Sloan Harper and Peter Green in My Friend’s Hot Girl

Hurricane! Sloan Harper is attempting to prepare for the jumbo category 4 hurricane that is on its way to Florida, but her dumb-ass, good-for-nothing boyfriend is nowhere in sight! As a matter of fact, when the girl calls the hunk to view where the fuck the dude is, the dude tells her the dude is out playing poker with the boys! But just once the girl hangs up with that fool and attempts moving their outdoor furniture herself, her boyfriend’s pal Peter strolls in looking for her man. Hmm, that is fishy, because the dude is one of the boys – shouldn’t the dude be out playing poker, too? Whatever. Sloan does not have time for bullshit, the storm is on its way. Peter feels bad so the dude and the guys muscles move all her furniture, and it turns Sloan on. So much so that afterward the girl invites the hunk within and shows the hunk how the girl wishes to thank him. By returning from the bedroom with her big natural tits out, dressed in hot lingerie! Peter nearly drools the guys water out, but Sloan tells the hunk not to worry, that the girl is going to give the hunk the best blowjob of the guys life. Which is a good thing, because with the hurricane about to sweep through, it could be the guys last!


Lana Rhoades and Johnny Castle in My Friend’s Hot Girl

Sexual frustration is the worst, particularly when you are in a relationship! Lana Rhoades went to bed horny, but her weak-ass, beta-ass boyfriend passed out without a care. Lana wakes up in the morning still wet as fuck with her kitty purring away, so what does the girl do? This girl tiptoes her way into the bedroom on the other side of the wall, where her boyfriend’s pal Johnny is sleeping! The guy stayed for the night, but the dude is getting laid this morning! In a hot nightie already, Lana crawls up onto the bed where Johnny is snoozing away and has a peek at what is underneath the guys underwear and BAM! This girls kitty is now roaring, and Johnny wakes up to the guys cock in Lana’s hand and her big natural tits spilling into the guys face! They have banged around before, but not as her man is right around the corner! Johnny is unsure, but Lana’s need for the D overrides any and every single thing else!

Tonight’s Girlfriend – Nina North

Nina North and Lucas Frostin Tonight’s Girlfriend

I’m a busy businessman with no time for a relationship, and that’s why I wish Nina North to be my girlfriend tonight. She’s all mine this evening, and there’s not a thing more I wish than for her to be the girlfriend I haven’t had in a long time, pleasuring her man and granting the hunk the guys each and every desire.


Ava Addams and Preston Parker in My Girlfriend’s Busty Friend

Pervy Preston cannot control himself. The guy cannot keep the guys hands off of Ava Addams’s bras, and the girl is the guys girlfriend’s best friend! This girl is staying with them, so the dude sneaks into her room when the girl is out, rifles through her drawers, and pulls out one of her bras and starts masturbating to it. But Ava arrives home from shopping and catches the hunk flogging the dolphin to her brasserie, right in her room! Preston is embarrassed but tells her the dude can think of not a thing but her big tits, particularly since the guys girlfriend is any single thing but artfully endowed. The guy even goes so far as to tell Ava that if the dude could just view her giant tits in the flesh the dude would be satisfied, and all would be able to move on with their lives. But once the girl has unleashed the sweater puppies, Preston is all over them! Ava cannot help herself either because the girl understands Preston has a big dick, and the girl wishes to get fucked. Hey, whatever works!


Diamond Foxxx and Peter Green in Seduced By A Cougar

Diamond Foxxxx’s niece is getting married soon, but the girl pleads her aunt to help her with one last item before the girl ties the knot with her fiancee Peter: This girl wishes to make sure the dude is loyal. Peter is on the guys way over, and the girl requests Auntie Diamond to attempt to seduce the hunk and view how far the dude will let it go. Big tits and all, Diamond is up for the challenge! When Peter arrives, the guys fiancee leaves to go attempt on her wedding dress, but leaves the hunk there with her busty, horny, cougar of an aunt. Peter senses something weird is going on when the girl starts asking the hunk about how much sex the dude has had in the guys life, and the dude absolutely understands something weird is going on when the girl pulls out her big tits and puts the guys hands on them! Good thing Peter enjoys mature women, because Diamond takes her mission as far as Peter will stick the guys big cock up within her wet cougar pussy! And the end of it, once the dude has banged her and plastered the guys cum all over her face, Diamond calls her niece and has such nice things to say about her future nephew-in-law.

