Have a very merry christmas!

This time of the year it is fascinating for us. I enjoy every single thing about Christmas, the movies, the hot cocoa and most of all I enjoy all the Christmas lights.

This year I have booked a new York trip for Christmas.I wanted to experience the snow and crowds and the New York seasonal atmosphere. I wanted to go ice skating, view a few shows on Broadway, view the Ballet Nutcracker and the big tree in Rockefeller Center, but I have changed our flights last minute when I saw how many people get stuck in airports because of flight delays. I did not wish t risk spending Christmas in an airport or not being able to come back home in time for new years. Plus, I enjoy snow but trading 70 80 degrees weather with 25 it did not honestly make sense, So I resolved to post pone the trip for spring when I can walk around New York and visit every single thing I wanted to see.

Instead, I am leaving to Hawaii:) in January. So I am lovely pumped about that. I bought so many bikinis. I will probably have enough to change 3-4 times a day. In other words expect some hot pictures. Switching from walking around the city in a big parka freezing to surfing in a tiny bikini and exploring the forests does not sound too bad to us. I know it sounds just like bragging, but it is not. I am honestly excited to share this with you. That being said I am around online if you wish to have some hot time with us for the holidays. If you think I have been good to you and made you happy trough the year feel free to send us a gift card or leave us an offline tip, that will make us very happy.

After some of you had requested snapchat premium for life I resolved to offer it for 150 $ or 40$ a month. I assure you our snapchat is very artfully worth the price, I send honestly nasty pics and videos to our subscribers and I offer the possibility of call , If you just like filthy talking. That being said. HO HO HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS! LOVE YOU

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October availability

Oh Goodness, It is so hot outside I am melting, our makeup, our hair, and even our shoes feel just like also melting. Here must have been just like 1000 degrees today; It was awful. I would not say that our day had a fantastic start. After shopping for a bed for our beautiful dog and going to a couple of doctor meetings, I came home only to realize I had locked myself out. The other day I took our home key off the chain when I went swimming, and I did not put it back.

So to make things worse our phone was completely dead, and I had to ask a person on the street to let us call for a locksmith to let us in the home because our landlord is out of town. Once I has in the house, once staying in the sun for 1 hour all dressed in black I managed to come in ultimately super excited our doggy will have a comfy place to sleep, figures: The bed is way to tiny for him. The guy probably looked us and mumbled Hey woman are you crazy? I am not three months old anymore. Whatever, the bed was super adorable and stylish. So I hoped the dude would fit in, artfully the guys loss.

Speaking of getting hard times, I would just like to apologize to a couple of you guys that might have caught us In a bad mood, I have been getting some personal issues, and I might have taken our frustration out with some of you for good reason or not. Sometimes when you deal with things that you cannot resolve you feel just like all has something against you and feel just like you have to defend yourself so here I am saying sorry.

I am currently offering a package deal for connoisseur club /snap chat, two outfit request and 35% off show  for who subscribes to our fanclub for only $40.

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Snapchat and Other Facts!

I LOVE FOOD: It is probably no surprise to anyone who reads in the forums. Anytime a person requests about food or reviews a food or whatever, I forever have something to say and I am all about reading up on new foods and recipes. I get honestly irritated when I am set in our mind on how something is going to flavor when I am cooking and a person else coming in MY kitchen and changes it or tells us I’m doing something wrong. I am a creative mad scientist, don’t mess with our food!

I do not just like to stay in the same place for too long: If you have followed us since I have been on the site, you have seen that I have lived in Florida, Colorado, I share land in Kentucky, I am in Germany now. And guess what, the travel bug is NO exception even in as beautiful a place as this is.

I have suffered a great deal in our life: Insert sob story here. I was kind of a minority in our home town (I kind of hate that word, but it is true, at the time, Asians stuck out just like a sore thumb in our area). Both our mom and father were born in Thailand, so they are first generation American citizens now. But we grew up honestly poor and different. I thought what I was going through was abuse. But I am not honestly even sure anymore. Sometimes I regret our disgust with the way our family was because I didn’t understand when I was little. But being raised on very little cash and not a lot of friends, I had to kind of just deal. Which is sometimes where I feel our tender heart comes from. I know what it is just like to not eat, or not feel just like I had anyone to turn to. Or even real things to play with. That is where our creativity comes from.

