Future Foot Slave Pt2

Daisy is hanging out with a guy friend and seeing movies on the couch. This girl has no concept that her friend has a jumbo foot fetish, and that the dude has been starring at her sock-covered feet throughout the whole video so far. This girl shimmies her toes and wrinkles her soles occasionally as the girl watches, and her friend only dreams of being able to play with her feet. Dreams do occasionally become reality, though, and Daisy decides to stretch her thighs out across the couch, planting her feet directly on her friend’s crotch. This girl tells the hunk that the girl just wishes to get more comfortable, and hopes the dude does not mind too much, and the dude plays it cool, somehow managing not to instantly grab her feet and play with them. They continue to watch the film, and Daisy occasionally and absentmindedly grinds her feet into the guys crotch, making it even harder for the hunk to not mind and play it cool. The guy decides to fight back a bit against her crotch-grinding and lightly tickles her feet. This girls feet being sensitive, Daisy is instantly sent into a fit of giggles from the light tickling. The guy tickles her a bit more, and the girl attempts to tell the hunk to stop in between laughs. The guy decides to stop, and the girl pouts a bit, telling the hunk that it actually felt lovely nice, and grinding her feet into the guys crotch again. The guy requests her if the girl would just like to take a break from the video to attempt something a little fun, and the girl agrees. The two of them head upstairs to the bedroom, where the dude tells her the girl should make herself comfortable on the bed. This girl lays down on the bed, letting her feet dangle over the foot of the bed. The guy then tells her that the dude is going to continue what the dude started downstairs, and lightly tickles her dangling feet again, much to Daisy’s enjoyment. Feeling bolder, the dude tells her that the dude understands of a few ways to make the tickling even more sensual. Daisy is intrigued, and tells the hunk to go for it. The guy then tells her to undress down to her bikini and panties. This girl looks a bit wary, but does not seem to mind disrobing. Then the dude tells her to grab the blindfold on the end table and put it on. This girl does so, and the dude ultimately tells her to relax herself, and let the hunk do a little more prep work. This girl says the girl will relax, and the dude takes her socks off and sets about tying her up with some rope. The guy ties her ankles together, then ties her two big toes together. Finally, the dude moves her hands above her head and ties her wrists together. This girl requests the hunk if this is still about the tickling, and the dude tells her that it is, and that they are ready. This girls friend then starts tickling her. First, the dude drags a single finger up and down her soles, eliciting the first few giggles, before the dude starts to use all of the guys fingers by dragging them along her soles, also. This girl groans as the girl laughs, saying that the girl is honestly liking this so far. Then the dude gets out a toothbrush or any brush that is handy and starts to drag it along her soles with the guys fingers, also. She’s laughing up a storm as the dude uses the toothbrush in between her toes as the dude tickles her soles. Then the dude gets even more bold, and starts to use the guys tongue. This girl gasps, and requests the hunk what the hell the dude is doing as the girl continues to laugh. The laughs are coming less frequently, though, and the groans are coming more frequently, as Daisy’s friend drags the guys tongue along her soles and licks on her toes. Daisy suddenly does not know if the girl wishes things to keep going in this direction, and tells her friend that maybe they should stop. The guy tells her that the dude is going to go as far as the dude wishes to, and that this has been the moment he’s been waiting for with her. Daisy starts to tell the hunk to untie her as the dude starts to undo the guys belt. Daisy, still blindfolded, cannot tell that the dude is getting the guys pants off and jerking the guys cock as the dude is massaging her feet This girl cautiously requests the hunk why the dude has halted licking her feet, and the dude says that it is because her feet are good and wet now. This girl starts to ask what they are good and wet for, but the answer comes in the form of the guys cock in between her feet The guy shoves the guys cock in between her toes as the girl freaks out and tells the hunk to stop right now as the girl moans. The guy starts to pump and ask her why the girl is moaning if the girl wishes it to stop the girl attempts to respond, but getting a cock in between her sensitive feet is making it rather difficult for her to talk without moaning. The guy tells her that the dude thinks the girl is liking what the dude is doing, and that the dude wishes her to become the guys foot slut. This girl attempts to tell the hunk no, but her denial of the guys offer is hard to make out over the moaning as the dude continues to pump the guys cock in between her feet. The guy says that she’s going to become the guys little foot slut, and let the hunk fuck her feet whenever the dude wishes her too, and the girl continues to moan and moan. The guy suddenly stops pumping and unties her big toes, asking her to show the hunk that the girl wishes to be the guys foot slut. This girl starts to slide her feet around the guys cock, sealing the deal. This girls toes rub along the guys rod and grip the guys cock head, and her soles glide along the guys cock. After a while, the dude ultimately cums on her feet. The guy says that he’s going to leave her on the bed, but that the dude will be back for more fun in a while. Daisy tells the hunk to come back for the guys foot whore soon as the girl rubs her feet together and rubs the cum all over her soles and toes. – Tube Video

DaisyHaze - Future Foot Slave Pt2

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