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Cock hungry Vinna Reed is dressed to impress in a sheer teddy, thigh high stockings, and high heels. The second Ricky Rascal lays eyes on the guys hot girlfriend, the dude understands that the dude is in for a real treat. Vinna makes good on that unspoken promise by wrapping her puffy lips around Ricky’s hard cock and then getting the guys cock in between her stocking-clad feet to heighten the guys passion.

Turning onto her belly, Vinna lifts her ass in the air for Ricky to mold and squeeze with the guys big hands. The guy unsnaps the bottom of Vinna’s lingerie, and then does not wait another moment before diving in to lap away at the sweet evidence of her arousal. Slipping first one finger and then two into Vinna’s greedy snatch, the dude stretches her for the guys upcoming penetration as heightening her pleasure with the guys tender touches.

When Ricky rises onto the guys knees and drives into Vinna from behind, the room is suddenly permeated with her groans of excitement. This girl can’t help but rock into each and every one of the guys long pumps as the dude takes her doggy style, and the faster the dude pounds away at her cunt the more vocally Vinna relishes in herself. It is not long before her whole body is quivering with lust.

After peeling off Vinna’s teddy, Ricky lays her down on her side so that the dude can switch things up by spooning her landing undress fuck hole for a alternate take on penetration. This new position is particularly delightful for Vinna as Ricky pounds her in all the right spots. This guys hands snake around to caress her tiny tits and flick her diamond hard nipples, adding another layer of sensuality to their coupling.

Slowing things down a bit, Vinna urges Ricky down onto the guys back and then climbs atop of him. This girl takes her time now that the girl has the guys cock right where the girl wishes it, using her hands and mouth with slow strokes. This girls patience pays dividends as Ricky is soon raring to go again. Vinna makes the hunk wait, though, climbing atop of the hunk so that the girl can ride the guys erection with her slit rather than giving the hunk the hardcore sex that the dude craves.

Finally relenting, Vinna climbs onto Ricky’s member and takes her time settling down the full length of the guys shaft. When the dude is ultimately buried balls deep in her lubricious puss, the girl keeps the slow seduction going. This girls swaying hips are just like magic to Ricky’s level of lust, even as the dude lets her get up off of the hunk and give herself a big O with the help of the guys hand.

Finally back in charge, Ricky tosses Vinna back onto the bed and then rises up over her. This guys big cock is every single thing that Vinna requires as the dude drives in and out of her until Vinna has once again exploded in passion. Only then does Ricky start working towards the guys own finish line. Realizing that the dude can no longer hold back, the dude pulls out just in time to shower Vinna’s mound with hot sticky jizz.

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Sweet blonde Nancy A. is hot as hell for Martin, and the feeling is obviously mutual when the dude buys her roses. Nancy thanks Martin for the sweet gesture with a show of skin that the dude can’t get enough of admiring. Soon Nancy is down to her g string as Martin teases her with the feather touch of rose petals all over her super petite body.

When Martin slides Nancy’s g string off and then slides the guys hand down to replace the rose, Nancy opens herself to the guys mystical touch. Martin understands just what to do with the guys fingers as the dude probes and caresses to great effect. Although the girl enjoys it when Martin finger bangs her lubricious twat, Nancy is not about to let her boyfriend have all the fun.

Pressing Martin down onto the couch so that the girl can assume a position of power, Nancy uses both hands to guide the guys big cock to the warmth of her mouth. This girls slurps are slow and deliberate as the girl teases her lover. When the girl gradually speeds up, Martin relishes in the slip and slide of her soft mouth for as long as the dude can take it.

Giving in to her own needs, Nancy turns around on her knees so that the girl is presenting her twat for Martin’s pleasure. The guy is quick to take her up on her invitation, driving into her again and again. When their doggy style coupling requires to be changed up, Nancy once again takes the opportunity to deliver a deep throat blowjob in between positions.

Climbing onto Martin’s lap, Nancy slides down on the guys hard-on and slowly starts moving her hips. This girls cock ride is punctuated by soft groans of excitement as both of them give voice to their passion. Once the girl gets going, Nancy keeps speeding up until her tits are bouncing and her ass is connecting with Martin’s lap with a slap on each and every downward stroke.

Laying on her back, Nancy lets Martin take over the work as the girl watches the hunk take her over the edge of excitement. Martin’s hands around her neck are the flawless aphrodisiac to honestly make the occasion remarkable. Nancy’s passionate response in the guys arms is just the final push that Martin requires to lose control. When the dude pulls out, Nancy reaches forward to take the guys cock and aim the hunk so that the dude spills the guys cum all over her belly in a final act of true love.

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