I am studying to be a biomedical chemist: I was inspired to tell people about this because I just responded to Barbara’s forum thread on “Where would you just like to be in 10 years”. I do not just like to talk about our ambitions much, in fear of jinxing them. But this time, I am doing it. I have had this dream for a long time. I have forever loved chemistry. I am SHIT at math, but science and chemistry .. LOVE. I am ultimately starting school again soon to finish our degree. So yes, I have a lot on our mind as of lately!


I AM A MOM: whatttt? I not once thought I would be up front about this part of our life. But being so open on Snapchat, and getting weird hours and availabilities and things noticed around our home, I thought it was time to fess up. Only a handful of people knew this when I first started camming here. Then I chose to cover that part of us up because I felt it was not sexy. But I tell you what, being a mom has not once made us feel sexier! It is a strange feeling. But I am 100% sure that our four year old is the best part of us. I will keep the guys image and name hidden for the guys safety. But now you guys know why our schedule is so weird and I am hesitant to make promises on our showtimes and whatnot. ALSO why I tend to conceal our mid section so much, baby growing takes a big toll on a tiny person lol!

Last part: if you have not noticed, all of these are from our SNAPCHAT! You can follow our account @maxxinerubycwh for free and subscribe to get individualized hot snaps!

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Questions Of The Week!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all getting a wonderful weekend!

Guess what time it is, boys and girls? Oh yes! It is time for, Questions Of The Week! I did this a tiny bit ago, and since I have not been online as much, I am going to try and get to some of your questions this way. These come to us via Twitter, Instagram, and of course, our CamWithHer direct messages.

1/ When are you coming back?
Soon! VERY soon! Once summer comes to an end, I tend to be online with a more regular schedule. As you know, our summers are short, and we have to take advantage of each and every moment when you streaming live in the Great White North. But, just under two weeks, and I will be all yours. Or you will be ALL mine.

2/ What is your favorite type of cam show?

I can not say I have a favorite type of show. I do all kinds, from Jerk Off Instruction, to undress shows, to oral shows, well, lovely much every single thing and any single thing you can conjure in that nasty mind of yours. Even lunch dates! And I enjoy them all, for very alternate reasons.

4/ Do you have latex?
Yes! And lots of wet look. If you are into dom shows, I do those. And very well. I am the epitome of the girl next door, but I DO have a nasty side.

5/ How do I arrange a show with you?
Easy! Either look for us when I am online, although I tend to be booked in shows, OR book an appointment with us. That latter is a foolproof way to ensure you’re going to have us to yourself. You can dm us on Cam With Her, or send us a direct message on social media.

6/ Do you enjoy when guys cam with you?
Of course! What’s not to like? I enjoy seeing what I am doing to you. I enjoy sometimes being able to hear you. So,if it turns you on to show us what you are doing, go for it!

7/ Do you have Snapchat?
No, I have not gotten into this aside from the occasionally Cam With This girls takeover, as I have a fairly large connoisseur base to look once on Cam With Her, and on Twitter. Here is only so much social media a girl can do! Keep your eye out for a takeover in September! It has been a while, so you KNOW it is going to be sexy!

8/ Can I pay to meet you?
Nope. Sorry. I do not care how much cash is on the table, this is a definite no. But I would enjoy to do a virtual date with you! Hit us up on Cam With This girls to view us live.

9/ Do you just like giving blow jobs?
Well, this is simple! Yes! Love, love, LOVE oral! Actually, I enjoy all sex. I do not discriminate. Haha!

10/ Do you do Skype shows?
No way. I am exclusive to CamWithHer. It is the only place you will catch me.

11/ Would you be interested in doing some adult modeling jobs?
No, not really. But thanks for the offer!

12/ Have you ever thought about going into porn?
Again, nah. While I enjoy being the object of your lust, I would rather it just be you and I, and not the whole world.

13/ Do you sell lingerie?
Only to a very select few on Cam With Her. That said, I may do a panty giveaway at an upcoming mchat! So there is your chance!

14/ Do you do custom videos, or share any customs you make?
No, not really. I have only made one of two with a few guys that I am comfortable with. Outside of that, no.

15/ What is the quickest you have ever made a man cum, in real life?
Under a minute. No lie. Most of the time it is not THAT bad, but that did happen. I guess sometimes, that build up is so incredible and the minute you push inside, the sensation combined with the view is just too much. Most guys do get off fairly quickly in real life, but that said, they are also prepared to go again quite quickly, so I will not complain. And they all seem so excited to go down on us as well, so that helps!

