Guaranteed as Advertised: Deanna’s Story – Part 1

Belle has expanded her inventory to video games and Deanna is giving the new BTI VR suit a try.
Guaranteed as Advertised: Deanna's Story - Part 1

Searching for the ultimate gaming experience, Deanna and Zeek visit Belle’s Gamer Garb to purchase the new BTI Virtual Reality suit and the exciting new game “Vice City: Crystal Heights”. Deanna is thrust into a game that feels all too real as Zeek and Deanna fight the Aristo Industries gang.

A tongue in cheek toon spoof of many gaming fantasies, Deanna’s story puts us in a over the top video game experience that seems all too real. With Fahzbehn’s ever present irony and humorous twist on a subject close to many of us, this adventure shows what can happen when you get exactly what you are after. Another in a series of stories based on Belle’s Boutique, this story expands to her new game store. Similar to Spells ‘R Us universe, but not as dark, as usual, Fahzbehn takes a light-hearted approach to things working as promised when they are “Guaranteed as Advertised.”

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