the guys teen sister says yeah, the girl guesses so. Timidly, the girl brings her lips to the rod of the guys cock and kisses. Chad groans loudly. Proud at seeing the dude enjoys her technique, Gia continues, giving the hunk sensual kisses up and down the guys shaft. This girls brother continues to moan, and puts the guys hand reassuringly on her head. This seems to coax Gia to be a bit bolder. This girl sticks her tongue out and starts licking up the side of the guys shaft. Ohhhh! her brother moans, shocked and turned on by the gesture. This girl does this a couple more times, and then even ends the final lick by going all the way to the tip and swirling her tongue across the tip. This girls brother groans uncontrollably, and gently shoves her head down so that her lips wrap around the tip of the guys cock. This girls eyes widen in surprise but the girl doesn’t jerk away, in fact the girl closes her eyes and goes down deeper onto the guys rod with her mouth.

But a blowjob is just the start, because Gia’s has lots more to learn. Lucky for her, her big brother is prepared to teach her!

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Stuck Babysitting My New Sister – Emily Willis & Ricky Johnson

Ricky Johnson walks downstairs as the guys step-sister, Emily Willis, is being scolded by her father. She’s being grounded for getting in trouble at school, though Emily is pleading for leniency. This girl has tickets to a concert that weekend! However, her father doesn’t budge, stating that the girl should’ve thought of the consequences BEFORE getting suspended.

Her father then turns to Ricky, telling the hunk that the guys mom raised the hunk right — he’s not sure where the dude went wrong with Emily. While they’re out to dinner, Ricky is in charge! He’s not to let Emily out of the house, except for emergencies. Ricky easily accepts the new role.

As soon as they’re alone, Ricky requests if Emily is excited about binge-watching some shows that night. Emily can’t believe he’s seriously not going to let her go out! Doesn’t the dude have things the dude wishes to do, too? Why should the dude be stuck babysitting her when she’s an adult? How about they both sneak out and do their own thing, then meet up again at 11:30 before Mom and Dad gets home?

Ricky hesitates, then gets an idea. The guy tells her that, if the girl does the hunk a big favor, he’ll absolutely let her go out that night. Emily is excited — she’ll do anything! Ricky sits her down, letting her know that the girl might say no, but… if the girl has sex with him, she’s free to go to the concert.

Emily is shocked, pulling away from him. How could the dude even THINK of asking her something just like that? He’s her step-brother! Ricky insists that they can have a ‘siblings with benefits’ sort of situation — the benefit being the guys dick.

Emily still resists, attempting to butter the hunk up in other ways, but understands that she’s just wasting time. If the girl honestly wishes to go to the concert, this is what the girl has to do. This girl ultimately agrees and drops down to her knees to get down to business.

Emily licks Ricky’s dick, getting the hunk nice and hard so that the girl can ride him. As the girl slides the guys cock into her cunt, she’s determined to win the guys favor — and have fun at the same time. All the girl can hope is that Ricky will keep the guys word!

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