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Lusty American Ella Knox is feeling passionate when the girl wakes up in the morning. This girl rubs her big boobs and pinches her rock hard nipples. Slipping her hand down her thong, the girl feels that the girl is already lubricious wet. Knowing that the girl won’t be satisfied until the girl cums, the girl reaches for her glass rod and plays it over her tits and nips before pressing it into her hot twat.

Flicking her wrist back and forth, Ella works the toy in and out of her creamy fuck hole. This girls hand snakes down to rub her clitoris as the girl masturbates. That is how Bambino finds her when the dude walks into the room. With such a delectable feast laid out before him, the dude is excited to join in on Ella’s sensual playtime.

Dropping to the guys belly in between Ella’s thighs, the dude fastens the guys mouth to the heart of the guys girlfriend’s pleasure. This girls soft cries tell the hunk that the dude has found her clit, and the dude lets them guide the hunk as the dude keeps on gobbling the tender button. Bringing the guys fingers up, the dude slides one deep into her sopping cunt to play in her sweet juices as Ella rubs her own tits.

Eager to give Bambino the same level of foreplay that the girl has enjoyed, Ella gets on her knees before the hunk and wraps her hand around the root of the guys big dick. This girl leans forward to start sucking, focusing her attention on the tender head of Bambino’s cock. Then the girl presses her bountiful boobs together to give the hunk a titty fuck that leaves the hunk rock hard and excited to move on to something more hardcore.

Pulling her g string aside, Ella swings a leg over Bambino’s hips so that the girl can mount him. This girl slides down slowly onto the guys thick fuck stick, enjoying the press of each and every girthy inch as the dude stuffs her up all the way. Then the girl starts rotating her hips, banging the hunk slowly as leaning forward to drop deep, enjoying kisses on the guys lips.

Switching to her hands and knees, Ella waves her ass in the air in a blatant invitation that Bambino is happy to take her up on. The guy holds not a thing back, slamming that tight twat until the guys testicles slap against Ella’s ass again and again. As her whole body quivers with excitement, the girl falls onto her side and curls up with Bambino spooned behind her when the dude follows her down.

This new position lets Bambino keep pumping away at Ella’s greedy snatch. This girls climax overcomes her as the girl reaches down to rub her clit, sending her shooting off with ecstasy. Bambino is not far behind her in reaching the finish line. Pulling out of her hot sheath, the dude reaches down to rub the guys erection the last little bit until the dude blasts the guys cum shot all over Ella’s flat belly.

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