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Oct 17, 2017


Chesty coed Davina Davis is short and voluptuous in all the right places. This wild American will attempt any single thing as long as the girl thinks it’ll get her off. This girls landing undress cunt throbs with excitement, growing wet and prepared to fuck any time the girl thinks of sex.

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featuring Damon Dice and Elsa Jean.

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Oct 16, 2017


Damon Dice is getting a nap on the couch when the guys girlfriend Elsa Jean finds the hunk lying there. Just the sight of Damon gets Elsa hot. Sliding her hand up, the girl cups her completely completely naked cunt underneath her miniskirt and thong. Then the girl gropes her tiny tits and decides to get up atop of Damon. Licking her way up the guys chest, Elsa gives the hunk the sweetest of wakeups.

Damon responds instantly, the guys cock growing hard as the guys hands reach down to cup Elsa’s slender bottom. This girl slides down the guys body once again, relieving the hunk of the guys briefs along the way. Taking the guys erection in hand, the girl laps up and down the guys rod and circles the head with her tongue before diving in. This girls long slobbing suction is a spark to Damon’s desire as her blowjob grows ever-more enthusiastic.

Leaning back to slip out of her dress, Elsa smiles with joy when Damon reaches out to cup her boobs and pinch her hard nipples. Pulling her close, Damon sweeps the guys tongue across one tight bud and then the other. Reenergized, Elsa goes back to work on her interrupted BJ.

When Damon leans Elsa back onto the couch and spreads her thighs, the girl reaches her hands up to cup her breasts. The guy pulls her g string aside to slide two fingers deep into her tight cooch, and then slides them down her long legs. Continuing to use the guys fingers to Elsa’s delight, Damon dips the guys head forward to add the guys tongue into the mix.

When Elsa’s cries of passion grow to a higher pitch, Damon replaces the guys tongue and fingers with the guys dick. Lifting one leg to give the hunk a better angle, Elsa meets Damon stroke for stroke as the guys powerful jabs rock her super petite body. Then the girl gets on her hands and knees so that the dude can push into her from behind. The doggy style cunt banging leaves her moaning with utter surrender.

Rolling onto the guys back, Damon pulls Elsa atop of the hunk so that the girl can slide down on the guys fuck stick. This girls cock ride starts out slow, but soon the pace picks up as the girl brings herself to another swift climax. Climbing off of Damon, Elsa sighs with pleasure as the dude reaches out one last time to cup her twat as the girl pumps the guys hardon. Then the girl drops to her knees and starts gobbling until Damon satisfies her with a mouth full of cum.

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featuring Leilani Lei.

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Oct 14, 2017


Short granny Leilani Lei is an American spinner who may be grown, but still has one hell of a sex drive. Peeling off her bra and panties, the girl flaunts her great tan lines on her hanging tits and jiggling ass, and then spreads her thighs to expose a creamy hairless cunt.

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Sensual cutie Lucy Li is a raven-haired temptress whose bountiful assets will leave you instantly wanting more. This girls full soft boobs are tipped with big areolae and pale puffy nipples, and her sweet bald cunt is forever wet and prepared for a good time. We loved getting Lucy on the set because the girl was a total doll backstage, but once the cameras started rolling the girl turned into a hot and passionate sex goddess!

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Enjoy the show as passionate sex cunt Olivia Nova flaunts her considerable assets in sheer lingerie. As the girl undresses slowly, her hand creeps down to the hairless twat in between her legs. This girls creamy cunt is slippery wet and prepared to cum. This girls fingers dive deep and play with her tender clit.


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Lucy Li and Vanessa Decker are both decked out in matching lingerie, with bras that strain to hold in the bounty of their big breasts. Lucy watches as Vanessa caresses her pussy above her thong, and then accompanies her on the bed. Soon the girls are locked in a passionate embrace that only breaks so that they can relieve each other of their bras.

Dipping her head to lap at Lucy’s breasts, Vanessa buries her face in the buxom bounty before her. Lucy mimics her girlfriend’s movements, licking Vanessa’s nipples until they are hard as diamonds. With her hand on Vanessa’s chest, the girl gently shoves the brunette down onto the bed so that the girl can relieve her lover of her thong. While she’s near Vanessa’s feet, the girl sneaks a lick at the arch of her foot underneath her sheer thigh high stockings.

Using her hands to gently spread Vanessa’s thighs, Lucy leans in to run her tongue over the fleshy slit of her landing undress twat. Once the girl has ensured that Vanessa is nice and wet, Lucy slides two fingers deep. This girl uses a come-here motion to honestly drive her girlfriend wild, and then bends forward to press her tongue to Vanessa’s clit. This girls efforts eventually pay off when Vanessa arches her back in ecstasy as her climax rips through her.

Approaching Luci from behind, Vanessa wraps her arms around her lesbian lover’s waist. This girls hands slide upward, caressing and squeezing Lucy’s generous boobs as slowly guiding the redhead onto her hands and knees. From her position behind Lucy, Vanessa is easily able to lean forward and lap away at the creaminess of her lesbian lover’s slippery slit.

Replacing her mouth with her mystical fingers, Vanessa starts jerking deep within Lucy’s creamy snatch. That position has the added bonus of leaving her a free hand to fondle Lucy’s breasts. Meanwhile, Lucy reaches down to caress her clitoris and double down on her own enjoyment.

Now that each girl has reached their pinnacle of pleasure once, they can afford to take the time to settle in for another joint get up to the top. Vanessa climbs atop of Lucy and leans forward, burying her face in Lucy’s twat as Lucy reaches up to reach Vanessa’s snatch. The room is permeated with the music of their groans as they leisurely lap away at each other’s fuck holes.

After another mutual climax, Vanessa lays down on the bed and lets her knees fall to the sides so that Lucy has full access to her fuck hole. Using her talented fingers the redhead plumbs Vanessa’s most intimate parts. This girl repays her lesbian lover’s favor by pulling Lucy atop of her so that the girl can once again work her tongue and fingers to leave her girlfriend quivering with the bliss of her final orgasm.

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