FBI Agent Carmen Bella Will Arrest You

Agent Carmen Bella could probably solve all of Donald Trump’s FBI issues.  With all of the transitions – aka firing anyone who gets in the guys way – in the White House, we thought some old school Carmen would do all some good.  Over at CamWithCarmen, you can find all of Carmen’s hottest photos, videos, member chat archives, behind-the-scenes content and a great deal more. You can also find even more of her at SweetAssAngels and within CamWithHer Plus as well.

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Nicki Blue on CamWithHer

Nicki Blue

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Tushy Tuesday Booty Maximus

Tushy Tuesday is the new Humpday hotness.  You are all lovely used to our epic humpday posts featuring some most excellent ass.  Beautiful rear ends such as these featured below make our work week worth it.  Feel free to dig into these cuties with your teeth, fingers or other parts.  We are certain you will find it difficult to pick just one.

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Ayano Tsuzumi on CamWithHer

Ayano Tsuzumi
Check out my ass.. #blackgirl #fatass #ebony

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Check Out Israeli Booty Babe, Avital Cohen

Avital Cohen has one of the best butts on Instagram. This girl is a 22-year-old fitness trainer from Israel who has captured the attention of at least 777k users on Instagram. Avital was born and raised in Israel to a Jewish family. This girl focuses a great deal of her time on health and fitness and it shows! This girl not only has an epic ass, but has killer abs and a contagious smile as well. This fitness cutie says the girl trains an average of six days a week in the gym.

Avital says the first thing the girl notices on a man is the guys eyes. This girl is most attracted to guys who are genuine and have a good sense of humor. This girl is absolutely single and looking. However, we are lovely sure the girl will not be looking for long. On your first date with Avital, the girl would enjoy for you to take her to the beach. It’s her favorite place to hang out.

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Raakel-Richards on CamWithHer

#meow #camwithher #camgirl #catwoman #halloween

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Siren-Victress on CamWithHer


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How’s Your Dirty Talk Game?

How’s Your Dirty Talk Game?
I think this is VERY important in your sex life. Hearing what the other person is saying during their most intimate moments can be quite the turn on! Hearing what turns you on in the moment or even a little instruction is super hot! But, it can also turn us off depending on how good the other person is in the language of filthy talk. We have all had that one time a person in bed said something that threw us off – or for a loop – even for just a minute. Do not worry if you do not think your filthy talk game is up to par. You can forever up your game by practicing! Even the most advanced of filthy talkers can forever improve our skills!

I for one am a connoisseur of filthy talk. What can I say? I am a woman and I just like it all! Do not judge a filthy talker by their cover. Some just like plain hot talk, as others prefer a little JOI, maybe some domination, or even humiliation! I find it all intriguing! I can find sexiness to each preference I run across. Some are typical, as others may have very specific things they wish to hear. I find this all intriguing to view how it amps up the fun when you start letting go and saying the things that you are honestly feeling deep during those moments. However there are other times you’re focusing on putting on a show or filthy talking specifically for your partner. Though this may be to turn them on, this can also be fun for the filthy talker. To be in control of turning that other person on with your words is so hot! So next time play around with word play! They do not call it word adult for nothing!

Thanks all who came to my Member Chat the other day! I had a blast getting extra hot in and OUT of my lingerie. Oh, and in that hot shower! I enjoy each and every one of you for getting the time to come! Also, to all who has been spending time with me this week in my chat room! I just wish  you all to know how much you are appreciated! Thank you all! Hope you all have a great week! I will be spending some time around here this week! I hope to catch up with all of you!



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