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Comfort Zone – Danielle feels the most comfortable when the girl is lounging around in her home in a tank top and some panties. Give her a good book to read, a cushy space to lay on, and her pets and the girl will be a very happy person and in her comfort zone.
Freaky And Gorgeous – In earth toned colors – green dress and brown heels – Danielle shows you her woman bits in this hot and explicit photo set. It is the flawless look for those who prefer the elegant style.

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From The Top To The Bottom – A combination scene! This adult gallery is flawless for those boob sex partners who enjoy seeing Danielle FTV massage her boobs. Foot sex partners who enjoy foot closeups and foot massaging. And, the freaky ones who just just like panty stuffing. Danielle FTV relishes in her panty filling lovers. This girl brought her amazing body oil from home. This stuff is seriously great for dry skin. On the kitchen counter.
Helping Hand – It has been a tiny bit since Danielle has used her helping hand. This girl wishes that the girl could fist myself, but the times that the girl has tried the girl just was not able to do it – lovely much because it was very painful bending her wrist for an extended length of time. It is probably something that the girl should practice in the comfort of her home, but in the meantime the girl will just the faux fist.


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