So there you go. Here are more, of course, and I will try and get to them another time.

I will be online tomorrow (Monday) afternoon for a little bit. You can message us in advance if you wish to have be our playmate for a while.Other than that, likely Wednesday evening for an hour or two.

Thanks for forever being so amazing guys!


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Back On Cams! :)

Hi guys!

Guess who is back? Yessiree! It is that time. You can ultimately catch us on a more regular schedule! Starting tomorrow – Thursday – I will be back to camming. So, this week, come visit on Thursday and Friday and I promise we will have some fun. After all, we have a lot of time to make up for!

Hard to believe it is basically fall already, is it not? The weather is cooling off out this way. It sure feels just like fall. I am sad because I adore summer, but excited, because I adore all of YOU more! And I have missed you so much! I cannot wait to hear how you have been! To catch up on every single thing I have missed. AND, I have LOADS of new lingerie and hot little outfits to show you. Speaking of loads….

So, I have some more QUESTIONS OF THE WEEK to share with you. Here are the latest. I will do our best to keep up to date with your questions.

1/ Your most awkward/bizarre cam experience, or weirdest demand?
Here are a few! As you can imagine! We have seen/heard it all. But one that stands out was from when I first started camming. The guy asked for us to sit, rolled into a ball, so the dude could view my…SPINE. Yep. Apparently there are guys with spine fetishes? The guy talked of rubbing the guys member along it. I do not know. I guess I do not view the cutie in a spine, but each to their own!

I also have one guy – do not worry, the dude will not mind us telling you – that enjoys to wear panties, fishnets, and a wig, and writes slurs in lipstick all over the guys body.

2/ Have you ever had sex in public?
Yes! Like, not in the middle of a mall or anything, but in public areas, yes! And in a taxi. That poor taxi driver… Or, that fortunate taxi driver, depending on how you look at it!

3/ Are you in an open relationship?
I have been in one before. I mean, open, sort of. We had sex openly with other people – but in front of each other.

4/ How long have you been a cam model?
Four years! And I enjoy it!

5/ What size are your boobs?
30F (although I can squish them into 32DD’s if need be)

6/ What is the weirdest thing a person has ever said to you?
Pretty easy. One guy in our chat was asking for us to show some skin, out of the goodness of our heart. Because the dude said it would be helping others. It is not just like it is humanitarian work. Pro-BONO! But seriously, would YOU work for free? That was the question I posed to him. And HOW, exactly, would that be helping anyone? I have a good heart and all, but that was just weird.

7/ Do you just like to dominate?
I think all has moments whereby they enjoy doing that, right? To know that you can get a person to do any single thing you desire. But I am also lovely submissive at times.

8/ What do you look for in a man?
Well, first and foremost, I just like intelligence. A good sense of humor is honestly a plus for us. And kindness. Looks are just a bonus. For me, I find I get super attracted to guys with the attributes listed. Like, they look better and better when you delve within to view what honestly makes that man special.

9/ Would you marry for money?

10/ What is the dirtiest thing you’ve done?
Oh gosh. I would have to say giving a blowjob to a guy in front of the guys girlfriend. Well, and getting sex with him.

11/ What is the naughtiest word, in your opinion?
The c word. And I am not talking cock. Hahaha! But it can be REALLY hot thrown out at the right moment.

Okay, so with that, I am going to get a few things done before soccer tonight. I cannot WAIT to view you tomorrow and Friday! Eek!


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When you have nothing but…

You pretend to have it all.

Eh…This is such a delicate subject that so many people can relate to it, maybe they know somebody just like that or they do it. Let us not confuse pretending to have with pretending to know. Those two are very alternate in our opinion and obviously, can mean something else in alternate scenarios. I too has trapped at least once in My life in one of this categories. When you are youthful you might think that faking it will help you fit in a alternate group of people, maybe you wish to do it because it serves your business to be around rich people, let us say …or because you wish to be part of a sorority group! Who understands what is the reason behind it. Lots of people do it all the time but is it worth it? At the end of the day when you go to sleep, do you feel just like something it is off and you realize you did not honestly feel that comfortable in that environment? You honestly need to analyze the way you feel so you can adjust whatever makes you feel right. If it felt just like you belong, then artificial it until you make it right? Not everybody is born rich and sometimes you need to hustle and be around rich and smart people to learn from them and make your connections so you can one day get where you want.

