Let’s talk about dat ass! :D

My backside has forever been one of my best ASSets. All puns aside, guys are all about my buns. It is true! And it started at a YOUNG age. *covers eyes. I can remember little boys talking about my ass back in kindergarten already. I am not joking! And then, in grade 5, I won best ass in winter camp as judged by the TEACHERS! I know, I know. Where the HELL did I grow up? And forget about high school. Guys from other schools would come out to watch me in the little volleyball spandex shorts. And guys WITH girlfriends would ask me out. What? Creepy, and no, I not once said yes to them. I mean, by high school, it was a combination of thighs AND ass, so I can view what the draw was in hindsight. Hind sight! Ha! And I mean, I know my body was not / is not the norm, you know?

I was SO known for my butt, that a couple of years ago, I was a few provinces over, camping. Yes, just like a 10 hour drive. Anyhow, I was walking down the street to go to the beach in my little jean shorts, when I hear a person yell my name. Turned out to be a boy – well, now a man – that I went to highschool with. And guess what? The first thing the dude said was that the dude recognized me by my ass. Yep. That about sums it up. lol!

So, anyhow, it has naturally has a nice shape. It is firm. Not too big, and absolutely not too small. It is funny, but if I take time off from the gym, which occasionally will happen if I am sick or whatnot, one workout, and I get that little bubble right back up to where it was. I guess what I am saying is that for me, it is naturally easy to hit the muscles there.

So, as I once was kind of shy about my butt, I now LOVE it. So spank it, squeeze it, bite it. Have at it. Use it as your canvass to paint it with – PAINT! Wait, what were you thinking? Perv! Okay, I completely DID mean that, but still.

What are my favourite exercises for my glutes? Plyos tops that list. If you are not familiar, those are bursting movements where you exert maximum force in minimum time. Box jumps, jump squats, bounding. All super good. Tabata is another good workout style. Quite similar to plyos, but with a goal of even less rest so you honestly hit up your cardio. And then the good ole cable machine offers so many variations on weight assisted moves, you could not once get bored! Last but not least, yoga. Not a meditative yoga class – I am much too much of a busy body to meditate for an hour, but a good, if slightly exertive class. Yoga backside indeed!

Well, it is about that time of day that I SHOULD get this keister over to the gym so I can keep it looking just like it does.

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Also, I have a new clip up. Hope you enjoy it! It was the first time I have ever used my phone to record a clip. Since then, I have ordered a tripod and remote so I can go hands-free finally. The next one is DEFINITELY going to be backside focused. xoxo

Have a great weekend guys!


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