The New Heaven – part 3

The New Heaven part 3 adult gallery Giantess Club
This time all the women are giant and hot on campus also. Out now!

The parents engage in some honestly passionate sex. They do not have a care in the world, unlike their son. The son has arrived at the guys college. The guy stares in awe at the adult gallery before him. All the women are giant and hot on campus also. Without warning, the dude hears a booming voice above him. The son looks up and sees the biggest woman of the guys life. The woman turns out to be a mom of a student. This girl offers to help the hunk move in. The son awkwardly accepts. To the woman’s surprise, the girl finds out that the dude is her son’s roommate. Not wanting to embarrass her son, the mom leaves the hunk to finish moving in. Son makes the guys way up to the guys room as the dude stares at the beautiful tall girls walking past him. When the dude arrives in the guys room, the dude is greeted by the guys roommate. Son decides to ask the guys roommate if the dude has noticed the suddenly giant women all around. Like the guys sister, the roommate thinks the dude is wild to ask such a question. How is the son going to deal with this new giantess world?

The New Heaven is a reader request story from Kong. The story is about a son who makes a wish to make the women of the world bigger, stronger and by extension, sexier. Young adult women are around 7-8 feet tall as mature women top out at 20 feet. The New Heaven does not feature as many growth scenes as Bo’s other stories, but the few that are in the series are excellent. The story is still permeated with as many sex scenes as possible just like Bo’s other works. The sex scenes arguably make up for the not have of growing. The New Heaven also features many size comparison shots to give a sense just how big the worlds women have gotten. The New Heaven takes inspiration not only from Kong, but also GILF. A MILF giantess story featured on the website. Overall, The New Heaven is a treat for mini giantess sex enthusiasts that also some growth action sprinkled in.

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