Sexy Redhead Porn Shoot w/ Facial


Dear Diary – So I had our date with the 22yo Czech girl, Jessy, tonight. This girl had texted us a few more times, to be sure that I would show up since as the girl had to travel from outside the center of the city. I arrived 15 minutes late at the restaurant and the girl seemed to be pissed because of that. Turns out, the girl was only joking with us. This woman was fun from the very start. This girl was dressed in a panther motive dress and all of her body language was saying ‘FUCK ME TONIGHT‘! In fact, 5 minutes into our conversation, the girl already hinted at going to our place. But can we make a little Hot Redhead Porn of our time back there, though?

We talked for 20 minutes longer, about her work for homeless people or something and about her dream of becoming a nurse. This girl was still acting a little careful to not come on just like a slut. We then went to our room and I was kissing her and grabbing that cunt before we even entered the room. Trump would be proud of us. No polite talking anymore, we went up to the sleeping room where I simply continued to shoot the whole thing and film this Hot Redhead Porn entry that is chock-full of glorious angles. This girl could not care less abut our camera.


I even has a foot massage on our cock before the girl was literally eating our cock. This makes us wonder how long it has been since the girl has had sex? I am feeling just like I broke a terrible chain of carnal denial here, for her, as I was giving her the goose-neck and playing racket-ball with our tongue within of her pussy. Flood gates opened. It was all just so wonderful and no condom was involved. All positions filmed and the girl came at least 3 times. To finish this cutie of a Hot redhead Porn video off, I came on her face good. This girl even asked us ‘Am I still pretty?‘ with our gobs success still sticking to her face.  What a great future sexy nurse!

She is still here next to us as I post this video and the girl is sleeping just like an angel. See you on Asian Sex Diary, tomorrow, for more!

Asian Sex Diary

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Horny Filipina Sarah Fucked Well In New video

Hello again Trike Patrol fans. This week brings another beautiful and passionate Filipina plucked right off the streets of The Philippines. Our friend Duke was patrolling lower Fields Avenue in Angeles City and came across a bubbly and spirited 20-something named Sarah. After their bumpy and noisy trike ride back to the guys hotel, Duke has Sarah just where the dude wanted her – on the bed and getting herself a little more comfortable.

She told us about her job and how the girl was a veterinarian. That was actually rather convenient because Duke had a weasel in the guys pants that needed special care. This girl said the girl was from Samar and the girl was only visiting Angeles on vacation. Hard to believe but Duke was not there to get married. This guys sole mission on this evening was to fuck this hot piece of passionate Filipina ass on camera for the whole world to view on Trike Patrol later.

Things ultimately started going in that direction as Sarah started shedding articles of clothes at Duke’s bequest. Before long, we has to feast our eyes on what this little unit was packing. We were quite pleased once we saw that tight brown body of hers with a fabulously bald pussy. This girl had the happy and energetic personality with a body built for speed. Of course a quick shower was in order to wash away the trike dust before getting down to the real Trike Patrol business.

Fresh and clean back on the bed, Sarah has her sheen Pinay puki lubed up and primed by Duke’s famous little buzz toy. Sarah was actually quite receptive to this sometimes awkward treatment and did not attempt hiding her pleasure as most do here. Then it was time for her to lick that hairless ferret of Duke’s and lick the girl did! This sweet brown thing could honestly hoover a cock! You will view and hear the strong suction action the girl had going on, as artfully as Duke’s audible approvals.

If her Filipina blowjob was incredible then her cowgirl bouncing on was even more so. Sarah ponied up on that flesh pole just like a champion rodeo queen and gave Duke one of the best grinds the dude has gotten. This was a passionate Filipina cutie if there ever was one, gentlemen. This girl bucked and swayed all over Duke’s rod with wild abandon; making her pleasure known with pony-like whinnying. We have had a lot of good cock-riding LBFM’s here on Trike Patrol over the years, but Sarah has to rate right up there with the best.

What is more, the girl adored getting banged from behind also. Duke has behind her and started banging that sweet bald puss of hers raucously. With her head thrashing and mouth agape, Sarah moaned with joy from this doggy-style pummeling. Lots of great facial expressions during this action and plenty of ass-slapping audio. This is how you fuck a youthful and passionate Filipina girl, guys.

After rolling her over and stabbing that pleasure pot in missionary, Duke had to eventually withdraw the guys happy cock and drizzle satisfaction serum all across Sarah’s heaving chest. A thoroughly good Trike Patrol from our still-learning friend if I do say so myself!

Trike Patrol

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Buckingham Palace


Dear Diary – I have wanting to view Buckingham Palace for so long so that I resolved to do it today. Going to a touristic hot-spot can be a good concept or bad concept but these days, I just do not know how to move forward on our hunting. If you dare to talk to a girl, the girl looks at you as if you are a serial killer.

Anyways, I am doing a lot of research, these days, about escorts on blogs, dating sites, etc. New places are forever difficult but I am not giving up quickly. And – I still have our Russian coed on the list for this trip.

