Hanna Lee: Thai beauty for two

Sorry for the delay guys, we had to hold off a couple days on this one because once seeing the first few pics of what Mr Nice sent us, we realized it was best to wait for the full video and gallery to upload (third world internet, you know) and it’s a long one! An hour and 8 minutes, to be exact!

After some casual, yet naughty, convo with a real Thai cutie they met as out for supper, the boys worked their charms and were en-route to give the girl a ride home but firstly, they must stop in at the hotel on the way. Not questioning anything, Hanna Lee followed suite and went for a ride with the dude boys that the girl will not soon forget! Damn, what an ass on this tightly dressed cutie as the girl walks up to the tuk tuk… if that doesn’t get your blood pumping, you’re dead. Seriously, get your heart checked!

Not long once arriving at the hotel room, Mr Naughty could hardly contain himself and started devouring this Thai cutie before the girl could even get those tight jeans off that even more-so tight ass of hers! Dinner is served! With a quick pause, our man here steps away to prepare himself leaving us with an immaculate vision of cutie bound only by what looks just like one of the softest-feeling pair of panties to grace such a beautiful ass!

But… one thing is certain in this world, leave a passionate woman just like this with pants half-down alone with another man, you may almost lose your turn. See as Mr Nice explores this cutie and helps get her undressed for our famed star with the camera so far up her hoo-haw, you can almost smell the dampness on her panties!

We’re not going to spoil your fun for this but you ought to view what happens next, because once getting so far involved with this Thai cutie already, even Mr Nice needed the guys “happy” calmed some and we are now, for the first time ever, featuring a real-life MMF Thai threesome in the land of smiles on our pages here at TukTuk Patrol! Until next time guys, stay horny!


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