Same thing with pretending you know more then you do.  It is all good if that sometimes gets you in a job that you desperately need as long as you are willing to put the effort to learn it after. I know it works because I have a dear friend that started working in a tiny company and lied to the employers that the girl understands how to do all kinds of stuff, they accepted her and now the girl is a CEO in a big company. This girl worked her ass of and learned from everybody else day by day, eventually becoming better then most of them. Kudos to her and everybody else that succeed that way!

But the title of this blog is about a alternate type of pretending. FACEBOOK life pretend. I had to write about this to let our thoughts out of our head or else I was going to go nuts!
Here is this quote going around all over the internet and with good reason! “I hope that your life is as beautiful as It looks on facebook!”
FUNNY THING is that even the people that artificial their flawless life on facebook just like the post, I am not sure if it is ignorance or just they have a very good sense of humor.
So, I know this girl from facebook (I said I know because I halted considering her our friend) that is absolutely the best example.
She is posting pictures with her husband and kids saying how fortunate and happy the girl is literally as the girl is yelling and cussing at them. I know that because I was there and I was in absolute shock. Oh, look at us at the beach we are so happy! Thank you God! and once the girl puts her phone down the girl packs everybody up because the girl is done with the photo shooting for facebook. Wtf? This morning I woke up with a picture of her son holding a big boa around the guys neck. This girls caps was I cannot believe how brave our little boy is to do this! and our instant thought was I cannot believe you can pretend you are proud when I know for a fact you threaten and yell at the hunk just for daring to ask to do that. Here are so many of this pictures that I know the story behind and I cannot help to wonder, why! Why do people do that shit? Why must be all a pretend? why not be genuine, why go overboard for a few seconds of attention. Why the heck would you drive places just to take pictures for facebook and not actually take the time to enjoy that time in there with your family? Why buy every single thing on credit, so you can have nice things to show to people and put yourself in misery. Why even have 500 friends on your facebook list that you do not even know or care about? Why, why, why?
My thought on this is just freaking be real, particularly with the people you love. Your worth is in who you are as a person and what impact you have in others life , not your facebook likes. If that is all you care about then goodbye I do not wish to ride along.

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OksanaSparxx on CamWithHer


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Tips For A Successful MFF Threesome…

Sounds just like a self-help book, no? Well, I am here to help YOU!

So, you wish to have a threeway? Who does not? Threesomes are awesome. No question. BUT, I highly recommend reading through this if you are thinking about one, or if you are attempting to get the concept to go smoothly with a significant other.

I have talked about them before, but not MFF specifically. For anyone new to this lingo, MFF stands for male, female, female. Yep. The ultimate threeway, right? Some people find the concept intimidating. Others jump head first. I say, if you have a secure relationship, go for it. It can be a fantasy come true. Now, there are a few things you should keep in mind. As a woman, I can tell you first hand some of the thoughts that go through our heads, so the biggest, and most important thing you can do is reassure your girl. Make it about her, even though really, it is about both of you getting something out of the experience. But what I mean about that, is you have to emphasize how you feel about her. That the girl is the HOTTEST thing out there. That the girl is, in fact, your fantasy. Some people will say, artfully then, why do you need a threeway. Well, obviously, you do not need it. But you wish it. I mean, for some guys, it is to have sex with a person different, but done in a consensual way. Just do not ever say that to her. For some, it is because it is banging hot to watch two women together. For others, it is the concept of getting not one, but two pussies, two mouths, etc. Anyhow, whatever your reasoning, in order for it to go smoothly, you NEED to make YOUR girl feel just like SHE is in charge. Have her help pick a candidate on a swingers site. Maybe you go out to a bar and check out what is there. This girls input requires to be important. And do not worry, we are WAY fussier than you guys when it comes to women!

So, again, no matter how turned on you has from the other girl in the threeway, forever tell your woman that the girl is hotter. I mean it! If you keep blathering on and on about the other person in the experience, the girl is not likely going to do it again. Let her initiate a little, you know? Like, it is okay if the girl requests what it was just like to tell her, so tight, or that kind of thing. But you do not wish to overdo it, and say God, the girl was the most amazing piece of ass I have ever had, or man, I have not once had head just like that before. Save that for your guy friends. Sure, if it turns her on to talk about it, feel free to elaborate a little, but forever bring it back to, but baby, it feels SO much better banging you, or something along those lines. Even if it is no completely true. A little white lie is completely acceptable here.

