Desperate Lesbians Get Blackmailed

The best kind of babysitters!

Scene Number: 1

They say that if you are an only, that you will grow up to be a spoiled, self righteous brat, but hey – I am not honestly any of those things, I am more of an opportunist, a type A personality that has the drive and the will to honestly get what the dude wishes out of life. What do I wish most? A threesome. My babysitter, Lyra, tucked me in around 9:30 PM. I am not supposed to go to bed until 11. Lyra is a goddess, it is no wonder I do whatever the girl requests me to do. I will bet the girl is used to all guys doing whatever the girl pleases. Lyra’s has a playful smile, the kind that just let you know that the girl is a wicked whore in the bedroom. I am lovely sure that is why my Dad hired her. My Dad pays her a cool, crisp $100 bill when all my other sitters has $40. Lyra is a babe, from her blonde hair to her Converse sneakers. My Dad’ is paying her cash the dude could be paying out for my video games and stuff. Then this girl tucks me a whole 90 minutes earlier than I am supposed to go to bed? Fuck that, this bitch has to pay. I sneak downstairs and I view her sprucing up, the girl is putting on perfume. I duck down low so that the girl doesn’t view me; she’s looking right at me! My heart races as I contemplate if I have been found out. I hear the front door open and in walks the hottest brunette I have ever seen. They move towards each other in slow motion, their hair blowing, and they kiss. Not the sort of kiss that girlfriends give each other, they are kissing with tongue! My cock is raging hard. I rub my cock under my pajama pants and remember I brought my cellphone, the flawless opportunity to capture this Kodak moment. My head hit the stair rail and my anonymity was up! Lyra ordered me to get the hell back in my room. I am not giving up on my fantasy. My dreams are going to come true!

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