Incognito Agent GTS – part 3

Incognito Agent GTS part 3 adult gallery Giantess Club
Andrea returns as agent GTS! Issue #3 out now!

Fox briefs Andrea on her upcoming mission. Andrea is disappointed that the mission is just an assassination. Not only does the girl have to be stealthy, but the girl cannot grow as well. Regardless of Andrea’s bias, it is gig that pays. Sexual tensions in between Fox and Andrea start to heat of to unstable levels. Soon the close friends are getting sex. The carnal stimulation causes Andrea to grow, grow, and grow some more. Fox desperately cries out to Andrea as the dude gets overwhelmed by her growing body and her dangerous libido. Luckily for Fox, Andrea hears the hunk and snaps out of her lustful trance just like state. Wanting to make it up to her tiny partner, Andrea decides to give the tiny man the best oral sex of the guys life. The pleasure will soon turn to pain as unfortunately for Fox, Andrea yet again looses control and grows even bigger.

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