Call Me Up – S6:E5 added to NFBusty

Tony has been waiting impatiently for Olivia Austin to arrive, but eventually the doorbell rings and the guys beauty call girl makes herself comfortable on the couch. This hot thing is so big tittied the girl jiggles with even the slightest movement. This girl does her best to put Tony at ease with some tiny talk, then decides to move on with the show.

Getting to her feet, Olivia parts her trench coat to expose that the girl is dressed in just a push up bra and a set of panties that are clinging to that ass for dear life underneath. Coupled with her thigh high stockings and high heels, Olivia is looking hot hot hot! This girl caresses her enhanced boobs and slides her hands down to her hips, which sway in a sensual rhythm. Popping her tits out from her front-clasp bra, the girl squeezes them together before moving on.

Turning around so Tony can admire her ass, Olivia slowly relieves herself of her underwear. This girl leans forward as the girl peels them off, displaying the promise of her pussy. Then the girl makes her way to where Tony is still seated and pulls the guys cock from the guys pants. After the girl takes a sample lick in between her puffy lips, the girl rears back and presses her tits together to create a channel to be titty fucked.

Now that Tony is nice and hard, Olivia gets to her feet and turns around so the dude can watch her ass come down as the girl positions the guys fuck stick at the entrance to her pussy. This girl is nice and wet, getting the hunk deep within as the girl jabs her hips. Turning around so that Tony can admire the way her giant boobies shake and quiver as the girl bangs him, Olivia holds not a thing back.

Relocating to the couch, Olivia reclines and lets Tony have the guys way with her. This girls hairless cunt weeps with joy as Tony reaches out to grope her boobs as the guys hips work for both of their pleasure. When the dude squeezes the guys nipples as banging into her fleshy twat, Olivia’s moan is the same as if the girl had outright begged the hunk to do it again.

Getting on her hands and knees, Olivia gasps with joy as Tony penetrates her from behind. This girls big ass is the flawless cushion for the pushing as Tony bangs her hot twat. The guy only stops once the dude has brought Olivia off again, leaving her completely sated and content. Never one to leave a customer dissatisfied, Olivia is happy to lick and stroke Tony’s hard erection until the dude finds the guys own climax and gives her a mouth full of cum to enjoy.

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