I HAVE A WIFE – Cristi Ann

Cristi Ann and Rob Carpenter in I Have a Wife

Oh, hell no. Food-delivery girl Cristi Ann just started her job, and the girl is already hours late to her customer AND the girl forget the fool’s health bar in her car. This girl is going to catch hell and get canned if the girl does not do something to make the situation right, and the girl has only come up with one solution: Tits! Nothing just like a pair of big tits to make things all better. Cristi changes into a scanty outfit when the girl goes back to her client to give the hunk the guys missing bar, but when the dude gives her a hard time again the girl decides to just waltz into the guys home and jerk out her jugs! I mean, is that bad ass or what? It must be, because even though the shocked fool is married, the dude is happy to lick on Cristi’s nipples to give her a good rating for her job! Hell, the dude will even fuck her! And so the dude does. The passionate blonde food deliverer blows him, bangs the hunk and accepts the guys semen all over her eyes, all for five stars. Talk about dedication!


Karlee Grey and Johnny Castle in My Friend’s Hot Girl

Karlee Grey, what a scandalous babe! For a while, the girl was banging her boyfriend’s best friend Johnny — a tryst that lasted for some time. But now that the girl ended up marrying her boyfriend, the girl is prepared for things to be different: This girl wishes to be married and fuck her husband’s best friend Johnny. Oh. Yeah! This girl calls the hunk up as her new hubs is out of the home and tells Johnny to come over and fuck, but the dude is not getting it anymore now that the girl up and hitched the guys best pal. So the big tits wife concedes, but then devises a predictable plan in which the girl requests Johnny to at least come over and help her with some things around the home since her man is gone. And — can you guess? — do you think Karlee is dressed in any underwear when the girl calls Johnny up into the bedroom to “help her with something”?


Cory Chase and Mike Mancini in My Friend’s Hot Mom

Mike rushes into the guys friend’s home to use the bathroom only to discover the guys friend’s mom Cory Chase on the other side of the wall, playing about and playing with herself in the bathtub. This girl is the bawdy, nasty blonde MILF of a mom to the guys friend — a lesbian who is forever warning her youthful guy friends about her single, frisky mother. But, alas, it is too late for Mike, as the dude gets entangled in the spider’s web when the dude literally gets caught seeing Mrs. Chase masturbate. And so, as expected, the dude obediently locks the door as commanded by the hot blonde MILF, and soon banging in the bathroom is the spirit of the day.


Luna Star and Johnny Castle in Dirty Wives Club

Luna Star is hot and horny! This girls husband had to bolt this morning, so the girl did not even get to blow the hunk out the door. And that has left her wanting! So — beep boop bop! — the girl dials the old hubs up and tells the hunk the girl wishes to fuck Johnny, the guy from the gym! “Huh?” you say. “What?” Yes! Sopping wet Luna tells her husband the girl is going to fuck another man. And the dude is OK with it! That is their relationship and they are sticking to it, particularly because it turns both of them on. AND Luna tells the hunk the girl is going to attempt to fuck Johnny in front of the cameras so the dude can watch later! But what the girl did not tell the hunk is that Johnny is going to pound her so good the girl is going to plead for the hunk to creampie her thirsting pussy. The guy is in for a treat! And Johnny, the sweet bystander, just gets a call from a sexy, blonde, hot wife Latina with big tits and a fat ass telling the hunk the girl wishes the hunk to come over and fuck AHORA. What a fortunate bastard!


Amia Miley and Ryan Mclane in My Girlfriend's Busty Friend - Naughty America 4K Porn Videos
If you accidentally walk in on your girlfriend’s roommate as the girl is naked, it is only fair that the girl sees you naked, right? Right. Amia Miley thinks so, also. This girls roommate’s boyfriend Ryan just bursts through her door as her big tits are hanging about, so the girl takes it upon herself to walk in on the hunk in the other bedroom and finds the hunk masturbating! Not just that, but the girl learns the dude was slapping the guys salami because of her her fat rack! Ryan’s girlfriend is not home, and will not be home for a while, so big-tits sex it is! Amia gives Ryan the tits the guys woman does not have, and the dude knobs her down just just like they both wanted. Funny how life works out that way.