So, back to the actual threeway. Lots of guys say, it is so intimidating. What is MY part? Well, quite simply, you will be going with the flow here. If the girls are caught up in the moment, maybe you just sit back and enjoy. It is not offensive to take it out and do what comes naturally. I mean, it IS lovely hot to watch. Maybe you ask if they are okay with photos, or a little video being taken. Most of us honestly do not care when in the heat of the moment. Maybe you go and touch your girl. Touch the other girl. You will get comfortable lovely quickly. Trust us. I mean, usually, there is some making out and stuff before any of the real action happens anyhow, so you will already be more comfortable. Plus, once a while, when you are dealing with bisexual women, there is one thing that WE do not have, but we need. You know it. And only you can fill that spot. My point is, things happen more naturally than you would expect. And it is mind gobbling when it does. Here are SO many options when it comes to three. So rather than be intimidated, this is your time to be creative.

I have heard guys say, I could not once please two women at once. Really? Sure you can! You have a mouth, you have fingers. Problem solved. Plus, there IS another woman in the room that will be MORE than happy to take on another role. Maybe you take your girl in doggie on the bed, you standing behind, and the other woman laying underneath, licking any single thing that drags over her face, as perhaps pleasuring herself (this is a fave of mine, personally). Maybe the other woman in atop of you, and your girl is making out with her, or you, or both of you. The possibilities are endless. And I could get honestly graphic, but we will save that for our chats!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit and I hope it is useful for at least a few of you.

I know I have been SUPER hard to get on cam the last bit, but it& will only be for a few more weeks. I thank all for forever being so patient with us. I can still be caught here and there for short spurts, but appointments are the only way to avoid disappointment when I am online until the fall!

Just a quick note that I have an Mchat this Sunday at 4pm ET! Remember, it is FREE for Cam With This girls members, and only $5.00 for non-members! What better way to spend a Sunday than naked, with me!

Have an amazing weekend, guys and dolls!

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SATURDAY Mchat, June 18th 4pm ET!

Yes, you read right! My Mchat this month is on Saturday. Tomorrow, to be precise. Come and catch us for a full hour at 4pm ET. Free for CamWithHer members, and $5 for non-members. Just click on buy a ticket if you are not already a member and you will be granted access for a full hour of us. That is a STEAL! Come and get your weekend Alex fix. I have LOADS of new outfits to put on (and take off) for you. I may even have something a little naughtier in mind. Oh hell, I do. You know I do! So, to recap, you, me, Saturday the 18th at 4pm ET. It is a date! Maybe I will even start in a date outfit.

Here are a few snaps from a takeover I did for an Instagram friend the other day. I will be back on CamWithHer Snap next week! And I hope to make a hot new clip next week, for this month! Keep an eye out for it.

Hope you guys are doing well! It is just like summer is instantly upon us, is it not? And I am such a summer girl. Walking around in completely completely naked feet on the grass, sunglasses holding back our hair. I enjoy that feeling. The warmth on your skin. So warm you barely wish to wear any single thing at all. Wait, that sounds just like an ordinary day for us. It is, but more so, even, in the summer. Okay, it literally cannot be more so than any CamWithHer work day for me, but you know what I mean. I just like being able to go out in a little sundress. Feeling the sun kiss our shoulders. Your whole being relaxes. I was born in the summer. Perhaps that is part of the reason I am partial to it?

Anyhow, I will be back on cams again next week! All day Monday, and then likely more afternoons once that. I still have not even gotten close to getting through the new lingerie I have recently bought, so swing by and help us Christen – or defile – them! I am thinking the latter.

Well, it is Friday night. I am just changing to get prepared for a beach volleyball game. Then off to a friend’s pub downtown. This is seriously what summer is all about, is it not?

Have a great weekend everyone! Hope to view you tomorrow, Saturday!


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First Post – Hi Guys

So, I just wanted to write an intro blog so you guys can get to know us a little better. I am Jenna, I used to cam here ages ago and now I am back to have a little fun and meet new people. I am 29 but I look 22. I have been told I look better on cam than I do in pics and even better in person.

I currently work a full time job that drives us wild and eventually I would just like to leave it and become a full time cam girl again. I miss getting our freedom and being able to have fun. I am lovely open when it comes to talking and when it comes to camming. I just like to have fun and I am honest and blunt. What you view is what you are going to get. Come stop by our room and say hi sometime, I would enjoy to meet you.



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