Have a very merry christmas!

This time of the year it is fascinating for me. I enjoy every single thing about Christmas, the movies, the hot cocoa and most of all I enjoy all the Christmas lights.

This year I have booked a new York trip for Christmas.I wanted to experience the snow and crowds and the New York seasonal atmosphere. I wanted to go ice skating, view a few shows on Broadway, view the Ballet Nutcracker and the big tree in Rockefeller Center, but I have changed my flights last minute when I saw how many people get stuck in airports because of flight delays. I did not wish t risk spending Christmas in an airport or not being able to come back home in time for new years. Plus, I enjoy snow but trading 70 80 degrees weather with 25 it did not honestly make sense, So I resolved to post pone the trip for spring when I can walk around New York and visit every single thing I wanted to see.

Instead, I am leaving to Hawaii:) in January. So I am lovely pumped about that. I bought so many bikinis. I will probably have enough to change 3-4 times a day. In other words expect some hot pictures. Switching from walking around the city in a big parka freezing to surfing in a tiny bikini and exploring the forests does not sound too bad to me. I know it sounds just like bragging, but it is not. I am honestly excited to share this with you. That being said I am around online if you wish to have some hot time with me for the holidays. If you think I have been good to you and made you happy trough the year feel free to send me a gift card or leave me an offline tip, that will make me very happy.

After some of you had requested snapchat premium for life I resolved to offer it for 150 $ or 40$ a month. I assure you my snapchat is very artfully worth the price, I send honestly nasty pics and videos to my subscribers and I offer the possibility of call , If you just like filthy talking. That being said. HO HO HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS! LOVE YOU

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