I am seriously thinking of Budapest, as well. It is known for their easy-going girls and it is even said to be the capital of Euro adult galleries. That is a place I would just like to visit. For today, enjoy the palace of the Queen and all of the naked statues around it. SHAME!

Asian Sex Diary

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Horny & Young MILF Madmee fucks on camera


Dear Diary,
I had our WeChat date with that ounger MILF Madmee today. This girl is a 28yo YOUNG MILF freelancer that I honestly liked already from the pictures that I saw of her. Maybe it is that big tittied Asian rack? We agreed to meet at 2pm but the girl only arrived at 3pm. It has us a little nervous but I acted just like not a thing happened. Did not wish to loose the good vibe in between us.

We went right into to our room. This girl was dressed in a nice pink dress and every single thing on her was screaming to fuck this YOUNG MILF as hard as I could. It is that sad MILF face, I guess, pleading for it. I did not waste too much on getting pictures before getting into the action. I asked her to sit on her knees and lick our dick. That is honestly what I needed. This girl was maybe our last Asian girl before the summer, so I wanted to enjoy this one very badly. And that is what I did.

Too good, honestly. A good YOUNG MILF with a good creampie. Damn, I loved it. When we finished, the girl asked to meet again. Who understands once the summer, maybe if the girl brings us some new friends.

I am flying to London next Tuesday, so I will do some shopping in the next days and maybe buy a new camera.

I plan to do some barhopping tomorrow and I will text around, hoping to get some old friends to come play before I leave Asia. What about Pey and her mother? That could be a nice one to end this trip. What you think?

Asian Sex Diary

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Cute girl goes from live art session to Filipina porn video and swallows!

We have had a lot of wild Filipina adult scenarios over the years which have led to us snaring many an unsuspecting girl into our Trikes, but this week’s offering is something completely beyond the pale. If I did not view the pics with our own eyes, I would not have believed King Baliw’s story on this one. So the dude and one of the guys many girlfriends resolved to sit in on a streaming live art drawing session. Ya know, where people sit around attempting to draw or paint another person standing in the center of the room. This was not just any streaming live drawing session, oh no. This was one of the NUDE variety. See the pics for yourselves. KB and the guys friend sat in there sketching a real streaming live completely naked youthful Filipina with a collection of other regular Filipino folks interested in the, um, art.

Now, there are only PICS of this part because the dude had to be discreet and could not just whip out the guys camera and start filming. Therefore, the video picks up downstairs once the art session was over. KB has the ambitious concept of attempting to view if the dude could not swoon the super adorable model into spending some time together. After waiting for what seemed just like forever, the girl ultimately came down the stairs where the dude was standing and KB praised her modeling performance. Little did the girl know, the girl was about to put in another modeling performance of the Filipina adult variety. This girls name was Raquel and the girl was 20 years old. This girl was a bit light on the English but conversation is not what our good ole puki-hunting friend was interested in. This girl agreed to go somewhere a bit more private with the hunk and get a little more familiar.

Picking things back up in a hotel room, KB requests Raquel more about herself and how the girl has into that modeling gig. As always, one thing led to another and clothes starting coming off in short order. Raquel was a tiny little Filipina with nice supple shapely boobs. A cunt that was naturally almost completely hairless, with just a slight bit of peach-fuzz for The King to pet, stroke and lick indulgently. That sweet looking face of hers notwithstanding, Raquel showed off a nasty bit of Filipina adult blowjob skill as the girl slobbed and bobbed on that white American rod quite well.

When it came time for the hunk getting in the pink goodness, it was tough sledding initially. This was due undoubtedly to Raquel’s tender age, slight frame and relatively low-mileage. In other words, the girl had a tight little banging cunt down there guys. Atop that, the girl was a little hard when it came to fucking, as is often evident of girls who have not been banged enough yet. This girl would get a good stretching out on this evening though that is for sure. This girl will be just that little bit more broken in for the next bloke who comes along. KB banged away as best the dude could until the biggest surprise of the whole night. Just before cumming, the dude pulled out and pointed the guys spasming cock right at Raquel’s face, to which the girl adjusted her position in order to receive the guys gooey glory right into her open banging mouth just like a veteran Filipina adult star would. Out-fucking-standing, girl!

But wait, just when you thought the girl could not surprise us any further, with only a little bit of urging, the girl took one big GULP of that hot load and swallowed each and every last drop that made it in her mouth. Fantastic Filipino adult style swallow finish, and it is been quite awhile since we had a Filipina cum-guzzler around here. Bravo! Good show I say!

Trike Patrol

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Department store and pics of sexy Thai girl Jiji

Dear Diary,
I went to a department store, to buy some food, when I has a message from Fon. This girl has a classmate whom is willing to do a shoot with us and even sent us her pics of this Hot Thai Girl. Fucking hell, what a hot coed this is! I agreed to meet her tomorrow. No time to waste. I am so excited already. See you tomorrow on Asian Sex Diary, guys. Fun days in Chiang Mai!

Asian Sex Diary

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